10 Best Succulent Pots and Succulent Planters

You’ve just brought home a beautiful succulent and can’t wait to put it on display. But you know you can’t keep the plant in its nursery pot forever. Now you’re wondering what type of container you should choose.

Picking the best pots for succulents isn’t all about getting the color or size right; the material of the container can also make all the difference between your plant thriving or dying.

Choosing the Right Succulents Pots and Succulent Planters

To help you choose the right container, take note of the following tips: 

A good pot must have a proper drainage system so that it prevents the plant’s roots from drowning in the soil. Excess water can be extremely harmful to any plant, so always ensure the pot you choose has adequate drainage for the healthy growth of your succulents. More on that later…

In addition to proper drainage, you must also decide on the material of the pot. Here are some common materials that you may want to consider for your succulents:

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Metal Succulent Pots

They may look traditional and trendy, but they’re not the most ideal containers for succulents. Metal is prone to rust, which can damage the poor plant. If you’re going to use a metal planter, don’t keep your plant in it long-term.

Plastic Succulent Pots

Are extremely light and easy to move around. However, they don’t have the same breathable qualities as ceramic pots. When you water your succulents, the plastic pot prevents the water from evaporating, hence the reason it’s essential to use well-draining soil as well as create some holes at the bottom of the plastic pot. The last thing you want is for your succulents to sit in water. They’ll hate it with passion!  

Wooden Succulent Pots

Wooden containers look beautiful when paired with succulents, plus you can paint them any color you like. But you must remember to stain the wooden pot often to prevent it from rot. Unlike metal that heats up quickly in direct sunlight, wooden pots won’t make your succulents feel uncomfortable. That said, since wood doesn’t survive for long in extreme weather conditions, we recommend you only use wooden pots indoors.

Ceramic and Terracotta Succulent Pots

These are the ultimate containers for succulents. Whether you keep your plants indoors or outdoors, ceramic and terracotta pots are made from breathable materials that work in any environment. While succulents are hardy plants that deal with extreme climates like intense heat, they still prefer the temperatures to remain between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Terracotta and ceramic pots do a great job of soaking up the heat and keeping your plants happy throughout the summer season.  

Best Succulent Pots and Succulent Planters Reviews

Sit back and relax, because we have used our expert knowledge to seek out the best planters and pots for succulents so you don’t have to. We’ve tested dozens of succulent pots and succulent planters for their practical use, affordability, and aesthetic look. You’ll find a selection of ideas that will not only bring style to your home but will also really showcase your cherished succulents.

Here at The Yard and Garden, we know that the garden is not always rosy so that’s why we consider the views and opinions of real-life customers as well as our in-house experts. In no particular order, we’ve brought you a list of the best to help you decide which succulent pot or succulent planter is right for you. Enjoy choosing!

1. Joda Round Large Succulent Planter with Stand 10″

Joda Round Large Succulent Planter With Stand 10"

If you’re looking for a pot to feature as a centerpiece in your home and really want to showcase your succulents, then this is one to seriously consider. The white ceramic porcelain of the pot and contracting Eco-friendly rubberwood stand will undoubtedly make your succulents stand out from the crowd.

The thoughtful design of this succulent pot ensemble includes a chic wooden stand that is made from renewable sources and felt pads on the base of the stand to prevent scratches on your furniture and surfaces. The pot is a large succulent planter measuring 10 inches in diameter with drainage holes that are off-center to ensure that dripping water does not damage the stand. You also get 2.2lbs of white marble rocks included in the retail price.

Check the latest price on Amazon.com

Our reviewers said that this pot is ideal for small to medium sized succulents but too shallow for more mature plants.


  • Good for displaying a collection of succulents
  • Good sized drainage holes complete with rubber plugs
  • Felt pads on the stand to prevent slippage and scratches
  • Perfect if you’re looking for a large succulent planter


  • Not suitable for mature succulents

2. Laerjin Succulent Pots with Drainage Hole and Bamboo Trays 3″

Laerjin Succulent Pots With Drainage Hole And Bamboo Trays 3"

This set of 6 small and cute succulent pots is sure to brighten up a dull and uninteresting window sill. Each of the 3-inch diameter pots features an individual and eye-catching geometric pattern in a black and white color scheme. These small succulent pots are made from durable porcelain and have been glazed making them super easy to clean.

