How Best To Store Your Garden Hose. Stands, Holders, Hangers

Adding any one of the best garden hose stands and hangers to your outdoor space is one of the things which, though it may seem like a small touch, can actually make a pretty big difference.

Even setting aside the fact that leaving a garden hose lying around means it’s more susceptible to damage, the suitable stand or hanger can prevent errant equipment from becoming a trip or fall hazard, not to mention preventing a rogue hose from putting a blemish on your otherwise immaculately cared-for garden.

Yet with so many options to choose from, picking the one that’s best suited to your garden layout and hose position, isn’t always an easy task.

To help you out, I’ve tried and tested dozens of the year’s most popular products, whittling them down to the ten very best garden hose stands and hangers currently on the market.

Garden Hose Stand Vs Hose Hangers  

So you may be wondering; what’s the difference between a garden hose stand and a hose hanger?

The two terms are frequently used interchangeably, so there is no technical specification that exclusively shows one product as a stand and the other as a holder.

But I do like to try and apply some sort of logic to it so for the purpose of this guide, we’ll be referring to “garden hose stands” as free-standing products, that can be moved around as you move, and “garden hose hangers” as those which are permanently affixed in one place, such as into a wall near the faucet.

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Hose Hanger

Both designs have a few pros and cons, which can ultimately influence your purchasing decision. So let’s look in more detail at each.

Wall Mounted Hose Hangers

Wall-mounted garden hose reels are generally permanently screwed into the wall. When your hose is hung up on the wall, it frees up more space on the ground and isn’t as noticeable as a stand, which can make them a great option if your garden space is at a premium.

What’s more, because they can be hung at any height, they can be invaluable for keeping your hose out of the reach of children. As a further bonus, some even come with handles that can make winding up your favorite extendable gardening hose a breeze.

On the downside, once they’re affixed into the wall, they’re pretty much stuck there. This can be problematic if you have a large garden and need the freedom and flexibility to move around.

How To Fix Hose Hangers To A Wall

Mounting a hose holder is a simple case of placing the included mounting plate in the appropriate position and drilling the screws through the pre-drilled pilot holes. Be mindful that not all hangers come with the screws included, so you may need a trip to the hardware store first.

Free Standing Hose Holder

Free-standing hose stands can sometimes be quite decorative in their design, which can be a great way of turning a practical storage solution into an ornamental feature. Depending on their weight, they can also be picked up and moved around, which is great if you’re working in a large space or simply prefer the freedom to change things up.

On the downside, in small spaces, they can tend to get in the way. If you’ve got a small garden, you may not want a stand taking up even more valuable space, not to mention the fact that even the best-looking stand around still means having a hose on full display, which can ultimately ruin compromise the garden aesthetics.

Hose Stand with Built-in Faucet

Some products have the option of a built-in faucet allowing you to have more control over your water flow. This can be particularly helpful if you run and co-join two different hose materials.

So you may for example run a length of vinyl hose between your main faucet and the hose reel to effectively extend the range of your hose pipe. Then you could attach an extendable hose pipe from the stand faucet to the spray head.

Tap Hook

Tap hook hose hangers tend to be the most affordable garden hose storage option as well as the easiest to assemble. They simply slip over your outdoor tap so that you can keep the hose in the most appropriate place with minimal hassle

Choosing the Best Garden Hose Hanger

Along with choosing the right design of hose storage, there are two other very important factors you’ll need to consider.

Hose Capacity

All hangers and stands come with a maximum capacity which determines the length of hose they can hold. Some options at the smaller end of the scale start with a 100 ft maximum hose capacity, while larger models may promise to accommodate 250 ft or more.

As a word of caution, our research turned up several customer reviews that claimed their chosen hose or hanger only just offered its advertised hose capacity, making storage something of a snug fit. In my own testing, I had a few similar cases where the hose pipe actually spilled out of the holder spool and tangled. With that in mind, you may find it a good idea to order a product slightly larger than what you need to ensure you’ve got plenty of room.

Materials and Durability

The material your hose reel is made out of influences more than just its aesthetic properties. If you’re choosing a free-standing hanger so that you can move it around the garden quickly, you’ll naturally want one with a lightweight design made from materials such as fiberglass or even high-quality plastic.

If you’ve got a huge, thick, or heavy hose that needs a significant amount of weight to support it, then you’ll need something more heavy-duty such as cast iron or stainless steel. If you live in a climate that’s prone to extreme weather conditions, you may prefer to opt for a resin-based reel to protect against heat, ice, and other elements.

Best Garden Hose Hangers 

So, now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to dive into our top ten picks, looking first at our favorite wall-mounted hangers and tap hooks before offering a smaller selection of the best garden hose stands.

The criteria are based on design and practical function, durability, and overall satisfaction with how the product looks and performs in the garden.

