10 Best Backyard Hammocks: Plus Our Guide to Buying Hammocks

There are few things in life quite as relaxing and comforting as a hammock. Whether you use it on the beach, campsite, or in your backyard, a hammock is the ultimate lounger alternative. However, finding the perfect backyard hammock that meets all of your needs can be a little difficult, especially if you’ve never used one before. 

Whist any hammock can provide you with a good level of comfort, determining the right size and weight capacity are just two of the many factors you need to consider. So to guarantee you get exactly what you need, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to buying hammocks, as well as step by step guide on how to set one up in your backyard.

Types of Hammock for Your Backyard 

Before we dive into our expert review of different hammocks on the market, you should first know about the different types of hammocks that are suitable for use in your backyard. Here is a quick rundown of the different functions these awesome slumber-loving products are designed for.

Fixed or Portable Hammock

Fixed or stationary hammocks are typically secured to a post or trees using a rope or strap system. The fixtures will typically be robust hard-wearing metal hooks, chains, or carabiners. You can expect to enjoy a little more luxury with this type of hammock, thicker fabric, head cushions, wooded spreaders to create a fixed wide frame to the fabric.

Portable hammocks, on the other hand, are designed to be…portable, whether you’re off to heading to the beach or going camping. So the trade-off here is to design a product that can pack down into the smallest space possible for portability. This will mean a compromise in fabric weight, spreader blocks, cushions, and so on. You will also be looking for a rope or strap configuration that is quick and simple to connect to whatever is available. So extendable straps and quick release connectors are essential.

Hammock Stand

Not all backyards have trees for hanging hammocks right, or perhaps there’s not enough room to errect a strong post. Or maybe you want to position a hammock on your decking in full-sunlight. This is when you may need to pick up a stand.

Hammock stands are made from either metal or wood and you can simply hook and unhook the hammock from the stand. These stands are usually lightweight with collapsible poles specially made for hammocks so you won’t need to worry about the hammock falling off the stand or not being the right fit. Most stands are designed to support weights of up to 500 pounds and be light enough to carry!

While fixed hammock stands are attractive due to their durability and stability, especially if they are made of wood, they do take up a large amount of space in the backyard. If you want to move your hammock around the yard or take it with you on your travels, it’s best to opt for portable hammock stands instead. 

Portable Beach Hammock

As we mentioned earlier, portable hammocks are ideal for the beach and all-year-round use. These portable versions can easily be set up on a stand at any desired spot on the beach plus they keep you off the sand for as long as you want to be.  

Single or Two Person Hammock

When choosing the most suitable hammock, it’s important to consider if you want a single or 2 person hammock. As the name implies, a single hammock is for one person and generally around 39-50 inches in width, while a two-person hammock is 52-60 inches.

Children’s Hammocks 

If you have children, why not give them their own hammock! Children’s hammocks are categorized into outdoor and indoor versions, for activities like watching the stars, sunbathing, taking a nap, reading a book, or playing with toys. Both indoor and outdoor hammocks can have positive effects on kids by increasing their creativity and bringing them closer to outdoor environments.

When choosing a hammock for your children, check its safety features as you don’t want one that flips easily. Hammocks that are hung low to the ground are especially safe and easy for entrance and exit.  

Family Hammocks

Why not prevent squabbles about who gets to sit in the hammock by choosing a family-sized hammock. For larger households who need extra space, family-sized hammocks make a better choice. Most extra-large hammocks can fit up to 4 adults and are typically wider than 5 foot 11 inches – now that’s a pretty big hammock! These extra-large hammocks are great fun for day use but may prove challenging for sleeping in.

Covered Hammock

There are a number of products on the market that are designed with their own covers, a kind of sunshade. These are great for self-shading during the hottest time of the day. If you’re using a stand and don’t have the benefit of shade from a tree canopy these hammocks may be a good option for you.

