13 Best Indoor Plant Pots And Large Planters For 2023

So you brought your houseplants home a few months ago and they’re still sitting in the same pot looking rather miserable. For all of you that are new to the world of indoor plants, the thought of repotting can be a little daunting. But think how much happier your plants will look in a bigger and better-looking pot.

With a little confidence and know-how, repotting your houseplants is super easy.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best indoor planters and show you how to choose the right pot size and material. But first, let’s take a look at our expert reviews of the best indoor plant pots you can buy online.   

15 Best Indoor Plant Pots Reviews 

We have searched hard to find the best pots for indoor plants that will add style and class to your home. Our main criteria in creating this shortlist were function, style, and value for money.

As well as our own tests and experts’ experience of growing pot plants, we also consider customer reviews across most major online platforms and home and garden forums, to show the level of customer satisfaction with the products we have on review.

By the way, our site is supported by visitors like you. Some links on this page may be affiliate links which means if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support! You can find out more here.

1. Rivet Mid-Century Indoor Ceramic Planters with Iron Stand

Rivet Mid-Century Indoor Ceramic Planters With Iron Stand

If you’re looking for a mid-century-style pot that matches your home’s decor, consider this two-tone, pale green ceramic container from Rivet. You have the option of three sizes, small, medium, or large planter pots. Each one comes with its own striking iron stand.

The stoneware planter can either be used together with the iron stand or separately as an attractive piece on its own.

Since this planter is a decorative pot, it doesn’t feature drainage holes. You will, therefore, need an internal plastic pot to fit inside this container, to assist with good drainage.

Customer Reviews: Over 1,000 customers who reviewed this product comments on the high quality of the decorative planter and found the stand to be extremely sturdy. We love it, so it takes its place at the top of our recommended list of the best pots for indoor plants.  


  • A big pot that will stand out in any room
  • Very high quality in appearance and feel
  • Available in 5 color choices


  • No drainage holes

2. Rivet Mid-Century Stoneware Planter with Wood Stand

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For those who want a more organic-looking pot, we can recommend this stoneware planter from Rivet. This elegant ivory and light green pot stand on a 3-leg wooden tripod stand. The stoneware pot is thick and very durable ready to accommodate any type of indoor plant.

This attractive pot comes in four sizes and 3 colors so you can choose a version that best suits your home. We love the clean, simple organic feel of this pot, which makes it easy to blend with any planting indoor scheme.

Just like the previous plant pot we reviewed from the same brand, this mid-century stoneware planter doesn’t have drainage holes so you will need to buy an additional container (preferably plastic) that fits inside this pot.

Customer Reviews: Users loved the simple and attractive design of this pot, although they didn’t find the pot true to size and a little overpriced. 


  • Attractive organic design
  • Sturdy solid wood stand
  • Durable


  • No drainage holes
  • On the expensive side

3. Umbra Trigg Wall Hanging Planters Indoor Container 

Umbra Trigg Wall Hanging Planters Indoor Container

If you like the idea of an indoor wall garden, then you’ll love these ultra-chic hanging planters from Umbra Trigg. The diamond-shaped planter set comes as a two-piece container made of ceramic and a rigid wireframe.

The attractively designed lightweight geometric containers provide a modern and decorative touch to any indoor space. They are ideal for all kinds of real and artificial plants. We love the idea of using hanging trailing succulents such as String of Hearts. Perfect when you’re short of floor space.

Customer Reviews: Users thought the wall containers were sturdy and versatile. However, they don’t have drainage holes so most customers recommended using a bottom layer of pebbles to help keep roots healthy. Another drawback to these containers is the branding “Umbra” that appears on the metal frame of the planter, which some customers were surprised to see. 


  • Modern look and attractive design
  • Can be used for all kinds of small plants
  • Versatile and great when short on floor space


  • Expensive
  • Features brand logo on the frame 

4. zoutog White Ceramic Plant Pots For Succulents

Zoutog White Ceramic Plant Pots For Succulents

These modern and simple mini ceramic pots from Zoutog come as a set of 6 with stylish bamboo drip trays. We all know how much succulents hate sitting in water! But the good news is, these pots have good drainage with a hole at the bottom to prevent waterlogging. 

