7 Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers 2023

While many people only need a lawn mower that can handle the rigors of mowing a small yard every few weeks, professional lawn care demands a high-quality product capable of handling the most rigorous of tasks.

If you are like me and need a product that can stand up to the challenges of frequent use, you should look for a commercial-grade lawnmower. There’s no doubt about it, zero-turn mowers are the most efficient purpose-built mowers for professionals. But which is the best commercial zero-turn mower, and what makes it stand out in that crowded market?

Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

If you just want to view a shortlist of the best zero-turn mowers for commercial use, then check out my top three products below. Whether you’re seeking out a great performing allrounder, or have the requirement for a machine capable of handling slopes and rough terrain. Then these three models fit the bill with options of both gas and electric-powered models.

Best Commercial Zero-Turn

Best For Commercial Use

Toro Z Master 4000 FX801 Zero-Turn 60”

Capable of mowing 10 acres, it’s comfortable, and has good onboard features. 25.5HP Kawasaki FX801V engine

Ariens Ikon XD 52” Zero-Turn Mower

Best for Hilly Terrain

Ariens Ikon XD 52” Zero-Turn Mower

Capable of mowing hills up to 15-degree gradients. 52-inch fabricated deck is robust. 726cc Kawasaki engine offers 7mph. It Mows 2 acres on a single fuel tank.

EGO Power+ Z6 Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Best Electric Zero-turn Mower

EGO Power+ Z6 Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Lightweight and nimble, but still produces 22hp and travels up to 8mph. Perfect for 2 acres or less. Fully charged in under 2 hours.

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Choosing a Commercial Zero-Turn Mower

Commercial lawnmowers come in many shapes and sizes, and knowing what to look for is critical to coming away from your purchase happy. Whether spending your day in a comfortable seat is your priority, or having a tank-like fabricated heavy-gauge deck to crash through rough terrain is more important,… it’s critical to pin down your priorities before spending any of your hard-earned cash.

Lawn Size and Terrain Type

You should have a comprehensive understanding of the type of areas you will be mowing before purchasing your mower. While you can brute force most mowers to work on any type of yard, some models are better equipped for certain types of lawns.

If you typically cut grass at wide-open fields with large acreage and little change of elevation or no obstacles, you can look for a larger model with a wide-cutting deck. For open spaces, you can comfortably go 54 inches and above. 60-inch mowers are one of the most popular deck sizes allowing you to keep a good level of vehicle control, and yet still cover a wide cutting path.

If your work is to be carried out in residential areas, where you’re cutting a bunch of smaller yards each day, then a smaller mower could be a better option. Loading and unloading your trailer between sites will be easier, and working around whatever clutter your customers have in their yard will be more straightforward with a mower up to 54-ich.

Hilly or Uneven Terrain

Zero-turn mowers are not the most effective machines when it comes to handling hilly terrain. The design of the mowers has a bias towards horizontal surface control. But there are a few models out there that are capable of handling 15-degree slopes without any loss of control or risk of a rollover.

If you are mowing areas with steep hills, consider purchasing a mower with a smaller deck and better balance. Some companies manufacture mowers that specialize in mowing hills and slopes. Be 100% certain to check out the manufacturer’s guidance on hill gradients to avoid haphazard control or worse still…an accident.

Tight Spot or Obstacles

Many commercial lawn-care professionals mow yards and other areas that are typically strewn with obstacles and tight fits. If you often find yourself taking residential lawn work, you should aim for a smaller deck.

While larger models are more efficient at handling large acreage fields, smaller mowers can fit inside tight spots and get a closer trim around obstacles.

Gasoline Versus Electric

Okay, so anyone who has been around for a while will know that gasoline engines have more power than electric-powered mowers, right? Despite what the manufacturers tell you in their marketing schpeel when push comes to shove and the conditions are tough, gas will push through and get the job done.

That is not to say that gas engines are superior, as electric engines have many benefits as well. In a residential setting, I would definitely electric over gas. The best electric zero-turn mowers are right up there in terms of overall benefits. No emissions, low noise, and plenty of battery capacity to cut through 2.5 acres of lawn on a single charge. But when you’re on-site or moving between sites, a gas refill is the only way to go for commercial work.