Backyard Hammock Reviews

There’s no single right answer as to which is the right hammock for you to use in your backyard. But now that you know a little more about the types of hammocks available, you should be better informed to look out for some of the features we have highlighted. But take a look at our reviews and see if any of these beauties will hit the sweet spot and get you into that blissful headspace.

1. Yellow Leaf “Big Sur” Weathersafe Single Hammock Chair

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Yellow Leaf have made a real cracking hand woven Hammock that doubles as a chair. The netting weave opens up as you get into it offering excellent airflow to keep you cool, as well as providing a high level of ‘stretch and sink’, as you get into it you basically sink down into slumber land.

Capable of holding up to 330lb these hammocks are available in 9 different colors and will stretch up to 7 foot when in use. It’s supplied with a small but high quality tote bag for storage.

There was no abrasive string burn or irritations from the fibers which was one of the main pros of this particular product. The yarn felt ultra-soft on my skin and very comforting, which supports the manufacturer’s claim that each item is handwoven in Thailand bringing momma power to the local craftswomen who make them…there’s a novel label on the hammock signed by the lady who made it.

Customer reviews: this is a premium product and that is reflected within the customer review. If you are looking for something super-soft and you’re prepared tp pay for it then 4.6/5 suggests you will be amongst a whole bunch of satisfied hammock owners


  • Luxurious super-soft yarn, handwoven
  • Very forgiving and stretchy with excellent airflow
  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Doubles as a hammock and chair


  • Does not come with a spreader bar

2. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Woven Hammock

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

This stylish natural colored hammock is sure to make a real statement that wouldn’t look out of place in any indoor or outdoor relaxation space. This is a traditional-looking hammock, made from woven cotton to ensure it is breathable, comfortable, and also soft to the touch. It comes with a carry bag which is useful for storage and transportation.

I really enjoyed using this hammock with its Robinson Crusoe vibe. The material kept me cool and has a nice airflow, with just enough give to stop me wobbling around in it. You almost meld into the hammock as it fits around your body as you nestle down into it. The fixings that come with this hammock are fairly small so it may be worth investing in some more durable hooks and carabiners at some stage.

Hammock Sky – the manufacturer – is so confident of its quality that impressively, it is sold with a lifetime warranty. The product is a two person hammock and it’s worth noting the importance of needing to gently stretch the fabric over the course of a few uses before it becomes wide enough for 2 people to use comfortably.

Customer reviews: the fabric of this hammock really makes it super comfortable and relaxing however, some were disappointed that this couldn’t be hung outdoors all year without a protective rain cover over.


  • Love the classic desert island look and feel of this hammock
  • Made from 100% cotton and kept me nice and cool
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not weather-proof, but easy to take down and wash

3. Ohuhu Double Hammock Quilted Woven Fabric

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This double hammock is huge! It measures 75″ in length and 55″ wide and to say it is a two person hammock would be an understatement. I got me and my two kids on it easily. What a great product, strong enough to support 450lb of daddy and kids x.

If you prefer a hammock with a little bit more structure then this will most likely be perfect for you. This ultra-wide quilted fabric mattress is very sturdy and comfortable and features a small, but nice to have detachable-pillow. A good quality wide bamboo curved spreader performs very well at preventing hammock wobble.

The mattress is made from polyester which is a trade-off between the luxury of super soft fiber and well,… just good old weather-resistance. This is one for the family to jump on (all at the same time) and leave outdoors when it rains. We really had a lot of fun using this extra-wide two person hammock

Customer reviews: this product has enjoyed a huge amount of sales because it appeals to so many families. Affordable, large and no-fuss. Customers scored this product 4.5/5 because they also thought it was well-made, comfortable and wide-enough for everyone!


