10 Best Weed And Feed For Lawns Reviewed [+ Buyers Guide]

Whether you’re an experienced hand in the garden or novice, there’s one thing we all aspire to achieve, and that’s a beautiful luscious weed-free lawn. But as you may have already come to realize to achieve it we need to find a high-quality lawn fertilizer and a great herbicide to beat down those troublesome weeds.

That’s where the 2-in-1 weed and feed comes into play, feeding our lawn and dealing with weeds. But which one to choose, as there are so many. To help make your selection easier, our expert gardeners have reviewed the best weed and feed products from the top brands, and we will show you how to use them to maximum effect.

The Different Types Of Fertilizer

The 3 common forms of fertilizers are: liquid, granular and powder.

Liquid fertilizers must be diluted with water before spraying on the lawn using a hose attachment.

Powdered fertilizers also require water to be effective. They are normally spread by hand.

Granular lawn fertilizers are by far the most preferred products that can be spread on damp topsoil across your lawn. These types of fertilizers are easy to apply and offer better value for money. They will soak into your garden over time and feature slow-release formulas so you won’t have to fertilize your lawn as often.  

There are 4 types of fertilizers that can be in the granular, liquid or powder form. These are:

Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

These are natural materials that mainly consist of compost and manure. Organic fertilizers work slowly and over the long-term to build up your soil.

Inorganic fertilizers, on the other hand, are made up of chemical ingredients that give your garden a quick boost of nutrients. 

Nitrogen Fertilizers

Nitrogen is a vital nutrient that almost all plants need to continue growing. All organic and inorganic fertilizers contain sources of nitrogen at different ratios based on the type of plant or shrub you are growing. 

Phosphate Fertilizers

All plants need phosphate throughout their growth cycle to strengthen their root system.

Potassium Fertilizers

To encourage stronger roots and the ability to fight off diseases, plants need this vital nutrient for healthy growth. 

Looking For Lawn Deficiencies  

Anyone who is new to the world of gardening must learn the importance of lawn nutrients. To increase your lawn’s ability to absorb water and sunlight, you must provide it with a healthy root structure that can withstand pests and diseases. Nutrient-deficient lawns tend to look patchy or discolored. By adding the right fertilizer to your lawn, you will restore these patches and boost growth. 

There are different fertilizer blends that contain vital nutrients and minerals as well as micronutrients. These nutrient-rich products will promote green grass growth that all gardening enthusiasts love to see. 

Most fertilizers have a combination of many different nutrients, including carbon, iron, manganese, boron, and calcium. However, before you buy fertilizer for your lawn, it’s important to test your soil. 

For instance, alkaline soils are most commonly deficient in iron. The symptoms of iron-deficient lawns include yellow grass with a mottled appearance. Potash deficient grass can also turn yellow and brown. 

Without a soil test, there is no way of knowing which nutrients your lawn is deficient in, so before choosing a fertilizer, make sure you read the next section on how to test your soil.  

Testing Your Soil Step by Step 

Before deciding on which fertilizer will best suit your lawn needs, it’s important to take a soil test. There are four basic types of testers: analog, digital, chemical, and professional testing.

While you can take a sample of your soil and get it tested at a nursery, I have a quicker and more convenient solution for you. I used Luster Leaf capsules to test my soil at home. This affordable chemical soil tester analyzes the vital nutrients and pH levels of the soil, so if you don’t need 100% accurate results, then this type of test kit will be very cost-effective. 

Whichever soil tester you choose, most are quite simple to use. Follow these quick steps to test your soil at home: 

1. Take a small amount of soil preferably from around 3 inches deep and place it in a vial or tube.

2. Add water to fill the tube before dropping a colored capsule in the water. Make sure the capsule color matches the vial’s lid color. Each color relates to the soil nutrient you are testing.   

3. Shake the vial and wait as per the tester’s directions. 

4. Now compare the color of the liquid to the enclosed color chart to help you estimate the nutrient levels of the soil. 

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Reading Fertilizer Labels 

After obtaining your soil’s test results, it’s time to choose the right fertilizer based on the ratio of nitrogen, potash, and phosphate on the label.

All fertilizer products display three bold numbers that specify the ratio of vital nutrients. The first number is the amount of N (nitrogen), the second is the amount of P (phosphate) and the third number is K (potash).