Gas: Power and Run Time

Gas engines are the most common you will find in mowers, and they give you more acres mowed before refueling. Of course, fueling these engines will cost more over time, and they are harmful to the environment. But keeping it realistic, gas offers more uptime than batteries, over the course of a working day.

Electric: Zero Emissions and Low Noise

Electric motors may not last as long in the field as gas models, but they are more environmentally friendly. Electric motors are also quieter, and cheaper to run in the long term.

Fuel Capacity & Battery Run Time

Knowing the fuel capacity or battery runtime will give you an idea of how many acres you can mow before you need recharging or switching out to a backup set of batteries.

Battery Run Time

Electric mowers often have battery run times of around an hour or an hour and a half. Or in terms of acreage, this equates to somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 acres. This is excellent for shorter jobs and smaller yards, or where noise pollution is a serious consideration.

Fuel Capacity

While knowing the fuel capacity will not tell you everything about the acreage a gas mower can cut on one tank, it gives you a rough idea of the extent of mowing you can do. It also allows you to prepare backup fuel tanks for more substantial jobs.

Engine (hp) or Motor Power (V)

This topic is generally always going to lead into a debate…how do we compare gas engine versus electrical motor power? Well, based on the way manufacturers present that product data, I think it becomes something of a moot point. In practice vehicles rarely transfer engine or motor power into actual performance power, due to the inefficiencies of the mechanical actions of the vehicle – power is lost. So two lawnmowers with engines that both produce 24hp will not necessarily provide the same driving performance.

Then we have the added complexity of trying to compare electric motors to gas engines. Engines are rated in horsepower, whilst motors are rated in volts. Well, good luck with that.

To keep it really simple, for professional or commercial grade mowers with cutting decks of 52 inches and above, you will need a minimum of 22hp to work the mower hard. The larger the deck, the larger the overall mower weight, and the more horsepower you will need.

For electric mowers, they tend to be lighter and smaller so 48V or above has been absolutely fine in all of the trials I have run on battery-powered machines. Albeit you are generally not asking electric mowers to work as hard as some of these larger gas mowers.

Maximum Speed (mph)

While knowing speed is not everything, having a faster speed means you will spend less time on an acre. From experience I would recommend cutting at around 4mph, anything faster than this will compromise the quality of the finished lawn. According to Consumer Reports in their field tests, a cutting speed of 3.5mph produced the cleanest mow.

If you have the need to ride between locations or across wide open spaces then an 8mph mower can be effective for transit purposes, but I cannot see any advantage of this kind of top speed when mowing.

Cutting Deck

While bigger is sometimes better when it comes to cutting decks, you should keep in mind the kind of work you do first and foremost. Large 60-inch decks are excellent for large open spaces. However, a larger deck will compromise vehicle control slightly and it will also provide you with more challenges of accessibility. Getting on or off your vehicle, or through gates or walkways whilst in transit.

Deck Width & Height

Commercial mower decks typically range from 48 inches to 60 inches. Having an extra foot of mowing area with each pass will cut down on time, larger mower decks take more fuel to run and will make your product less maneuverable. Your mower should be tuned to what you use it for.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a commercial mower without height adjustments. Being able to adjust the height allows you to have more control over what the final product looks like. Look for a cutter with the most variability in mowing heights.

Stamped Versus Fabricated Deck

Stamped decks are made from a single sheet of steel that is stamped into shape by the manufacturer’s presses. They have a few advantages in that they are cheaper to produce, lighter, and provide better suction than fabricated decks. The big downside is their durability. If you hit a few rocks or stray objects, you’re going to put an ugly dent in your deck.

Companies manufacture fabricated decks by taking multiple pieces of cut steel and then welding them together forming a stronger overall construction. Clearly, this process is more expensive to undertake than stamping sheet steel, but the result is a tank-like cutting deck that should stand up to a few knocks and bumps.

Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers Reviewed

Now that you know what to look for, I will walk you through the best mowers on the market right now. I have used all of these machines in one size or another and can safely say each of them has the capability to perform at a commercial or light commercial level.

I performed field tests on a 5-acre field early morning when there was some moisture still in the grass. At the far end of the field is a bank with a gradient of around 10 degrees or so. The grass was roughly 4-5 inches each time I went out.

I was assessing the mowers for overall build quality, comfort, and onboard features, as well as the practical function of the mower in a commercial or large-scale mowing scenario. With all that in mind, the final judgment is based on value for money in the mower delivering what the manufacturer promises.