The pots come with a pre-drilled drainage hole to reduce the risk of over-watering your succulents and each pot is complemented with a neat-fitting bamboo drainage tray. Buy online here.

Our reviewers said that this set is a lovely way to create a display that will showcase a range of individual succulents but care should be taken when watering your plants as the set does not include any plugs for the drainage holes.


  • Great for displaying succulents individually
  • Eye-catching and individual geometric patterns


  • Plugs for drainage holes not included
  • Shallow bamboo drainage tray that could get water damaged

3. Ceramic Succulent Planters with Drainage Hole 5.5″ (3 Pack)

Ceramic Succulent Planters With Drainage Hole 5.5" (3 Pack)

And now for something a little different! An unusual take on cute succulent planters that are intended to look like stone but are made from quality ceramic baked in high temperatures making them a great choice for indoor and outdoor use. We love them and are thrilled to include them as one of our most original and best pots for succulents.

Sold as a set of 3, each pot has a slightly different shape, color and texture to resemble stone and has been glazed on the exterior for ease of cleaning. They come with a drainage hole and mesh screen to help with drainage.

Our reviews said that these quirky little pots are perfect for your baby succulents and help to create an interesting focal point for your home or in your garden. Take care when watering as they do not come with a drainage tray. You can find the latest price here.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Unusual stone effect succulent pots
  • 3 really cute succulent planters


  • Plugs for drainage holes not included
  • Drainage tray not included

4. Cute Succulent Pots with Bamboo Tray 4″ (3 Pack)

Cute Succulent Pots With Bamboo Tray 4" (3 Pack)

Here’s yet another eye-catching design that is well worthy of a place in our list of best pots for succulents. Heavily textured with an ornate leaf pattern on the exterior, these pots each measuring 4 inches in diameter are sure to bring elegance and sophistication to your treasured succulent plants.

Sold as a set of 3 on Amazon.com and made from robust cement, these pots come complete with drainage holes making them ideal succulent pots. Each one sits on a nifty bamboo drainage tray to help catch water drips and keep your furniture and surfaces dry.

Our reviewers were most impressed with the durability and sturdiness of these cute succulent pots and said they were great for indoor and outdoor succulent planting. They also loved the handy mesh screens that accompanied the pots at no extra cost.


  • Made from robust cement, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Strikingly ornate leaf pattern with matching sized pots


  • Plugs for drainage holes not included
  • Shallow bamboo drainage tray that could overflow if overwatered

5. Ceramic Cylinder Plant Pots for Succulents with Trays 3 Inch (3 Pack)

5. Ceramic Cylinder Plant Pots For Succulents With Trays 3 Inch (3 Pack)

These cute succulent pots are sure to add a touch of glamour to even the most mundane indoor space. Available as a set of 3 and each measuring 3 inches in diameter, each pot is made from ceramic, fired at high temperature and then glazed to ensure durability and to prevent cracking.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the eye-catching color selections available for this design. Choose from chic black, white or green as the base color to create a striking contrast against the green of your plants. Each small succulent pot then features a printed gold-colored gilt design which gives a marbled look to the finished pots.

Find them online here

Our reviewers said that these pots came complete with a good sized drainage hole and a shallow bamboo saucer, making them ideal for baby succulents, cuttings and cacti that shouldn’t be over-watered.


  • Made from good quality ceramic
  • Glazed exterior making them easy to keep clean
  • Visually striking small succulent pots


  • Shallow bamboo drainage tray that could overflow if overwatered

6. Umbra Trigg Geometric Ceramic and Brass Hanging Pots For Succulents

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00S7063BU&Format= SL550 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=theyardandgar 20&language=en US

Here at The Yard and Garden, we love something quirky to showcase our blooms, and these geometrically shaped succulent planters really hit that brief. These are wall-mounted planters that look great whether hung individually or with 2 or 3 together to create an interesting display with a modern feel. You can find them on Amazon.com and other online retailers.