  • Extra-wide two person hammock big enough for me and two kids!
  • Good quality and perfect for those who prefer a structured mattress
  • Easy to assemble


  • None

4. Handmade Yucatan Hammock

Handmade Yucatan Hammock

This is the hammock of fairy tales and would make a perfect accessory to create an ethereal outdoor space or bohemian-styled room. Handmade in Yucatan, Mexico this beautifully crafted hammock is suitable for two people and is available to buy in a choice of colors including the natural option we have featured here.

This hammock has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 550-pounds and measures 8ft long by 4 ft wide. This is another hammock where you’ll need to purchase your own hardware in order to attach it to your supports.

Customer reviews: the fabric makes this super soft and very comfortable but it’s not suitable for all year round outdoor use and will need bringing indoors in adverse weather.


  • Handcrafted and stylish
  • Very lightweight (1.2 kg)
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Not suitable for year-long outdoor use

5. Ohuhu Folding Bamboo Double Hammock with Carrying Bag

Ohuhu Folding Curved-Bar Design Bamboo Double Hammock

Here’s a hammock that sings of vacay-vibes. Take it to the beach, use it on a camping trip or set it up in your garden – wherever you are, there’ll be no excuse not to relax and take the load off.

This is a portable hammock with detachable bamboo bars that fold in half and fit into a handy matching storage bag. Also included are the accessories needed to set it up in a stand or between 2 trees. The fabric makes it suitable for outdoor summer use. I would say if your short on cash and looking for a good low-cost hammock, then this one fits the bill.

Customer reviews: the vibrant colors of this hammock set it apart from others however, the woven fabric makes it prone to stretching and sagging slightly. Be prepared to increase the tension after a couple of uses. The maximum load-bearing capacity is an impressive 440lbs although some reviewers felt that the hammock was not wide enough for 2 people.


  • Fabric is colorful and vibrant
  • Excellent value for money


  • Prone to sagging after a few uses

6. Sorbus Hammock with Stand & Detachable Pillow

Sorbus Hammock With Stand & Detachable Pillow

Here’s another vibrant stripy hammock that conjures up images of lazy, hazy summer days. This one comes with a stand, making it the perfect option for a portable or fold away backyard hammock. Available in 4 color options, it has a 450-pound maximum weight capacity and is wide enough to accommodate 2 people. You also get a detachable pillow.

The stand can be assembled and the hammock attached in around 5 minutes. I would say it was also portable enough to move around your backyard or foldaway after use. The fabric of the hammock is made from heavy-duty cotton that has been treated to prevent fading from sunlight and it’s labelled as machine washable.

Customer reviews: loved the convenience of being able to move it around their backyard and the woven fabric was softer than anticipated if a little slippery. With thousands of happy customers scoring the Sorbus hammock 4.5/5.


  • Vibrant and colorful fabric, available in 4 different colors
  • Stand included and so easy to move
  • Extremely popular with online retail sales


  • Issues with the stand for some users

7. Patio Watcher Quick-Dry Hammock with Folding Bamboo Spreader Bar

Patio Watcher 14 FT Quick Dry Hammock

Here’s a great option if you are planning on leaving your hammock outdoors all year round. The mattress of this double hammock is made from polyester and PVC making it quick drying if it rains and oil proof to protect against suntan oil spillages. It’s also breathable to keep you cool in the heat and the vinyl coating makes cleaning it a doddle.

Sold by Patio Watcher, this quick-dry hammock is available to buy in 4 different color options making it easy to find a style to suit your outdoor space. It features a curved spreader bar that makes for a comfortable open structured mattress, that prevents swaying.

Customer reviews: the spreader bar is made from bamboo that can be disassembled for easy storage. The handy carry bag is convenient for transportation however, you will need to purchase additional hardware to attach the hammock to a stand or tree. Scores 4.5/5.


  • Weather-resistant fabric mattress
  • Available in 4 colors
  • A good first mattress with a reader bar


  • Trade-off with weather resistant fabric being slightly slippery

8. OnCloud Boho Large Brazilian Fringed Macramé Double Hammock

ONCLOUD Boho Large Brazilian Fringed Macramé Double Deluxe Hammock

This hammock has bohemian refinement written all over it and will undoubtedly bring sophisticated elegance to your relaxation time. Available in classy white with a beautifully romantic fringe design, this handmade cotton mix is a real showstopper of a hammock that can be used both indoors and out.