1. Toro Z Master 4000 FX801 60″

Best For Commercial Use

1. Toro Z Master 4000 FX801 Zero-Turn Lawn 60”
  • Power Type: Gas 852cc
  • Cutting Deck: 60 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated 7-gauge
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 5.5 inches
  • Run Time: 10 acres
  • Speed: 12 mph
  • Battery Storage: N/A
  • Warranty: 5 years or 1,250 hours


  • Powerful 25.5HP Kawasaki FX801V engine
  • Capable of handling 10 acres of work
  • A smooth suspension system and solid 7-gauge fabricated cutting deck


  • Expensive
  • Not for small or cramped yards

My top pick is the Toro Z Master 4000 FX801, this is a great mower. Toro has some of the best mowers on the market today for professionals, and the Z Master 4000 FX801 is perhaps the company’s best.

This model is one of the fastest I have ever had the pleasure of riding, and I found trimming several acres to be a breeze. In the field test mowing at around 5mph, I was able to get a crisp and clean cut, and the return 180 spin was tight and slick before I came back down the field.

The high speed combined with its 60-inch deck meant I could finish the job more efficiently than with the Toro over any other mower on the list. As you would expect large 60-inch deck did make it tricky to maneuver through the gated area, so you may want to avoid this if you regularly mow lawns with restricted access.

I was also struck by the smoothness of the ride, the suspension was firm but smooth and the seat added an additional buffer to dampen out excessive vibration when mowing the uneven parts of the field. Toro also built in several creature comforts, including a cup holder, and USB ports to charge your phone while working.

This is a premium product, so you will be paying a high price for it. That price is maybe my major issue, but if you are regularly cutting large swaths of grass and have the funds, I can think of no finer mower.

2. Husqvarna Z454X 54in Zero-Turn Mower
  • Power Type: Gas 
  • Cutting Deck: 54 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 4.5 inches
  • Run Time: 6.5-gallon tank
  • Speed: 11 mph
  • Battery Storage: N/A
  • Warranty: 4 years or 750 hours


  • Excellent value for money $2,500 less than the Toro Z Master
  • Powered by the 23.5 HP Kawasaki FX engine
  • Ideal for anyone looking for a slightly smaller cutting deck for easy transit


  • Jack of all trades but master of none

If you need something beefy to tackle larger projects but are not comfortable spending the money on the Toro model, consider the Husqvarna Z454X. The deck is slightly smaller at 54 inches, and the drive is not quite as fast. Despite the few drawbacks, it is an excellent purchase for professional work in smaller areas where agility is the priority.

Just like the Toro this Husky features the Kawasaki FX engine, albeit a slightly smaller version. It’s renowned for its reliability and performance, so it’s great comfort knowing you got a quality engine onboard.

The LED display was clear and simple enough to read fuel levels and time to refueling. The automatic parking brake is a nice touch, and I found the seat to be quite comfortable.

This model seemed durable, and I can imagine it will hold up and be a part of your business for many years. The warranty is solid at 4 years’ coverage, so you should not have to worry about the long-term life of the Z454X.

If you are looking for more precision and a slightly lower price point I recommend the Husqvarna as worth consideration.

3. Cub Cadet PRO Z 100 S Series Mower 60”
  • Power Type: Gas 747cc
  • Cutting Deck: 60 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated
  • Cutting Height: 1 to 5 inches
  • Run Time: At least 12 acres
  • Speed: 9.5 mph
  • Battery Storage: N/A
  • Warranty: 2-year limited commercial warranty


  • 27.5hp Kohler EFI engine has plenty of power
  • Large cutting deck and 12-acre coverage
  • A great option if you need a large cutting deck but need to keep the price under control. Under $9,000.


  • Limited 2-year warranty

The PRO Z 100 S Series from the always-trusted Cub Cadet is a nice medium-tier mower for your commercial needs. While it may not be as high-powered as other models on my list, this is perfect for moderate-volume businesses that tackle medium-sized yards regularly.

I wish the speed was a little faster on this model, as its top speed of 9.5 miles-per-hour makes it one of the slower commercial models on this list and is more akin to a consumer grass cutter. However, the range is excellent on Cub Cadet’s model, as it will last for at least 12 acres of mowing. 

