6 Best Electric Wood Chipper Shredders + How To Use Them

If you need to clear garden waste off your land quickly and efficiently, you will want the best electric wood chipper shredder you can find to pulverize branches and twigs into wood chips. Allowing you to clear them out of your garden easily and safely, or better still recycle them into landscaping or mulching materials.

Either way, I have tested and reviewed some of the best electric wood chipper shredders available for domestic use offering you a clean, safe and practical way to clear your yard.

Best Electric Wood Chipper

If you’re in a hurry then here are my recommended electric wood chippers for residential use. Both are well suited for residential use, offering a portable yet powerful shredding tool.

Sun Joe 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Best Shredding Reduction Ratio

1. Sun Joe 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Lightweight, portable, and capable to shred branches up to 1.73 inches in diameter. Offer an outstanding 21:1 reduction ratio.

Earthwise 15-Amp Electric Chipper

Best Chipper Safety Features

2. Earthwise 15-Amp Electric Chipper

Capable of shredding branches 1.7 inches in diameter. A reduction ratio of 10:1. Excellent safety features with a fixed branch hopper. The rigid collection bin prevents spillage.

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What Is A Wood Chipper Shredder?

Wood chipper shredders, also known as tree chippers, wood grinders, and chipping machines, are powerful tools that break down branches into wood chips.

Once reserved for arborists and professional gardeners, nowadays electric wood chippers are small enough to be considered portable and safe enough for DIY home use.

When to Use a Wood Chipper

You use a wood chipper when you want to get rid of a lot of waste branches, twigs, and leaves that you may have gathered whilst clearing overgrown trees or shrubs with your loppers, pole saw, or chainsaw.

Chipping or shredding is a preferable alternative to burning garden waste, and it’s very helpful in areas where waste isn’t collected by local refuse services or when the branches themselves are too large to transport with ease. In these scenarios you can use a chipper to break down your wood into much smaller chips, meaning it’s easier to remove or reuse for landscaping or mulching.

You can feed leaves, branches, and twigs into your wood chipper and use the chips to mulch garden beds or other landscaping aspects. You can even use them for decorative walkways or other ground covering. Make chipping an economical solution that transforms waste into a viable product for your yard, and you can do it all with relative ease.

Electric Chipper Shredder Power 

For residential use, where you will be working within the range of a main power source, it can be preferable to shoot for an electric chipper. They are generally lighter, cleaner, and easier to use than gas chippers. Electric tends to be perfect for shredding branches up to about 1.75 inches in diameter.

Gas Vs. Electric wood chipper

The primary difference between electric and gas chippers is in the ease of use and the physical size of the machine. Electric machines are much better for wood chipping at home, offering a plug-and-play type setup, and are perfect for branches, twigs, and shredding leaves. Whereas gas chippers are really designed for heavy-duty work, chipping branches and even logs into small wood chips.

electric wood chipper shredder

Electric Chippers

  • Shreds branches up to 2 inches
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • No engine maintenance
gasoline wood chipper

Gas Chippers

  • Chipping large branches and logs
  • Omit smelly fumes
  • Noisy
  • Heavy-duty machines
  • Require engine servicing

Electric Motor (Amp)

All chippers have different Amp and horsepower capacities, but generally, most home-use models will be between 13-15 Amps of power, which is ideal for dealing with most chipping requirements within your garden. The higher the motor Amp the more power it will generate for cutting which should translate into handling thicker material.

Chipping Capacity

Each machine has a different chipping capacity, but the general average for electric wood chipper shredders is 15 tons of chips per hour. Of course, this figure could vary depending on how fast you are operating your chipper and the type of wood or debris that you’re feeding in. 

Reduction Ratio

One of the key considerations when purchasing a wood chipper shredder is the reduction ratio. A reduction ratio is a number provided by the manufacturer to show how fine the shredder breaks down the material you feed into it. For example, a shredder with a reduction ratio of 21:1 will reduce the material down by 21X giving you a finer, less coarse wood chip or leaf mulch.

Branch Diameter

Your particular wood chipper shredder will be able to accommodate certain types of branches. Make sure that you understand what branch capacity your model takes to avoid clogging up the chipper or breaking it by mistake. If you feed it branches above its capacity, you could damage or dull the chipping blades. As a rule of thumb, electric chipper shredders are good for branches up to 1.75 inches in diameter

Typically larger industrial chippers will be able to handle thicker branches than residential ones.