The mattress is a cotton and polyester mix that makes it durable and prevents tearing but also feels soft next to your skin. It will need a little stretching-in, to begin with so bear this in mind when you are assembling it in either a stand or between two trees. This is another one that will need additional hardware to be purchased in order to set it up.

Customer reviews: the hammock was surprisingly soft to the touch but beware of stains on the light fabric that may be difficult to remove and machine washing could cause shrinkage.


  • Handmade and ornate
  • Made from durable fabric but still soft to the touch


  • Light color and may easily stain

Bonus Backyard Hammock Ideas

Not all hammocks fit the conventional banana-shaped, swinging sloth-pit. There are some really cool hammocks that modify into a swinging chair. So we decided to include a couple of bonus options so that you can see the alternatives available if you aspire to a little bit more than a conventional reclining hammock.

9. Y- Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

Y- STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

Ok, so not exactly a hammock, but we just couldn’t resist including this gorgeous swinging chair in our best hammock list. Let’s face it, you don’t always need to be lying down to relax. Sometimes, a comfortable seated position is just what is needed – may be to read a book, listen to music, or just simply to watch the world go by.

The chair comes complete with hardware that allows you to hang it from the ceiling and will withstand a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. Both the fabric of the chair and the two cushions is a durable cotton/polyester mix, making it unsuitable for leaving outdoors for long periods.

Customer reviews: the sizable pocket was a handy addition to keep a book, tablet, or phone but a little disappointing that not all swings were delivered with assembly instructions.


  • Allows for relaxation in a seated position
  • Ideal if you like the rhythm of swinging whilst relaxing
  • Stylish colors and matching cushions


  • Not suitable if back support is required

10. Outree Kids Pod Swing Seat Hammock Chair

OUTREE Kids Pod Swing

Okay, not exactly a kid’s hammock for sleeping, but definitely one for relaxing, chilling, or just make-believing so certainly worthy of a place in our best hammock list. This kid’s swinging seat comes with all the fixtures and fittings needed to hook it to the ceiling, a tree, or to a stand, making it perfect for use both indoors and out.

The outer swing is made from 100% cotton canvas and edged with nylon so it’s durable enough to withstand kids climbing in and out and will support a weight of up to 100 pounds. The color-contract air cushion is a lovely addition and will add comfort while your child relaxes.

Customer reviews: It’s available in a choice of 6 vibrant colors that kids love and will suit most kid’s room and themes.


  • Great choice of colors
  • A lovely alternative to a hammock to allow kids to relax or play


  • Air cushions could potentially deflate or puncture

Guide to Buying Hammocks 

Hammocks come in all materials, sizes and shapes. To help you find the right one, here is our detailed buying guide: 

Construction and Fabrics 

Everyone wants an easy-to-clean hammock, right? Machine-washable fabric hammocks are ideal for protecting you against adverse weather conditions. But what if you want a hammock for the warmer climate? Breathable fabrics are stretchy and much more comfortable so it’s worth considering rope or fabric hammocks for the warmer months. The care requirements and quality of the hammock mainly depend on the material you choose. 

Cotton Hammock

If you wish to use your hammock indoors, then a cotton material, such as organic cotton, with a wooden stand is a perfect choice. Cotton is also commonly used to make rope hammocks. This material is soft to the touch, easy to clean, absorbent, and breathable. What’s more, cotton hammocks are highly durable and come in various colors. 

However, cotton takes time to dry out and doesn’t perform very well in wet weather conditions. It may even lose its color under direct sunlight so although cotton is more comfortable than other materials like polyester, it won’t last very long outdoors. 

