10 Best Orchid Pots & Containers Reviewed [+ Buyers Guide]

Orchids are beautiful plants available in thousands of varieties, colors, and shapes. But they can be a little difficult to grow and care for. Most people quite rightly think about water, light, and fertilizers when growing orchids…But what about pots?

The nursery pot your orchid comes with isn’t meant to be used for the life of the plant. Pretty soon, your orchid will outgrow its first container, so you’ll need to think about replanting it into a more suitable pot for healthy and vibrant growth.

In this post, we will delve into how to select the right container for your orchid, plus we have reviewed the best orchid pots you can buy online. 

Selecting a Pot for Your Orchid [Buyers Guide]

To make it easier to see the orchid’s roots, most plant growers opt for clear plastic pots with drainage holes. The benefit of these transparent containers goes beyond their visibility. In addition to being able to keep an eye on the orchid’s roots for rot, pests, or overcrowding, clear plastic containers allow you to easily place the plant into other decorative containers.


Look for a container or pot with multiple drainage holes in the form of slats or cut-outs on the sides as well as the bottom of the container. The best orchid pots have adequate holes to ensure airflow and drainage.  

Another popular pot for orchids is made of plastic mesh, which is inexpensive and easy to use. However, what plastic net pots lack in style, the clay counterparts more than make up for. While these pots aren’t exactly budget-friendly, they add great beauty to orchids. The only downsides to clay pots are their heavyweight and lack of ventilation.

There are also pots that are quite shallow when compared to standard pots. These containers have a large base and are ideal for top-heavy orchids. The tall narrow designs, on the other hand, are best for orchids with long roots. 

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What Type of Pots for Orchids

There are a variety of orchid pot designs sold in garden centers and online, some of which are listed below:

Net pots or Basket Insert Post

These containers typically are made of black PVC plastic with a larger diameter mesh hole for extra airflow. They’re not actually net but more of a mesh pot.

Basket Inset Pots are pretty much the same mesh pots but designed to sit inside another container, perhaps a more decorative pot. They are also used in ponds and hydroponics, but can also be put to good effect in growing orchids.

If you want to place them into a more decorative post then ‘Inserts’ usually benefit from a tapered bottom (V-shape), allowing them to sit right down inside the decorative container.

Transparent plastic pots

Transparent orchid pots are used to help light reach the roots. Thanks to their see-through materials, you can keep an eye on your plant and ensure it’s growing properly and keep on top of any root rot issues before they appear.

Clay or Ceramic pots

Both clay and ceramic glazed pot can be used for orchids to provide a more decorative and stylish presentation. However, there are two fundamental features you need in your pot.

  1. Air Flow look for air holes in the pot. Or use a plastic or mesh airflow pot insert, but be sure you have plenty of air space between the inside wall of the ceramic pot and plastic air pot for good airflow.
  2. Drainage Orchids hate sitting in wet soils, so you must have good drainage. you can use a air pot slightly raised inside the container or use a ceramic container with a tray or saucer to catch water run-off

Whether you choose plastic, clay, or ceramic, your orchid pot must be large enough to comfortably house the plant and allow airflow and water run-off, which brings us to the next section…pot size

Choosing the Right Size Orchid Pot

Choosing the right size pot for your orchids is essential for optimal growth. Always select a pot that can adequately accommodate the roots. If it is too small, the roots will look cramped and twisted. Too large, and the roots can decay.

As a rule of thumb, repot your orchids every 6 months to 3 years. The most appropriate container sizes for orchids start from 4 inches and go up to 6 inches in diameter. Also bear in mind the size of a plastic air pot insert compared to your decorative pot, so you maintain adequate airflow and water drainage.

The Best Orchid Pots Reviewed 

Still not sure which pot is best for your orchid? It’s your lucky day! We have picked the best orchid pots available online to make your orchid care hassle free and look great. 

1. RePotme Fluted Ceramic 6″ Orchid Pot

rePotme orchid pot

We love this attractive glazed 6″ orchid pot. Available in 7 different glazed designs from pink, blue through to natural there’s a color choice for every taste. The pot has airflow holes around the sides and a large drainage hole in the base for drainage into a matching ceramic saucer with protective padded feet to prevent scratching.

The pot is 6.5″ wide, 6.25″ tall, and has plenty of room to grow and allow good airflow around orchid roots. What’s interesting is that all rePotme ceramic pots are designed to be used in conjunction with their own plastic orchid insert pots…good to know.