While it may not be the first product I prescribe for mowing large fields, I found you would have little trouble tackling a larger area in a short amount of time.

The warranty is disappointing for me, as two years is not very long for a product like the PRO Z 100 S Series. On the other hand, I found the price to be very reasonable, and a startup lawn-care professional should keep this model in mind.

4. Kubota 60” Zero-Turn Mower
  • Power Type: Gas 726cc
  • Cutting Deck: 60 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 5 inches
  • Run Time: 6.8-gallon fuel capacity
  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Battery Storage: N/A
  • Warranty: 3-year engine


  • 24 hp Kawasaki 726cc twin engine
  • Very comfortable adjustable seat. The cockpit features a phone charging port.
  • All-around high-quality build


  • Limited warranty

Another mower with solid value, the Kubota 60-inch mower is exactly what a small or medium-sized business should look for for a primary grass cutter. I think the quality of this machine is comparable to the previously mentioned Cub Cadet model, though the Kubota mower has a few upsides as well.

At 10 miles per hour, I found the speed to be a nice middle ground between high-end commercial mowers and slower consumer models. The run time is a bit short for my liking, and I found it to be difficult to finish a larger product on one tank of gas.

The warranty is also disappointing, with only three years for the engine. I believe this is a product built to last, but I still would have enjoyed seeing it be longer.

Like most high-end lawnmowers, this model from Kubota comes with a USB charger and cup holder. You can also adjust the cutting height without getting out of the seat, which is a nice convenience.

While this is not the apex of mower technology, this is a solid middle-of-the-pack model that will serve anyone well.

5. Toro Z Master 2000 Zero-Turn Mower 60”
  • Power Type: Gas 708cc
  • Cutting Deck: 60 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated
  • Cutting Height: 1 to 5.5 inches
  • Run Time: At least 3 acres
  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Battery Storage: N/A
  • Warranty: 4 years or 750 hours


  • A fantastic mower that provides the features and quality you would expect from Toro. Albeit not on the level of the Z Master 4000
  • 24.5hp Toro Engine. Okay it may not be the Kawasaki engine but it’s still highly respected
  • The comfortable seating position offers all-day comfort.
  • Solid warranty


  • Run time could be longer

If you want the quality of a Toro Z Master 4000 but at a fraction of the price, you may be interested in the Z Master 2000. While it does not have the same specs and power as the 4000 series, this model is still well worth a look. It does have the same excellent chassis build quality.

With a top speed of 10 miles per hour, this mower is right in the middle of the pack. The run time is a bit shorter than I would like at only around three acres, but it should be enough for most jobs on one tank. The 60-inch deck is always a plus, though it does mean that getting into tight nooks and crannies is an adventure at times.

You get an excellent warranty with the 2000 series, so you likely do not need to worry about breakdowns or early retirement for the machine.

6. Ariens Ikon XD 52” 726cc Gas Zero-Turn Mower
  • Power Type: Gas 726cc
  • Cutting Deck: 52 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 4.5 inches
  • Run Time: 1-2 acres
  • Speed: 7 mph
  • Battery Storage: N/A
  • Warranty: 3-year or 300-hour warranty


  • The tires offer excellent grip and can handle hilly terrain. 
  • The large 52” cutting deck means fewer passes while mowing. 
  • The high-back seat gives you a bird’s eye view of your surroundings.


  • The mower has a slower top speed compared to other options on our list. 
  • The 2.3-gallon gas tank is enough for a large lawn.

When you find yourself taking jobs in hilly areas, you need a mower that can stand up to the terrain and keep upright. The Ariens Ikon X 52-inch Mower is the best I have found when it comes to tackling hills and uneven landscapes.

The company manufactured the product with 20-inch rear tires and 11-inch front tires. What these dimensions do is give the mower excellent balance in all environments and keep you from having to worry about flipping over or stalling out. 

Aside from its ability on hills, the mower works well enough for everyday use; the mower is on the slow side and does not have the best range, sadly. 

I recommend keeping this in your fleet when you need to tackle a steep area, but I would say to leave flat areas to another machine.