Waterproof Hammock

Backyard hammocks are made with materials that protect against the elements. Most outdoor hammocks contain a blend of polyester and cotton or nylon, with fading, staining, UV, and water-resistant properties. 

Nylon is one of the best materials for garden hammocks as it’s lightweight, dries quickly, and withstands hot and cold weather. It is much better to opt for a lightweight, waterproof nylon hammock than a heavy, bulky cotton version.  

Weight Capacity 

The weight capacity of hammocks depends on their anchor and suspension, however, most can safely hold anywhere between 250-500 pounds. When buying a hammock, always check the product’s maximum weight limit to ensure it’s suitable for your weight and anyone else who’ll be sharing the hammock with you. 

Hammock Rope

The rope you choose for hanging your hammock affects how it will hang between posts or trees. The rope can either be synthetic or natural, but if it snaps right after lying on the hammock, you’ll be landing on the ground quicker than an angry dog. 

Whether your backyard hammock hangs between palm trees or steel posts, the rope must be sturdy enough to aid your enjoyment.

Tip: To tell if a hammock rope is strong enough, take the rope’s diameter and multiply it by three. Then multiply the result by 2,000. The answer is how many pounds the rope can support. Any rope that’s under 1 inch, for example, should have a safe working load of 1500-1800 pounds, which is more than enough to support the hammock and your weight. 

How to Hang a Hammock in Your Backyard? 

There are two ways you can hang a hammock between posts or trees in your backyard: with straps or ropes. Both methods involve the same process.

When using ropes, find two trees that are around 4 feet wider than the length of the hammock. The rope must go around the tree at least 3 times to secure the hammock properly. You’ll also need metal coupling links with safety closures (typically used by rock climbers) and hammock hooks. 

Begin by looping the rope around the tree. The left end of the rope should go over and under the right end without overlapping. 

Now do the same with the left end and repeat the process once more to secure a knot.  

Once you’ve completed attaching each rope to the coupling links, you can secure your hammock hooks onto the links. That’s it! Your hammock is now fully set up and ready to use. 

How to Set Up a Hammock with a Stand in 3 Steps 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these 3 steps to set up your hammock in the backyard:

Step 1. Choose your location: make sure it’s a level spot with even footing to prevent your hammock stand from toppling over or wobbling. 

Step 2. Measure the distance: once you’ve chosen your desired hangout spot, it’s time to measure the following:

  •  Distance between the stand’s anchors. This should be longer than the hammock’s length.
  • Your desired sitting height. The ideal sitting height should be around 18 inches to ensure your back isn’t hitting the ground. 
  • Your weight in the hammock or the combined weight of all the people sharing the hammock with you.

As a general rule of thumb, use a hanging angle of around 30 degrees to ensure there is enough tension from the stand to the hammock. 

Step 3. Set up the hammock on the stand: to do this correctly, simply insert the ends of the hammock into the loops at the top of the stand. There is no need to use any metal hardware. We did say it was as simple as 1-2-3!  

How to Sleep in a Hammock Properly? 

Once you’ve set up your hammock in your backyard, you might find it a little uncomfortable to sleep on at first. Did you know there is a certain way you should sleep in the hammock without feeling like you’re getting swallowed by it? Let us show you how.

Sit on the edge of the hammock and place your middle part directly in the center. This will help distribute your weight on the hammock evenly.

Now stretch your legs and back so that you’re lying completely diagonal from the edge of the hammock.

To feel even more comfortable while lying on the hammock, add a blanket and pillows. You’ll soon snooze off under the stars! 

Best Backyard Hammocks Conclusion

There is no denying how much fun it is to connect with nature by sleeping on a unique lounger bed in the form of a hammock. You can set up your hammock anywhere on your patio or garden whenever you want. To get the most out of your hammock, be sure to choose the right size and material. Our review of the best backyard hammocks together with our comprehensive buying guide should hopefully help you take the right direction!  

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