The pots are glazed inside and out allowing for easy cleaning and to help prevent the build-up of bacteria on the ceramic porous surface. These pots are not cheap, but you do get a genuine premium glazed orchid pot that would look great in any room. Check the latest price here at Amazon


  • Good drainage holes on the side and bottom
  • Perfect for mature orchids
  • Beautiful design and color options


  • Not the cheapest but definitely one of the best orchid pots on our list!

2. Allen & Roth 8″ Orchid Pot with Saucer

Allen & Roth 8 inch Orchid Pot

This attractively designed orchid pot with a saucer from Allen & Roth provides optimal airflow to help prevent overwatering. The white pot is 8 inches in height and width providing maximum room for your orchid’s roots.

The downside to this orchid pot is the large holes that a finer growing medium may spill through. We recommend using this pot with a more coarse substrate or using a pot insert to prevent it from falling through the container.

The orchid pot is made from durable ceramic clay with a white glaze coating to enhance the orchid’s visual appeal. This ceramic pot is ideal for growing orchids indoors. Check the latest price here on Amazon.


  • Large holes for excellent drainage
  • Perfect for mature orchids
  • Attractive design


  • Large holes mean you need to use plastic insert pot

3. Hobby Flower Adel Orchid Pot

Hobby Flower Adel orchid pot

This orchid pot is not only very stylish indeed…it is also super practical:

1: Fill the outer container ½ full with water
2: Place the orchid inside the inner container, and position it inside the outer vase, and let it soak for 5 minutes
3: Once fully soaked simply pour away the water from the outer container
4: Sit the orchid pot (inner container) back inside the outer vase

The pot is made out of very high-quality translucent Perspex making it light to handle, shatter-proof and perfect for allowing light down into the root system.

The pot is 20cm wide in total, but the internal pot planting area is 11cm (4.5″) wide and 13cm (5″) high. There are five colors available; white, black, purple, blue, and clear. Available to buy online here.


  • Available in 5 colors
  • Super stylish makes a great centre peice
  • Ingeneous practical design


  • Inner pot dimension on the small side 4.5″x5″

4. Pennington Glazed Orchid Pot 4.75″

Pennington Glazed Orchid Pot

The elegant orchid pot from Pennington provides the right environment for your plant to reach its full potential. The ceramic construction is ideal for indoor use with an open lattice design to encourage orchid health.

What we especially love about this simple pot is its ability to keep bark in place while providing the orchid’s roots with ample oxygen. The matching saucer allows good water drainage

Some users found planting their orchids directly in this pot a little awkward. It’s best to put a clear orchid pot inside allowing you to lift it out and check the roots from time to time. Buy it online at Amazon.


  • Attractive design available in 6 colors
  • Good value 


  • Not large enough for taller orchids
  • Poor root visibility
  • Lacks drainage 

5. Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot 5″

Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot

This decorative orchid pot from Atri is made from high-quality porcelain ceramic and perfectly complements any home decor. The small ventilation holes on the side and bottom promote healthy roots and optimal airflow. It is especially ideal for small indoor plants.

The 5-inch ceramic pot comes complete with a detached saucer to prevent overwatering. Check latest price here.


  • Attractive design
  • Good drainage 


  • Only suitable for small orchids
  • No plastic liner 

6. Mkono 7″ Plastic Orchid Pot

Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pot

These plastic 7-inch double orchid pot sets from Mkono have 2 outer and inner containers with a solid matte white finishing and transparent inner pots. Both outer and inner pots have drainage holes underneath and saucers to prevent overwatering. The inner pot has additional slots on its sides for optimal ventilation and is designed in such a way that encourages the exposed roots to dry out, thus making root pruning even easier. This feature also improves aeration, which as a result increases the orchid’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. 

Some users were disappointed in how many vent holes the inner pots had as they expected more. But overall, most were pleased with how well their orchids grow in these planters. You can find this orchid pot here on Amazon.


  • Simple design
  • Good quality plastic
  • Improves orchid health


  • Could use more holes 

7. Green motion Orchid Pot 6.5″

greenmotion orchid pot

This is a very simple clean design orchid pot. Its beauty is in its simplicity, the clear Perspex material allows ample light to reach the roots, and the small riser block inside the base of the pot allows your insert pot plenty of elevation for perfect water drainage.

The pot measures 6.5″ wide by 7.5″ in height and fabricated from a solid Perspex material giving the impression it is a glass vase.

We love the look of back-filling these pots with decorative gravel to give a really classy finish to a simple orchid pot.

Check the latest price here to buy this orchid pot.