1. Tomcare Garden Wall Mount Hose Hanger

1. Tomcare Garden Wall Mount Hose Hanger


  • Easy to set up
  • Very Sturdy High-quality material
  • Available in brown, black, green, and tan


  • Nothing of note

The Tomcare Garden Wall Mount Hose Hanger does offer everything you could ask for in a premium quality garden hose storage solution, and then some.

First of all, there’s the material. The solid steel construction with weather-resistant coating and bronze finish makes it exceptionally durable and able to withstand the elements. Not only does this help ensure a substantial weight-bearing capacity capable of holding a 100 ft hose, but it also means it’s built to last for years to come.

Add in an attractive classic design that combines space-saving functionality with aesthetic appeal and effortless assembly, and what you’ve got here is a product that scores top marks in all of the categories that are most essential when choosing the best garden hose hanger. Check Tomcare latest price here.

2. Rocky Mountain Garden Hose Hanger Wall Mount

Rocky Mountain Garden Hose Hanger Wall Mount


  • Made in the USA as a guarantee of quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best option to withstand extreme weather conditions


  • Advertised as having a 100 ft capacity but will only take around 80ft comfortably

The Rocky Mountain Garden Hose Hanger Wall Mount may not be the most attractive hose hanger on the market. Still, what it lacks in decorative charm, it more than makes up for in terms of functionality and outstanding durability.

Made from heavy-duty steel with a rust-proof finish, this high-caliber hanger is very durable and can be used in all parts of the United States prone to extreme weather conditions for its excellent resistance to both heat and cold.

Solid, sturdy, and easy to install, the Rocky Mountain makes it an excellent choice for thrifty gardeners. Buy Rocky Mountain on Amazon.

3. Liberty Garden Wall Mount Decorative Hose Hanger

liberty Garden Wall Mount Decorative Hose Hanger


  • Supports a longer hose than many other products
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive, decorative design.


  • No moving parts, making it more challenging to wrap up your hose after use.

If the rather modest design of our last option didn’t quite do it for you, you’ll find that the Liberty Garden Wall Mount Decorative Hose Hanger more than makes up for it with its beautifully elegant, ornate design.

If aesthetic appeal matters most to you, this wheel-like hose reel should definitely be on your radar, but if it isn’t, be careful not to dismiss this one as all style and no substance. Check Liberty’s latest price here.

Beyond the looks, you’ve got a solid, rust-resistant cast-iron construction finished with a weatherproof, patina finish which ensures it’s built to last and can take up to 125 ft of heavy-duty hose pipe without any problems.

4. Eastrans Heavy Duty Metal Hose Hanger

Eastrans Heavy Duty Metal Hose Hanger


  • All mounting hardware included
  • Rustproof and weather resistant
  • Practical, space-saving design


  • Simple and a touch industrial in its appearance

If you’re the sort of gardener who prefers the simple things in life, you’ll find a lot to like about the Eastrans Heavy Duty Metal Hose Hanger. Aesthetically, the Eastrans Store hanger is a no fuss robust design, consisting of a straightforward, W-shaped, hook design.

Yet while it may not look all that impressive, the hanger boasts a formidable strength that belies its slimline, lightweight appearance. I was impressed with this product and to be honest this was my favorite product for out and out practicality.

The high-caliber aluminum metal offers enough strength and support to accommodate up to 150 feet of thick gardening hose, making it the best heavy-duty option on my list so far. Find Eastrans here at

5. Flora Guard Carbon Steel Hose Hanger Wall Bracket

Flora Guard Carbon Steel Hose Hanger Wall Bracket

The one thing we love about the Flora Guard Carbon Steel Hose Hanger Wall Bracket is that it takes up hardly any space.


  • Unique design prevents kinks, crimps, tangling, and sagging
  • Easy assembly
  • Available in a range of colors to suit your style


  • Expensive price tag compared to other products on my list

If you wanted to store your hose above your garden’s rain barrel, for example, the compact design of the Flora Guard wall bracket would make it easy to do that without taking up a great deal of room.

That’s far from the only thing to like about the Flora Guard’s unique, semi-circular design.  It makes it a terrific choice for storing up to 125 feet of hose, with the heavy-gauge carbon steel construction providing a commendable level of durability and ensuring that your hose won’t sag even when full of water.

The keyhole mounting system does make installation a breeze on the Flora Guard, so if you like the look of this product check it out here on Amazon.

6. Morvat Heavy-Duty Metal Garden Hose Butler

Morvat Heavy-Duty Metal Garden Hose Butler


  • Solid, durable design with 100 ft hose capacity
  • Low, budget-friendly price tag
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • The basic, hook-like design means you’ll need more space to hang your hose than with other brands

Simple, sturdy, and stylish, there’s already a lot to like about the Morvat Heavy-Duty Metal Garden Hose Butler before you even get to its main benefit, flexibility and versatility. Unlike the options we’ve seen up to now, which are purely wall-mounted, the Morvat hose butler comes with two mounting options.