We love these small plant pots, they’re just perfect as succulent pots. Especially if you want to pack a large group of plants into a small space to create a real show of color and form, so typical for indoor succulent arrangements. We recommend using a purpose-designed narrow stem watering can with small pots like these.

Customer Reviews: Some users wanted to rate these pots 6 stars for ease of use and design. Loads of positive reviews make these pots a firm favorite, so cementing a place on our list. Excellent value for money white ceramic plant pots.  


  • Highly appealing design
  • Great value for money
  • High-quality ceramic


  • Can only be used for succulents

5. sarosora Round Self Watering Large Planter Pots 12.5″ 

Sarosora Round Self Watering Large Planter Pots 12.5"

This large, innovative self-watering planter pot sold by Sarosora is made of high-quality PP plastic. It is designed with two separate inside and outside layers, with the outer pot used for water storage and the inner pot used for planting.

What makes this pot stand out is its larger than average size at 12.5″, which makes it perfect for larger plants. What’s more, the inner pot is designed to draw water through the cotton wicks helping to prevent root rot.

The inner pot is 2 inches shorter than the outer pot so you can store water for up to one month and not worry about when to water your plant.

Since this large self-watering pot is easy to use and made of high quality plastic, we’ve rated it as the best value pot.

Customer Reviews: Customers were especially pleased with the pot’s deep reservoir at the bottom as well as its solid outer design. The pot’s generous size is perfect for growing all kinds of large tropicals indoors. 


  • Self-watering rope wicks
  • Good quality plastic design
  • Easy to use and lightweight


  • Nothing of note

6. rivet Stoneware Crosshatch Indoor Plant Pots

Rivet Stoneware Crosshatch Indoor Plant Pots

These decorative stoneware plant pots are available in three different sizes and three different colors. Sold by Rivet, each 100% stoneware pot features a textured crosshatch design with an ombre effect exterior and an interior that is finished in a dark gray high gloss.

This range of pots come with a color choice of either coral and white, silver and white, or bronze and white, and are available to buy individually in small (5.8 inches), medium (7 inches), and large (8.7 inches) in diameter. With so many options to choose from, these really are an excellent addition to our indoor planters list.

A unique feature of this product is the contrasting selection of stoneware vases that are also available to buy in this range. Vases are available in three sizes and in the same color scheme as the pots. They perfectly complement the planters, making them a great gift idea or simply adding color and interest to your home.

We felt that this design of pot works best with a layer of gravel at the bottom or with a plastic pot inside to ensure effective drainage because not all sizes and colors arrive with a plugged drainage hole. The inside of these pots has a stunning glazed finish, we love the gold version, pure luxury.

Customer Reviews: 3,000 happy customers cannot be wrong. Scoring on average 4.7/5 it’s a firm favorite with the people who have purchased it, and it convinced me to keep our sample for my house…cheeky!


  • Good selection of colors and sizes available
  • Matching items also available
  • Stunning Gold interior


  • Not all items are available with a drainage hole

7. jolie Muse Gold & White Ceramic Plant Pots 6.5″ 2 Pack

Jolie Muse Gold & White Ceramic Plant Pots 6.5" 2 Pack

Yes, we know this is a review of the best pots for indoor plants, but we just couldn’t resist the inclusion of this little beauty. This stylish 2-piece set of ceramic pots comprises a larger round pot measuring 5.4 inches in diameter and a smaller hexagonal shaped pot measuring 6.5 inches in diameter.

The contemporary design on both pots in contrasting matt white, silver, and gold means they work in harmony when positioned side by side but equally well as stand-alone pieces. They make a stylish addition to any home or garden whether purchased for yourself or as a gift.