  • Sturdy Perspex
  • Cost effective way of making really stylish orchid presentation


  • No drainage holes

8. RePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot Set

RePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pots

RePotme makes some of the best orchid pots on the market. This model is available as a set of 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ pots these colored plastic orchid pots are ideal for growing small orchids outdoors or indoors. Made from UV protection, the sturdy pots come as 8 piece set (2 of each size) in a choice of four colors. The slots and shape of the pot promote better root growth without choking the plant.

With this product, your orchid will benefit from excellent airflow and drainage thanks to the side and bottom vents. What’s more, your orchids will love all that sunlight on their roots thanks to the transparent pot set. You can buy these orchid pots here.


  • 4 color options available
  • Set containing 8 pots, 2 of each size
  • Sturdy


  • Nothing of significance

9. Zirka Clear Orchid pots

Zirka Clear Orchid Pots

If you want simple, clear plastic pots to grow multiple orchids indoors or outdoors, consider these containers from Zirka available in 4.3″, 5.5″, and 7″ pots. The pack of 6 provides you with enough pots to grow all your orchids in.

What we love about these clear orchid pots is the flexibility they offer. You can place them in a decorative pot to match your interiors without damaging the plant plus the pots allow you to easily observe the state of your orchids’ roots.  

Those who don’t like ceramic or mesh pots will find these clear containers easier to use. And when your orchid has outgrown the pot, simply remove the plant from the pot, wash the container with soap and water and reuse it for smaller plants. Check the latest price at Amazon.


  • Large holes for optimal drainage
  • Works for both young and mature orchids
  • Available in 4.3″, 5.5″ and 7″ pots


  • Not very sturdy

10. TRUEDAY Clear Orchid Pots

TRUEDAY Clear Orchid Pots

Love the idea of planting your orchids in a clear plastic pot, but only need a few pots? Then how about this pack of 4 from TRUEDAY. These pots have plenty of holes underneath and on the sides  (18 holes and 12 slits!) for more moisture discharge and optimal airflow. The transparent body of the pots allows the orchid’s roots to receive more light.

These pots are made from high-quality PP plastic that are most sturdy for indoor and outdoor use. Check the latest price here.


  • Plenty of side slotted holes for airflow
  • Sturdy and reusable


  • Not suitable for mature orchids 

How to Plant an Orchid in a Pot? 

Step 1. Use a pruning shear to clip your orchid from its base.

Step 2. Gently remove the plant from its nursery pot and take care not to break the roots.

Step 3. Loosen the roots so they can spread out in the new pot.

Step 4. Check the roots for disease or damage. If there are any dead or diseased roots, trim them and remove any residue potting mix from the roots.

Step 5. Now prepare the new potting base in the container and loosely spread the potting mix.

Step 6. Place the orchid roots in the prepared soil and loosely fill the surrounding of the plant with more potting mix.

Step 7. Water the plant immediately after the planting process is complete. 

How to Care for Orchids in a Pot? 

To care for your orchids, make sure you provide them with plenty of bright, indirect light. Place them in a south or east-facing window or room that receives adequate natural light throughout the day. Note: insufficient light will result in poor flowering, and too much light can lead to yellowing leaves.

Temperature is also important for growing orchids indoors. While these plants tolerate warmer or cooler temperatures throughout their growing season, to ensure optimum growth, night temperatures should be around 55-62 degrees while day temperatures should range between 70-80 degrees fahrenheit.

Orchids need water just like every other plant, but you must allow them to dry out a little between waterings. To check whether your orchid is thirsty, poke your finger for about an inch into the soil. If it’s dry, give it some water. To keep your orchid hydrated, get a plastic tray and fill it with pebbles. Pour some water on the pebbles and put your potted orchid on top. This will boost the humidity levels.

During the growing season, fertilize your orchids bi-weekly and reduce to monthly intervals once the plant matures. Stop fertilizing altogether when the orchid goes dormant.

You must also prune your orchid when the flowers start falling off. This will encourage healthy growth. Trim the stem about one inch away from the stalk.

Lastly, keep an eye out for signs of disease or pests. Orchids are vulnerable to scale, mealy bugs and rot. Avoid overwatering to prevent rot, and if you notice any signs of pests, wash them off with insecticidal soap. 

Conclusion Best Orchid Pots 

Selecting the best orchid pots is vital for your plant’s healthy growth and blooming. With so many orchid pots out there, it can be confusing to decide on the best one.

All the pots we reviewed here are suitable for small and mature orchids. However, we particularly liked the clear plastic pots as they work well with both short and tall orchids. These pots are larger in size and come in multiple packs to save you money. What’s more, the pots can be used for both outdoor and indoor orchid growing, thus making these containers one of the best options to help your plants thrive. 

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