Sold by Umbra, these hanging succulent pots are made from ceramic and concrete resin. They are diamond-shaped and come complete with a wireframe that not only provides a contemporary edge, it also has a practical application that is used to affix the planters to your wall space. Ideal for showcasing our prize string of dolphins or string of hearts plant.

This design does not have any drainage holes and so it’s best to pot your plants in a plastic pot that will fit snuggly inside the planter and use for display purposes only.

Our reviewers were impressed with how easy it was to fix these planters to the wall using the wireframes and mounting fixtures included in the price. They loved how they could make a unique wall display for their plants using multiples of the planters.


  • Wall-mounted with unique geometric design
  • Fixures for wall-mounting included
  • Unusual planters for hanging succulents


  • No drainage holes therefore not suitable for planting directly into

7. Square Ceramic Succulent Planter Box with Tray 7″

Square Ceramic Succulent Planter Box With Tray 7"

We love, love, love the minimalist design of this style of this cute succulent planter box. The understated elegance makes it our top pick in the contemporary category of best pots for succulents.

These square pots are made from hard-wearing ceramic and measure 7 inches by 7 inches, with a depth of 3.5 inches. So slightly bigger than the cute succulent pots we are been reviewing up to now. They have a matte finish and are available in black, white, and vibrant yellow. The pots come complete with a neat fitting drainage tray in the same ceramic material and color.

Check the latest prices here.

Our reviewers said that these succulent pots were great for creating an arrangement as the pot is big enough to accommodate several plants at once. The drainage hole means that your arrangement of succulents can be planted directly into the pot.


  • Contemporary square design and matte finish – perfect for adding the finishing touches to a modern space
  • Pot and drainage tray in ceramic and matching in color
  • Perfect if you’re looking for a large succulent planter


  • We’re yet to find one. These pots just divine!

8. Potey Indoor Succulent Flowerpot with Drainage Hole & Saucer

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07ZTDXSVP&Format= SL550 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=theyardandgar 20&language=en US

Here’s yet another stylish and contemporary indoor succulent pot, this time sold by Potey. The beauty of this range is the pots are available to buy at Amazon.com in a choice of no less than six color combinations and they come in either a small 3.9-inch diameter or a large 4.9-inch diameter pot. There really is something to suit everyone’s interior space with these little lovelies.

This range of pots for succulents are made from durable ceramic, they are cylindrical in shape with a sturdy base. They also come with a neat-fitting ceramic drainage tray to catch any excess water that doesn’t get soaked up by your plant.

Our reviewers loved how the drainage trays came in colors that matched the color scheme of the pots. They were also impressed with the amount of choice and color combos available in this range of pots.


  • Extensive range of colors to suit most indoor color schemes
  • Pots are big enough to accommodate larger succulents


  • Whilst the packaging that the pots arrive in is robust, it is not recyclable

9. Ceramic Mini Succulent Pots Handcrafted Crack Glaze (12 Pack) 2.25″

Ceramic Mini Succulent Pots Handcrafted Crack Glaze (12 Pack) 2.25"

How adorable are these mini succulent pots!? Dinky and cute succulent pots that are just perfect for your nursery plants and cuttings. Not only that, they are a great way to brighten up a window sill or shelf in your home or office.

These miniature pots, measuring just 2.25 inches in diameter, are sold as a set of either 6 or 12 brightly colored miniature pots. They are made of ceramic that has been baked in high temperatures to improve its durability and then glazed using the tasteful ice crackle glaze technique. The finished look is really pleasing to the eye and would not look out of place in either a contemporary or traditional setting. Buy them from Amazon.com.

Our reviewers were impressed with the adequately sized drainage hole that these pots are pre-drilled with. They also loved that each pot came with a mesh screen to place at the bottom of the pots to prevent soil from seeping through the drainage holes when watering. Their only quibble was that these pots do not come with drainage trays to collect excess drips when watering. These mini succulent pots should definitely be on your wish list.