Bag Capacity

For the most part, wood chippers can reduce the amount of bags you need on a ratio of 15:1. This means that if you would pack fifteen bags of unchipped leaves, you can expect to pack only one bag once you’ve put them through your electric wood chipper shredder. This is one concrete example of where chipping your lawn waste will save you a lot of time and space. 

Standing Portable Vs. Walk-Behind Vacuum Shredder

Standing portable shredders stay in one spot, and you bring refuse into the machine and feed it in a stationary position. Walk-behind shredders are machines that you can take with you as you walk and some models will even vacuum um debris and shred on the move. However, this will typically be suited to leaves and lightweight windfall branches.

Shredding Tool

There are several different types of wood chipper shredders on the market, and all of them essentially do the same thing; grind up debris into chips that you can either discard or use in various areas of your lawn. Ultimately, the best electric wood chipper shredder for you is one that you find easy to use and relatively portable.


Drum chippers have a big barrel body that has a series of blades positioned horizontally. The blades rotate and chip the wood. These shredders tend to be quite large and are usually used by people who work in the forestry industry to clear a lot of material efficiently. They aren’t really all that great for residential use unless you have a substantial plot of land. 


These types of chippers operate using a flywheel, which is essentially a large disk made out of steel that chops up wood using incorporated blades. Each model is different, but the idea is that the wood is fed through the disks and chopped with blades rotating in different directions creating a shearing action. 


This wood chipper shredder has a screw-shaped blade that is ideal for taking down large branches. It pulls in the wood and chips it by cutting in the opposite direction against the motion of the branch, as it is pulled down into the shredder.

Best Electric Wood Chippers Reviewed

I’ve put together a list of some of the best wood chipper shredders on the market. These are top-of-the-line products that will certainly help you get the job done.

1. Sun Joe 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Silent Wood Chipper Shredder
  • Power: Gas
  • Engine: 4-Cycle 75.6cc
  • Air Flow: 706CFM
  • Air Speed: 206MPH
  • Sound Level: 102.8dB
  • Weight: 26.2lb
  • Run Time mins: 65


  • The quietest electrical chipper on the test
  • Top performing 21:1 reduction ratio
  • Two-year “no questions asked” warranty


  • The outlet chute can be touchy
  • You have to load branches slowly

The number one best-buy electric wood chipper on my list has got to be Sun Joe 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Silent Wood Chipper Shredder. This option wins the top spot because it eliminates one of the key complaints about wood chippers or shredders; the noise that they make. Now, this product is advertised as silent…trust me it is not silent, but compared to other tools I have tested it is pretty quiet.

This model purrs like a kitten, turning leaves, twigs, brushes, and branches into mulch rapidly. It’s also very powerful, boasting a 15-amp motor, that turns a drum-cutting tool at the bottom of the hopper, and it can destroy branches that are 1.7 inches in diameter.

Although this model was built for home use, it’s almost just as powerful as some of the smaller commercial offerings that I’ve seen. It also has some very intuitive safety features, with a self-locking knob that shuts the motor off when it’s opened. It’s totally portable, and with rugged wheels, you can move it even over tough garden terrain. 

It’s also backed by a full two-year warranty that covers any type of wear and tear, with no questions asked. Sun Joe is a legacy name in lawn and garden tools, so you know that it’s going to be great. With a 21:1 reduction ratio, this wood chipper shredder is a beast. It’s perfect for small or large yards, and thanks to its quiet nature, you can use it in all residential settings without upsetting the neighbors!

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2. Earthwise 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper
  • Horsepower: 15 Amps
  • Reduction Ratio: 10:1
  • Max Branch Diameter: 1.75
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years


  • It comes with a receiver collection bag
  • Extra-long cord
  • Easy to use


  • It doesn’t do well with smaller weeds
  • Small feeder holes
  • Have to feed leaves in manually with a prodding stick

The Earthwise 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper is phenomenal at mulching and requires very little if any clean-up. It can cut through branches that are 1.7 inches thick and has a handy tamper tool that you can use for the chute. This helps to keep your hands clean and also keeps them safe from cuts or any accidents involving the electric chipper itself.