Customer Reviews: Both pots have a drainage hole and come complete with a removable plug however, some reviewers reported that the ceramic material was quite porous making them more suitable for use with an inner plant pot rather than planting directly into them.


  • Decorative contemporary design
  • Set of 2 pots
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Porous material, recommend using an inner pot

8. jolie Muse Indoor Ceramic Planters 6.5″ 2 Pack

Jolie Muse Indoor Ceramic Planters  6.5" 2 Pack

Next up is this stylish two-piece set. Handcrafted in ceramic, each pot is partially glazed featuring a crackled effect and finished with complementary high-gloss trim detailing. This duo of pots has the added advantage of being available to purchase in either medium (4.9 inches diameter) or large (6.5 inches diameter).

What’s impressive is the wide selection of color schemes available, making them a perfect gift idea to complement most indoor settings. These lovely decorative pots can be used to house herbs, succulents, and other indoor plants or simply as a decorative item in your home.

Customer Reviews: Each pot features pre-drilled drainage holes and rubber plugs, although our reviewers said that the size and amount of drainage holes will depend on what color scheme option you buy.


  • Good price for 2 pots
  • Good selection of colors and sizes available
  • Hand made post


  • None as far as we are concerned

9. le Tauci Indoor Plant Pots With Saucer Set of 3

Le Tauci Indoor Plant Pots With Saucer Set Of 3

This 3-part set of pots for indoor plants gives a contemporary twist to a design classic. Each of the three pots comes with a pre-drilled drainage hole, matching non-removable drainage plug, and cleaver mesh net to prevent water and soil spillage.

Each set comes in a choice of no less than six colors ranging from neutral oatmeal to vibrant blue, creating interest and making these a welcome addition to any indoor space and color scheme.

Customer Reviews: Our reviewers were impressed with how well these fired stoneware pots have been constructed and felt they would be sturdy and durable enough to use for outdoor purposes as well. They also loved how the exterior of the pots was easily wiped and non-porous.


  • Six colors to choose from
  • Classic plant pot with drainage plate
  • Good sized drainage holes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Drainage plate in non-removable

10. uoo May Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor & Outdoor

Uoo May Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor & Outdoor

This highly decorative set of two plant pots feature an intricate printed pattern on the exterior and are available to buy in two striking colors. Their rounded shape and sturdy design make them a stylish accessory for your home or garden and a real centerpiece to showcase both your indoor and outdoor plants. I just love them, they have a lovely North African feel.

Both designs are made from high-density ceramic to ensure they are durable enough to withstand differing or extreme weather conditions. The thickness of the ceramic also makes the pots less porous and so not susceptible to water seepage. The pots have been glazed on the outside making them not only decorative and attractive to look at but also conveniently wipe clean.

Both designs feature drainage holes and removable plastic plugs, making them a great choice of pots for indoor plants whether you need to consider root rot sensitivity or not.

Customer Reviews: Our reviewers were impressed with the high-quality packaging that the sets arrived in. You might be able to tell, we love them too. In fact, I need to buy some right now!


  • Beautiful exotic and intricate pattern
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Detachable drip saucer
  • Available in two colors


  • Highly decorative printed pattern that could differ or be uneven from one pot to another. Adds to the charm for me!

11. marble effect Indoor Ceramic Planters 6″

Marble Effect Indoor Ceramic Planters 6"

These modern, Nordic-style ceramic pots for indoor plants are brought to you by Yosun. Sold individually, they feature an attractive marble effect design in eye-catching white and gold and come complete with a matching gold-colored ceramic drainage tray.

These pots have a diameter of 5.5 inches and have a pre-drilled drainage hole at the bottom, making them suitable for succulents, spider plants, herbs, and other indoor species.

Customer Reviews: Some of our reviewers felt that these pots were not as sturdy as expected, although the eye-catching decoration won them over.