To give you an example, a bag of fertilizer will contain the numbers 10-10-10 on its label, which means it has 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphate, and 10% potash. These numbers will help you decide which fertilizer is most suitable for your specific plant or shrub. 

The 10 Best Weed And Feed Reviews 

Our expert gardeners have tested dozens of weed and feed products before selecting 9 of the best formulas in terms of their effectiveness, value for money, and weed elimination power. Hopefully, our list of the best weed and feed products will meet your garden’s needs. Let’s start our review with the best buy product from the premium brand, Scotts, and the runner up from Greenview Fairway:

1. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed

Scotts is one of the best-known manufacturers of weed and feed. With its exceptional performance in controlling dandelions and other tough-to-kill weeds, the Turf Builder is our best buy weed and feed product, we are loyal users.    

The Weedgrip technology makes it super easy to eliminate most types of weeds while the feeding formula thickens your lawn and makes it greener. The manufacturer states that using this weed and feed product will also make your lawn tolerate drought and heat. 

Not only does the product kill dandelions, clover, and other common weeds, it also feeds common grasses, such as ryegrass and fescue. However, it’s not recommended for certain warm-season turfs, such as carpet grass and St. Augustine. 

How to use: this weed and feed product is a granular formula that can be applied with a drop, broadcast, or rotary spreader. For best results, apply evenly to a damp lawn and avoid watering for 24 hours after application.   

Customer reviews: users found the product very easy to apply using a handheld broadcast spreader or drop. They report greener grass with no sign of weeds within a matter of weeks. It’s a popular choice as the best weed and feed for lawns scoring 4.6/5.


  • Kills weeds including dandelions within 2 weeks
  • Simple to apply 
  • Kills a broad range of weeds


  • Nothing significant 

2. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Weed And Feed

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1

The ever-popular brand, Miracle-Gro, has come up with yet another complete 4-in-1 weed and feed formula that helps your lawn absorb nutrients and water more effectively so that it can tolerate heat and drought.

The product kills moss and many other species of weeds, but it does take longer to take effect. Our test took 10 days to see noticeable results.

How to use: apply 35 grams per square meter and water the lawn thoroughly after 2 days. Make sure the product is dried before allowing pets or children to use the treated area. 

Customer reviews: users were pleased with how effective this product was in turning their lawn green, as long as you don’t apply too much! Although results take longer to show, they found the product easy to use and score it 4.5/5 across all retail platforms and forums.


  • Kills moss
  • Protects lawn against heat stress 


  • Takes longer to see results than the 7 days stated
  • Strong metallic smell

3. EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care

EverGreen 400sqm Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care, Lawn Food, Weed and Moss Killer

Evergreen has come up with a complete 4-in-1 weed and feed product that promises to create a thicker and greener lawn within a week whilst killing moss and weeds. 

Keep in mind that moss will blacken after 2 weeks and you must rake out all the dead weed in order to prevent further growth. We found that full weed control took as long as 2 months, but the end result is well worth it.

The formula helps protect the lawn against drought and heat stresses, which makes it ideal for use in warmer climates. Just make sure you keep pets and children away from the treated areas. One downside of this product is the limited distribution. You may struggle to find this brand in the USA.

How to use: for best results, use from April to September and water the granules thoroughly after application.

Customer reviews: over 4,000 users rated this product 4.5/5 as it did exactly what it said it would. Customers recommended using a spreader for the best results. 


  • Very effective moss killer
  • Turns grass green within one week 
  • One of the most popular brands with a proven track record


  • Overapplication will damage the grass
  • Limited availability in USA

4. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed and Feed

Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed and Feed 3

The premium brand, Scotts, has created a new and improved weed and feed formula that kills stubborn dandelion and clover. We found that crabgrass can also be eliminated if the product is applied in early spring. another reliable product that we have used many time with good results.

How to use: the best time to apply is in fall so that grass can be better prepared for the next growing season. To maximize the effectiveness of the product, grass must be wet during application. 

Customer reviews: users were satisfied with the performance of this product and noticed their grass remained green even in the winter months. Scores 4.5/5 overall.


  • Strengthens the lawn against drought and heat
  • Thickens the grass 
  • Eliminates stubborn weeds including crabgrass and dandelion 


  • Can burn lawn of dosage to high per sq meter

5. Westland Child and Pet-Friendly Natural Lawn Feed

Westland SafeLawn Child and Pet Friendly Natural Lawn Feed

If you need a pet-friendly and family-friendly weed and feed , consider this organic product from Westland. It prevents moss and weed growth whilst naturally feeding your lawn with long-lasting nutrients. This fast-acting formula contains friendly bacteria that break down moss and weed leaves.