7. EGO Power+ Z6 ZT4204L 42” Electric 56 V Zero-Turn Mower
  • Power Type: Electric 56V
  • Cutting Deck: 42 inches
  • Deck Type: Fabricated
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 to 4.5 inches
  • Run Time: 2 acres
  • Speed: 8 mph
  • Battery Storage: 10 Ah
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty


  • Capable mowing 2 acres on a single charge, with an extra 2 battery slots for upgrade
  • Charges batteries in two hours
  • Rear LED lights blink when backing up
  • Three custom driving modes
  • Hydraulic seat adjustment


  • You can’t change speeds or modes while in motion

Unable to handle longer jobs on one charge though not as popular as gas mowers, electric models are slowly gaining market share. The Power+ Z6 ZT4204L from EGO is the best electric mower for commercial use in my opinion. It is quiet and cheaper to run over the long run, though it does lose points in other aspects.

With a top speed of eight miles per hour, it is not a speed demon, but it is still fast enough that most jobs will not take too long. You can mow two acres on one charge with this model, putting it behind many models. The deck is also minuscule at 42 inches, so I can only recommend it for cutting smaller areas.

If you want to add an electric mower to the lineup, this is the one you want in my opinion. It is cheap in the short and long term, and you get a long-lasting warranty.

Other Considerations

There are a few other important features and benefits you should know when purchasing your zero-turn mower. The transmission type will affect how smooth your ride is, making your day more comfortable. Talking of comfort a high back seat with a good range of positions is essential, and then the cockpit display and other vehicle indicators need to be intuitive to read and easy to see in daylight.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmissions are excellent when you find them and last longer than other types. The component does not use a belt but fluid, making for a smoother ride and fewer moving parts. 

Comfort & Controls

If you plan to mow lawns all day, you must be as comfortable as possible. I’m not just talking about a well-padded seat, comfort comes from a whole list of things, that make your job riding the mower so much easier. Cup holder, anti-glare dash, and good transmission.

Seat and Cockpit

Finding a comfortable seat is subjective, but you should ensure you feel good in the chair and that the controls all feel easily accessible and convenient to use. I find a high back is important and I’m a fairly tall guy, and because of this, I need a good range of adjustment to push the seat back to make enough legroom. You’ll be in this seat for long periods, so make sure there’s plenty of cushioning too.

Display & Controls

Many modern mowers have an LED display that gives you a readout of velocity and fuel usage. These are useful for determining when you need to refuel. You should ensure you understand the controls of your mower and that they are easy to use. 

Displays need to be intuitive to read and anti-glare, you need to be able to glance at them, and not have to move closer or shade them from sunlight to read them.


I prefer to use a mid-grip treaded tire which I find offers a good balance of traction and suits the variable weather condition I work in. Go for slick or treadless tires if you work on flat lawns in relatively dry areas. You can switch up to mid-tread during wet periods. If you work in regions with plenty of moisture in the ground or hills, then switch up to a heavy tread tire for extra grip and control.

Safety Features

Many zero-turn mowers have optional roll cages that will prevent you from getting seriously injured in the event of a rollover. Additionally, many models also come with seat belts and other mechanisms to keep the driver safe.

Verdict: Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mower

If you want the absolute best commercial zero-turn mower, you should look into purchasing the Z Master 4000 FX801. It has all the power you need and a high-quality build to boot.

Toro Z Master 4000 FX801 Zero-Turn 60”

Best for Commercial Use

Toro Z Master 4000 FX801 Zero-Turn 60”

Convenient pre-measured fertilizer spike designed to be pushed an inch into the ground to provide a slow-release feed right through the growing season.

Ariens Ikon XD 52” Zero-Turn Mower

Best for Hilly Terrain

Ariens Ikon XD 52” Zero-Turn Mower

Capable of mowing hills up to 15-degree gradients. 52-inch fabricated deck is robust. 726cc Kawasaki engine offers 7mph. It Mows 2 acres on a single fuel tank.

I found the Ariens mower to tackle hills the best, and if you are looking for the best commercial electric zero-turn mower, you can’t go wrong with the EGO Power+.

EGO Power+ Z6 Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Best Battery-Powered

EGO Power+ Z6 Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Lightweight and nimble, but still produces 22hp and travels up to 8mph. Perfect for 2 acres or less. Fully charged in under 2 hours.

If these or any other mower appeared useful to your business, check out the links to learn more and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I conclude, I will look at common questions customers have about mowers.