  • Detachable drip saucer
  • Drainage holes to help prevent root rot
  • Eye=catching marble effect


  • Suitable for indoor use only

12. geometric Design Ceramic Indoor Planters 5.5″ 2 Pack

Geometric Design Ceramic Indoor Planters 5.5" 2 Pack

If you’re looking for plant pots to suit a Bohemian-style space in your home, then this delightful set of two pots in a choice of two colors could well be the answer. Made from hard-wearing ceramic, the designers have hit the sweet spot with this Aztec pattern.

Both pots in the set are identical in size, measuring 5.5 inches in diameter, and each features an intricate yet individual geometric pattern. The pots are sold with a shallow bamboo tray to catch water drips and also two discs of mesh to prevent soil spillage.

These pots do have pre-drilled drainage holes, making them not only decorative but practical also. However, our reviewers said that overwatering should be avoided due to the shallow depth of the trays. They also found the bamboo was susceptible to rotting if left wet for long periods.

Customer Reviews: Overall, our reviewers found these ornate pots to be well made, attractive to look at, and deserving of a place in our best pots for indoor plants list. Customers love how the style of the bases enhanced the retro design and really added interest to an interior space.


  • Really nice Aztec relief pattern
  • Sturdy enough for use outdoors as well as indoors
  • Detachable and matching drip saucer
  • Drainage holes to help prevent root rot


  • Shallow drip tray

13. hexagon Pattern Ceramic Indoor Planters 6″ & 5″ Set

Hexagon Pattern Ceramic Indoor Planters 6" & 5" Set

Create retro vibes in your home with this stylish set of 2 ceramic pots for indoor plants. Stop…already these pots are everything to me, I love them!! These 5 and 6-inch diameter pots each feature an eye-catching hexagonal pattern straight from my grandma’s 70’s collection. They come in a color choice of either blue or yellow.

The glaze on the outside and baked at a high temperature to ensure durability to prevent cracks. They have good drainage with a hole at the bottom to prevent overwatering but also come with a handy plug to use as a decorative planter too. It’s no wonder they are featured in our top 15 best pots for indoor use list. 

Customer Reviews: One of our reviewers said that the pots were more attractive in real life and described the yellow pots as more of a beige color up close. Other customers loved them as much as I do. Definitely one for the boho’s.


  • Retro funky hexagonal pattern
  • Drainage holes to help prevent root rot
  • Versatile enough to use as an ornate planter


  • No drip tray

14. greeMoose Plant Stand For Large Planters [Stand Only]

GreeMoose Plant Stand For Large Planter Pots

There are lots of nice large planter pots on the market. But if you want to have a stand to pair up with them, then this is a great option for you. This is a stand-alone plant stand, but well worth including in our list, offering you lots of options to pair it up with any suitable indoor plant pot up to 12 inches in diameter. Made of natural bamboo, this Scandinavian style adjustable stand will make a great partner for the large planter pots of your choice.

We love the minimalist shape and simple design of this plant stand from GreeMoose, and since it’s made from bamboo, you can color match it with all your home decorations.

Customer Reviews: Users found this plant stand extremely easy to assemble and adjust.


  • Clean and simple design
  • Adjustable to suit your needs
  • Made of natural material


  • Touch expensive for just a stand

Choosing the Right Indoor Plant Pots

Houseplants should be the focal point of every home. Not only do they add structure, color, and warmth, they purify the air and bring a wonderful natural feel to your home.

To get the best from your plants put them in the right size pot to keep them happy and vibrant. Houseplants typically need to be repotted roughly every 12 months, depending on how vigorous they grow. Slower growing species can remain in the same pot for several years, while fast growers require repotting before the start of the growing season in early spring.

But how do you decide on the right pot size? Well, let’s dig in and find out.

Choosing the Right Size Indoor Plant Pots

If you choose a pot that’s oversized for your houseplant, the roots may become susceptible to root rot. This happens when there is too much water suspended in the soil and not enough drainage or airflow.

On the flip side, if you choose a planter pot that’s too small and it restricts root growth, it can leave the plant stunted and susceptible to dry and compacted soil. So you need to find the happy-medium and pot-on as your plant grows.  If in doubt lean towards large planter pots, so you have little room just in case.