Within just one week, expect to see a greener and healthier lawn thanks to the added lawn seed in the organic fertilizer. After application, the grass seed will germinate and fill those bald patches in the lawn. As the grass becomes thicker and stronger, it overtakes the moss and weed.  

How to use: apply 35 grams of granules per square meter to ensure even lawn coverage. For the best results, you can double the application amount. Apply every once from February to September when the grass is actively growing. 

Customer reviews: users were very pleased with the results of this weed and feed scoring it 4.4/5. Just 10 days after application, their grass started turning thicker and green. One small complaint was the strong odor of the fertilizer. However, if you water the grass a day or two after application, the smell will disappear. 


  • Ideal for newly-sown lawn
  • Organic ingredients, pet, and child safe
  • Fast and effective


  • A little smelly due to organic ingredients

6. Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizer + Crabgrass Preventer

GreenView 2129267 Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed + Crabgrass Preventer

Our runner up is the slow-releasing compound from Greenview Fairway, which helps reduce your annual feeding and weeding costs. Greenview states their new and improved 65% nitrogen formula kills over 200 species of weeds and feeds the grass for up to 3 months. However, we have tested the product and found that it doesn’t work on St. Augustine and carpet grass. In fact, it can cause injury to these types of turfs. 

How to use: apply the granules in early spring when the lawn is wet using a drop or broadcast spreader. Wait 3 days before mowing the lawn. 

Note: because of the slow-releasing properties of this weed and feed product, it is best used on established and healthy lawns. Using it on new grass may result in stunted growth. 

Customer reviews: users noticed thicker and greener lawn right after the first application. The product helped turn grass green, but most users didn’t find it as beneficial for killing crabgrass. 


  • Excellent performing lawn fertilizer
  • Requires infrequent application with noticeable results after 1 month 


  • Better-suited for established lawns
  • May injure carpet grass and St. Augustine
  • Not effective for killing crabgrass

7. Preen One Lawncare 3 in 1 Weed And Feed

Preen One lawncare

This post-emergent feed and weed from Preen One is a close runner up to Greenview Fairway. It is the best choice for killing already growing weeds and requires application every 2 months. It promises to kill up to 250 species of weeds including crabgrass!

So you may be wondering why we have ranked this product in third place after Greenview Fairway. The answer is simple. Unlike the previous weed and feed that works just after one application, this product requires a regular application to achieve results.  

How to use: apply the granules on a damp lawn using a broadcast spreader every 2 months. For persistent weed problems, apply every month.

Customer reviews: users were pleased with how thick and healthy their lawn became after using this product with not a single weed in sight scoring it a solid 4.3/5 across all retail outlets and gardening forums!


  • Easy to apply
  • Works in less than 1 month
  • Thicker and healthier lawn after use 


  • Will require several applications to achieve result

8. BioAdvanced All In One Weed & Feed Crabgrass Killer

BioAdvanced 100532514 Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Killer

What’s great about this weed and feed from BioAdvanced is that you can apply it just once in spring or early fall to see results. The slow-release 25% granules formula feeds your lawn for weeks while killing crabgrass, dandelions, and other grassy weeds.

The formula encourages healthy root growth to make your lawn more resistant to heat and drought.

How to use: for every 1000 square feet, use 2.4 pounds with any rotary or drop spreader. Apply the granules evenly and uniformly starting from the lawn borders before working your way to the center.

Customer reviews: just after a month of applying this weed and feed, users saw a very lush and weed-free lawn, with not a single crabgrass in sight! They scored it 4.3/5 and found the granular formula very easy to apply. 


  • Excellent performing lawn fertilizer
  • Requires infrequent application with noticeable results after 1 month 


  • Better-suited for established lawns
  • May injure carpet grass and St. Augustine
  • Not effective for killing crabgrass

9. Pennington UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer

This premium post-emergent weed and feed product from Pennington is a slow-release 10.5% nitrogen and 5% iron that acts fast on growing grass. What we love about this lawn fertilizer is its extended feed formula that lasts as long as 3 months. In addition to encouraging greener grass growth, the product kills more than 250 species of weeds.

While the product is safe for both cold and warm grasses, it is not suitable for St. Augustine.

How to use: apply with a spreader in late spring between April and June when weeds are actively growing.