It also comes with a 1.2-bushel collection bin, so you can work all day without having to change your bags. The receiver collection bin is one of the biggest draws of this electric wood chipper shredder for sure, and with an extra-long cord, it allows you to get your work done speedily. It’s also jam-resistant and very easy to use, making it ideal for novices or for teaching your kids how to use a wood chipper.

The one downside is that it can’t tackle weeds as well as branches. It will pulverize the weeds and clog up the chute if you’re not careful. 

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3. WEN 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper Shredder
  • Horsepower: 15 Amps
  • Reduction Ratio: 1:2
  • Max Branch Diameter: 1.5
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years


  • It makes very uniform mulch
  • Safety features prevent accidents
  • Handy collection bag


  • Smaller reduction ratio
  • Can only process dry branches
  • Smaller reduction ratio

This wood chipper shredder from WEN does an excellent job shredding sticks and branches that are 1.5 inches or less in diameter and comes equipped with some safety functionality that turns off the motor while your hopper is open. It comes with two seven-inch blades, six-inch wheels, and a pushing stick that keeps your hands away from the hopper while you’re working.

With a two-year warranty and a handy collection bag, this is a serviceable shredder that will get the job done. 

It’s best used for smaller jobs, and if you feed too much into it, you could experience some clogs. Still, smaller branches will go right through quickly, and it makes relatively uniform mulch for gardening or landscaping. You should only use dry branches with it, as wet ones could clog up the motor. Other than being ever so finicky with the moisture level of the sticks, this one is a real keeper.

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4. Sun Joe 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper Shredder
  • Horsepower: 15 Amps
  • Reduction Ratio: 17:1
  • Max Branch Diameter: 1.5
  • Weight: 26.2 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years


  • It can handle all sorts of different types of woods
  • It’s portable and easy to handle
  • The machine is virtually clog-free


  • It doesn’t do as well with leaves
  • Branches need to be straight to feed right
  • It doesn’t have the reduction ratio of other Sun Joe models

Sun Joe is one of the best electric wood chipper shredder providers around, and this model definitely proves why. With a powerful 15 amps and a two-year warranty, it’s both secure and robust enough to cut through any refuse that you might have in your yard.

Weighing in at 26.2 pounds, this Sun Joe model is easy enough to move from place to place. It can handle branches that are 1.5 inches in diameter or less, and you can process them all day long without having to worry that the machine will clog.

One of the biggest benefits of this wood chipper and shredder is that it can handle all different types of wood. Unlike other shredders that might balk at larger or harder pieces of wood, this one can do it all. It’s best to feed straight sticks into the shredder, as curved ones might take a little bit more effort, and leaf trimmings are not the best for this model. Still, it does do the job if you have a smaller property to maintain.

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5. Sun Joe 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper Shredder
  • Horsepower: 14 Amps
  • Reduction Ratio: 16:1
  • Max Branch Diameter: 1.5
  • Weight: 25.4 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years


  • Great at making uniform mulch
  • 4,300 revolutions per minute
  • Easily portable


  • Not as great for larger debris
  • Wet twigs and branches could stick
  • Some types of wood might jam the wheel

This powerful 14 amp option from Sun Joe is great for churning out a lot of mulch and is an excellent option for people who have a lot of errant twigs or smaller branches on their lot. With six-inch wheels for maximum portability over just about any terrain, this shredder is a gem that’s easy to use. It also comes with a safety hopper that stops mulching when it’s opened. This keeps you safe at all times, especially when moving the chipper from place to place.

This wood chipper and shredder is very good for people who want to minimize their waste and use their mulch for gardening. Since it’s specifically designed to create uniform mulch from smaller debris, it’s an ideal option for the residential do-it-yourself person. Although it is on the smaller side, it’s still mighty, churning out 4,300 revolutions per minute. Since it’s backed by a two-year warranty, you can bet that you will have this model in the long run.

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6. Superhandy Wood Chipper Shredder Electric 1.5" Capacit
  • Horsepower: 15 Amps
  • Reduction Ratio: 17:1
  • Max Branch Diameter: 1.57
  • Weight: 24.5 pounds
  • Warranty: Not specified


  • Dent and rust-resistant body
  • Overload protection switch
  • Eco-friendly


  • Green branches can jam it up
  • The reduction ratio is smaller than some other models
  • Not great with leaves

This is one of the best electric wood chipper shredders because it’s nearly wholly eco-friendly and comes with a polypropylene body that is resistant to wear and tear. You truly get the best of both worlds with this option. It’s also one of the quieter models on my list and comes with a push paddle for feeding debris into the chipper itself. 