If your plant has outgrown its container, choose a pot that’s 2 to 4 inches larger in diameter to allow for enough grow space. For slow-growing plants such as succulents and cactus, select a pot that’s 1 or 2 inches larger than the current pot.

What Is the Best Material for Plant Pots?

Ceramic and plastic are the most common materials for indoor plant pots.

Plastic Plant Pot

Lightweight, inexpensive, and colorful. They retain moisture so you won’t have to water the plant as often. Plastic pots are ideal for use with hanging baskets as they provide plenty of drainage holes.

There’s are a good selection of high-quality plastic materials available for long-lasting, contemporary pot designs. Plastics also allow for a large variety of moldings and extrusions making it easier to manufacture practical self-watering pots and other more sophisticated designs.

Indoor Ceramic Planters

A traditional material with a nice weighty look and feel. You can achieve that unique but familiar furnace glazed effect indoor ceramic planters or you have the option of choosing terracotta planters or stone pots.

Ceramic pots are usually more expensive than plastic and are more prone to cracks and breakages. Larger pots can become very heavy and difficult to move once filled with soil. But whether you are looking for classic white ceramic plant pots or colorful large planter pots on stands, this material will add a real sense of quality and class to your decor.

Despite some of their drawbacks, ceramic is by far the most popular choice for indoor plant pots.

Other Pot Materials

From concrete to wood through to fiberglass, there’s a massive array of options available to you choose from. There’s no one right answer, go for the pot that you love, but make sure it is practical to move if required and has good drainage holes.

Does Your Plant Pot Need Drainage Holes?

Most houseplants detest sitting in waterlogged soil, so make sure your pot has good drainage holes. If required add some grit or broken stones to the bottom to allow the excess water to run out, and allow air to flow in.

There’s a difference between a standard plant pot and indoor planters. The standard plant pot is what you get when you buy your plant from the nursery, usually, a low-cost plastic pot with good drainage. The problem is that when used indoors they need a saucer or drip tray to catch drained water and to be honest they look like a cheap pot that belongs in your greenhouse.

Whereas container indoor planters are the decorative outer pot that brings style and decor to your living areas. But you can use the two in combination to bring a great design with the practical drainage benefits of a traditional plastic plant pot.

Just make sure you match your container pot diameter and height, with your plant pot size. Allowing the plant pot to sit within the indoor planter hidden from view. They can be conveniently removed to water and drain, before placing them back into the container.

How to Plant an Indoor Plant in a Pot?   

Follow these 6 easy steps to successfully repot your houseplant.

What you’ll need:

  • Your houseplant, of course
  • The pot you’ve chosen
  • Some fresh potting mix
  • Water

Step 1. Remove the plant from its current pot by turning it sideways. Gently hold the plant by its leaves or stems and tap the bottom of the pot until the root ball slides out

Step 2. Before repotting, loosen the roots gently and prune the very thin ones. Caution: don’t cut the thicker roots at the base of the foliage!

Step 3. Now remove about one-third of the old potting mix from the previous pot and top it up with a fresh mix 

Step 4. Pour a layer of the freshly prepared potting mix into the new pot and press it down to remove air pockets.

Step 5. Place your plant in the center of the new pot before adding more potting mix around it. Make sure the plant is secure, but don’t pack too much soil into the pot so as not to strangle the roots 

Step 6. Water thoroughly and enjoy!

See how quick and easy (and painless!) that repotting process was? Don’t forget to keep an eye on your indoor houseplant as it grows over the years and changes its pot as and when necessary. 

Conclusion Best Indoor Plant Pots and Containers

With so many beautiful products to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which are the best pots for your indoor plants. We love the super cute succulent pots from Zoutog. These ceramic pots are sturdy and of high quality, all at a great price.

If you have big plants that require larger pots, you should consider the generously sized 12.5-inch self-watering pot from Sarosora. The design of this pot isn’t much, but it will provide discreet support for your plant for years to come.

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