Customer reviews: users couldn’t be happier with this nitrogen-heavy fertilizer as they obtained positive results within 2 months of application. Their grass had doubled in thickness and the color turned into a uniform dark green. It scores 4.3/5 with users.


  • Excellent results
  • Helps grass grow quickly
  • Great value for money 


  • Nothing of significance

10. Scotts Turf Builder Liquid Weed And Feed

Scotts Liquid weed and feed

We couldn’t pull together a comprehensive list of the best weed and feed for lawns without including a liquid weed and feed. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder is the best product that is widely available. Now don’t get me wrong here, my preference would almost always be for a powder or granular weed and feed. The exception being when small amounts of lawn need treating.

This handy little spray bottle is great for pulling out of your garage to tackle sections of lawn.

How to use it: Connect your hosepipe to the top of the bottle and and use it as a trigger spray to target the areas you with to treat. One bottle will cover 6,000 sq ft of lawn.

Customer Reviews: With thousands of customer reviews across all major retail platforms and forums this product gets a rating of 4.3/5, demonstrating the user-friendly package you get with this liquid weed and feed spray.


  • Great hose spray applicator bottle
  • Easy to use


  • Only suitable for smaller areas of lawn
  • Expensive per square meter compared to granules

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How To Apply Weed And Feed 

Every weed and feed product has its own specific application instructions, which must be followed for safety and for optimum results. But to give you a general idea of how to apply weed and feed, here are some guidelines:

1. Mow and water the lawn two days before applying weed and feed. This helps ensure even distribution of the granules in the wet lawn.

2.  Extreme temperatures will adversely affect your lawn’s tolerance so always choose a day when temperatures are higher than freezing but below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Don’t apply weed and feed immediately after heavy rain. Sure, you want the lawn to be moist but it shouldn’t be soggy!

4.  Using a rotary or drop spreader, follow the exact instructions of the particular weed and feed product you’re using to apply the granules in your lawn. Cover the area evenly by walking back and forth across the lawn.

5. If you’re using a spray weed and feed, attach the liquid bottle to your garden hose and apply it in a precise pattern as per the instructions to ensure full coverage.

Most weed and feed products require more than one application to yield results. It is, therefore, important that you carefully follow the directions so as to avoid burning your grass. 

When To Use Weed And Feed 

Applying weed and feed during winter will have no effect on the lawn in the next growing season. To get the most out of your 2-in-1 product, you need to get the timing right. As a general rule of thumb, apply weed and feed in the active season during the last week of March or early April.

While keeping pesky weeds out of your lawn can be a yearly struggle, with a comprehensive strategy, you can keep your lawn green and weed-free. Any weed and feed product you buy will have the exact details of when to apply the formula for best results so always read the label.  

How Long Does Weed And Feed Take To Work?

Assuming you’ve chosen the right product based on your grass and weed type, (don’t worry, our reviewed products specify all this!) it usually takes between 4 days and 1 month to notice results. Post-emergent weed and feed formulas stop the existing weeds from growing, while the pre-emergent formulas will stop weeds from emerging in the first place. Most pre-emergent herbicides actively work for up to 2-3 months starting from spring. Any weeds that germinate during this period will die.   

Does Weed And Feed Work?

Since the timing of the application determines the effectiveness of the weed and feed, many people might think that such products don’t work or are too harsh on their lawn. 

If applied too early in the season, your lawn can get more fertilizer than it needs. Most types of grass need more nutrients when they are actively growing in spring. This is why most weed and feed formulas are extended-release and should be applied early in the growing season.  

If, for example, you apply a pre-emergent weed and feed too late in the growing season, (like in the middle of summer) the weeds will have already been established and the grass will be brown, thus making the product ineffective.

So as you can see, it is all about getting the timing right. Again, always follow the product’s application instructions for ideal results.  

Best Weed and Feed For Lawns Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for the best weed and feed for lawns, we believe all of the products we’ve reviewed make a great option. That said, our top 4 picks stand out in terms of effectiveness, value for money, and proven track record.

To help you decide, why not consider a top-rated product from the reputable brand, Scotts. The company’s weed and feed products adequately cover a lot of ground and don’t require frequent applications to yield great results. There is also the fast-acting product from Pennington that won’t burn your grass and eliminates up to 250 types of weeds. Whichever product you choose, we’re certain your lawn will turn from lame to lush in no time!  

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