This model was designed with efficiency in mind. The body is dent and rust-resistant, and there’s an overload protection switch that keeps you safe at all times. Also, it’s wheeled so that you can take it anywhere quickly, even over rougher terrain. This wood chipper shredder is best for people who want to set it and forget it with a long extension cord and an easy-to-assemble setup.

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How to Safely Use a Wood Chipper

No matter which wood chipper shredder you get, one of the most important things is to understand how to use it safely. Like a lot of high-powered equipment, these machines can cause serious injury or even death if not handled properly. Adhering to a good protocol can keep you safe while you’re getting your lawn work done.

Wear the Right Safety Equipment (PPE)

You need to wear the proper safety equipment or PPE. It’s simple to do and could save you in an emergency. Make sure that you adhere to these rules no matter how big or small the job is.

Eye Protection

The first thing that you have to do is remember to put on safety glasses. When you’re chipping wood, small bits of debris could fly out of the chipper and land on your face or eyes. The last thing that you want are particles of a branch in your eyes, as they can cause irritation, scarring, or even blindness in extreme cases. Make safety goggles one of your top priorities.

Ear Defenders

Although electric wood chipper shredders tend to be less noisy than gas ones, they still can make a racket, especially if you’re using them for prolonged periods of time. Invest in some proper ear protection and never do anything like listen to music while you’re working. You want to be fully aware of your surroundings while handling these sorts of machines.

You should also wear a hard hat to keep you safe from flying chunks of debris, especially if you’re cutting up larger branches. Even if you’re just making a little bit of mulch, it’s good practice to always don a hard hat and ear protection.

Safety Boots

Don’t neglect your feet either. Steel-toed boots are an excellent option for wood chipping. If you don’t have steel-toed ones, don’t worry. Just make sure that your toes are closed off. Never chip wood in flip-flops or crocs. Similarly, you should avoid any dangly jewelry or clothing that might get stuck in the shredder.

No Loose Clothing or Hair

Make sure that your shirt cuffs are securely fastened, and avoid wearing clothes like ties while shredding your wood.

If you have long hair, make sure that it’s tied up and away from your face. This will increase your visibility and decrease the chance that your hair could get caught in the machine.

Maintain the Area Properly

Keep your area correctly clean and maintained. Routinely sweep away sawdust or chips so you don’t accidentally trip or slip on anything. Keep your hopper area free of debris, and watch your chipper carefully for signs of strain. If you start to see your chipper acting funny, or if there seems to be a blockage, address it right away and alternate with smaller loads.

When you feed the hopper, make sure that you don’t use your hands. Many of the models that I’ve listed here come with push sticks. Alternatively, you can use broomsticks or branches to feed material into the hopper.  

Chipper Shredder Maintenance Tips

These quick tips will help you maintain your electric wood chipper shredder for the long run.

  • Always ensure that the chipper is unplugged before you start to clean or maintain it
  • Tighten up your screw regularly
  • Clean the flail screen often, but do it carefully so as not to disturb the integrity of the screen
  • Wipe down the muffler on a regular basis
  • Ensure that all of the shredder components are properly lubricated

Best Electric Wood Chipper Conclusion

Electric wood chipper shredders are excellent outdoor tools that can help you maintain your property and recycle unwanted lawn debris into beautiful mulch for flower beds or walkways. Renting a wood chipper is an option, but with electric wood chippers being relatively cheap to buy, they are a very attractive investment.

If you want the joy and satisfaction that comes from properly caring for your yard, and save yourself a lot of money in arbor servicing fees, check out Sun Joe’s 15-Amp Chipper You will not regret it. 

Sun Joe 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Best Shredding Reduction Ratio

Sun Joe 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Lightweight, portable, and capable to shred branches up to 1.73 inches in diameter. Offer an outstanding 21:1 reduction ratio.

Earthwise 15-Amp Electric Chipper

Best Chipper Safety Features

Earthwise 15-Amp Electric Chipper

Capable of shredding branches 1.7 inches in diameter. A reduction ratio of 10:1. Excellent safety features with a fixed branch hopper. The rigid collection bin prevents spillage.