Gardening Tips

Seasonal advice to bring your garden up to its peak

Lawn Care

If you want to know when to weed and feed your lawn, or maybe you’re searching for the best electric zero turn mower, we have it covered. With our experts offering their advice, your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors.

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Yard Tools

Keeping Yard Maintenance simple and effective

Kitchen Garden

Learn how to grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs

There’s nothing quite like the joy of growing your own edibles. Whether you grow herbs, or vegetables in raised beds, or perhaps you prefer growing fruit trees or bushes.

Learn how to maximize your crop yield, and keep pests and diseases away.

Growing Indoors

House Plant Guides From calathea orbifolia to Variegated string of hearts

With the popularity of houseplants at an all-time high there’s no shortage of challenges being faced by new growers. Our experience plant care team answers all of your questions. From selecting the best indoor plant fertilizers to nursing your plant back to health when it is showing symptoms of poor health.

Weed Control

Tackle the most stubborn weeds with our expert tips

Pest Control

From ants to squirrels we’ve got everything you need to know about pest control

Welcome to The Yard and Garden where you will find a host of useful guides and expert advice to help you achieve the very best for your backyard. From growing to designing, we’re sure to have it covered.