You can either screw it directly to the wall or, if you prefer, use it as a tap hook that simply slips over your garden tap. This makes it easy to keep your hose and tap together and gives you the freedom to pick things up and move around while watering the lawn.

Check Movats latest price here.

Best Garden Hose Stands

1. Aqua Joe Garden Hose Stand With Brass Faucet

Aqua Joe Garden Hose Stand With Brass Faucet


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Solid steel construction ensures lasting durability.
  • The connection can be extended for easier access to tough-to-teach hose spigots


  • More expensive than other options
  • The two-piece construction needs assembling

If you liked the idea of combining your hose hanger with your outdoor tap but didn’t like the style of the Morvat hose butler, you may find that the Aqua Joe Garden Hose Stand With Brass Faucet from Amazon is much more to your liking.

The whole setup is designed to make watering your lawn as easy as possible. The stand’s simple, two-point soil anchor system means it can be embedded into the ground without effort yet stay firm, solid, and sturdy no matter how much you tug on that hose.

At the rear, there’s everything you need to connect the stand’s faucet feature to your water supply, while the front contains the durable brass spigot and premium-quality hose holder capable of supporting up to 125 ft of untangled hose.

2. Tomcat Free Standing Garden Hose Stand

Tomcat Free Standing Garden Hose Stand


  • One of the most convenient hose stand for large outdoor spaces
  • Comfortably supports up to 50 ft of hose
  • Easy assembly


  • Not suitable for larger, heavy-duty hoses
  • High price tag

It’s a somewhat accepted fact that hose stands are more expensive than their wall-mounted counterparts but in the case of the Tomcare Freestanding Garden Hose Stand, we’d say that the higher price tag is mostly worth it.

For one thing, it’s an absolute breeze to use. The three anchor points make it easy to push directly into the ground while still ensuring your hose holder stands firm, strong, and unmovable, at least, that is, until you actually want to move it.

At that point, simply pull it out of the ground, head off somewhere else, and replant it. If you ask me, that makes this a great option for keeping your house neat and tidy if you’re working over a particularly large area, meaning you don’t have to drag a long hose behind you and risk it becoming tangled, not to mention colliding with plants and garden ornaments in the process.

Add in the smart, slimline design and rust-proof metal, and it’s fair to say that the TomCare represents good value for money. Find Tomcat online here.

3. Amagabeli Decorative Free Standing Hose Hanger

Amagabeli Decorative Free Standing Hose Hanger


  • Built from heavy-duty wrought iron for enhanced strength and durability
  • Easy, no-drill-required assembly
  • Attractive design that can be used on the lawn or on hard-standing ground


  • Arrives in four pieces requiring assembly.

Freestanding hangers are better known for their practical functionality than their aesthetic appeal, but the Amagabeli Decorative Free Standing Hose Hanger sets out to change that by proving that you really can have the best of both worlds.

At the top, you’ll find a beautifully designed hose holder that will compliment the already attractive look and feel of your outdoor space while at the same time providing solid support for up to 125 ft of hose.

At the bottom, there’s even more to like. The stand comes with detachable feet and ground stakes, meaning you have the freedom to move it around and leave it standing in a variety of environments.

Check the latest price online here.

Working on your lawn? Simply attach the 7.1″ stakes and sink them into the earth. Prefer to keep it stood out of the way on your patio or in your garden shed? Swap the stakes for the three-pronged feet so that they can stand upright on flat surfaces.

4. Uuuda Garden Free Standing Hose Holder

Garden Free Standing Hose Holder


  • The lightweight design makes it effortlessly portable.
  • Great for supporting 50 ft hoses
  • Comes with all assembly hardware


  • Not as suitable for larger hoses
  • Can be difficult to assemble

Last but by no means least, the Uuuda Garden Free Standing Hose Holder is a high-quality alternative to our last pick which matches the Amagabeli in terms of attractiveness and functionality but which sadly lacks the ground stakes that some users prefer.

Although that’s hardly ideal, the three-point anchors are weighted to provide ample stability while the heavy-gauge steel construction and high-caliber powder coat finish mean this is capable of withstanding heat, rain, and ice without incurring a shred of damage. Find Uuud Hose Stand here.

Verdict: Best Hose Stands And Hangers

In truth, any one of the six popular hose hangers and the four best free-standing hose stands we’ve featured in this guide would make a great addition to your garden, with each one providing higher levels of durability and premium-quality construction than just about any other model on the market.

Ultimately then, the one you buy is all going to come down to what matters the most to you.

If you’re simply looking for the one storage solution that can support the most amount of hose, then the Eastrans Heavy Duty Metal Hose Hanger. with its 150 ft hose capacity, is definitely worth a look.

If you have a 100 ft hose and prefer the space-saving features of a wall-mounted hanger, then our top-ranked pick, the Tomcare Garden Wall Mount Hose Hanger has to be the one for you.

Alternatively, if you prefer the ease and convenience of a freestanding model, then the excellent Aqua Joe Garden Hose Stand With Brass Faucet is probably the one for you.

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