  • Perfect for displaying nursery succulents or cuttings
  • Tasteful and colorful mini pots
  • The delicate cracked glaze finish


  • Drainage trays not included

10. Dahlia Design Drip Glazed Ceramic Large Succulent Pots 5.5″

Dahlia Design Drip Glazed Ceramic Large Succulent Pots 5.5"

Often vintage charm gets overlooked in the design of succulent pots, but not with these lovelies. Well proportioned, with a diameter of 5.5 inches, these traditional-style pots are perfect for displaying a larger specimen or a small collection of succulents or cacti.

Made from durable ceramic, these pots have been finished with a drip glaze effect and are available to buy in three designs, each with a slightly different shape, color palette, and glazed effect. These pots can be used as succulent pots or succulent planters. They come with pre-drilled drainage holes and a neat-fitting drainage tray. You can check them out here.

Our reviewers said that the color of the pots in the picture was darker than those shown in the promotional pictures. They were impressed that the drainage tray was deeper than most they’d seen, making them ideal for catching excess water and making the pots versatile enough to use for other plants too.


  • Traditional drip glaze style on the exterior
  • 3 tasteful designs to choose from
  • Good drainage tray depth


  • Pots are slightly darker than shown in the images

How to Plant Succulents in Pots: 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Cut a small piece of mesh or coffee filter to cover the drainage holes of the pot. This will prevent the soil from falling out of the drainage holes.

Tip: Planting a succulent in a new pot is best done when the soil is completely dry. Otherwise the succulent won’t slide out of its nursery pot easily.

Step 2: Fill the bottom of the pot with some porous sandy potting soil. Make sure you add enough soil to cover the top part of the plant’s root balls.

Step 3: Place your succulent in the new pot without removing it from its original container. This will give you an idea of just how much soil you’ll need.

Step 4: Gently turn over the plant to its side while supporting its head with your hand. If it’s a spiny or sharp-pointed plant like cactus or aloe, wear a glove to protect your hands or use tongs. Now slowly and gently tease the plant out of the nursery container. If it won’t budge, tap the sides and bottom of the container.

Step 5: Now that the succulent is safely out, it’s ready to be planted in the potting soil. Keep the soil the same level as it was in the original pot. Once the succulent is securely planted in the pot, fill the spaces in between the potting mix with more soil.  

Step 6: Finish off the planting by putting a top layer of pebbles and peat moss around the plant. This top dressing will keep the soil in place and help with drainage as well as giving your potted plant a finished look. 

Do Succulents Need Drainage

Drainage is an important (some would say the most important) part of the potting process as it helps prevent moisture from collecting at the pot’s base and protect the plant’s roots.

Since succulents retain water in their leaves, stems, and tissues, they can’t afford to sit in water for too long. If you want to grow your succulents indoors, you’ll need to give proper consideration to the type of pot you use to display them in.

Pots are available to buy either with or without drainage holes. If you opt for a pot with drainage holes, excess water from watering will drain out of the bottom of the pot and if you don’t have a drainage tray this will make a total mess over your furniture and surfaces.

To keep your succulents happy indoors, you need to think about proper drainage. Here are some suggestions:

Use well-draining soil: this is extremely important for containers without drainage holes. A well-draining succulent soil allows more airflow, thus making the water easier to evaporate. Choose soil with large particles of around 6mm for optimal drainage.

Add a layer of stones: pebbles, rocks, pumice, or a combination of these placed in the bottom of the pot will create a layer of drainage and prevent the roots from rot as the water can drain faster.

Activated charcoal: add a layer (half an inch to be exact) of activated charcoal to the bottom of the pot or over the stones layer to prevent fungal and bacterial growth. 

Planting Succulents In Containers Without Drainage

Ok, so you’ve found the pot of your dreams, but there’s just one problem! It doesn’t have drainage holes! One thing is for sure, succulents love good drainage and thrive when their roots are not constantly wet. If you are thinking of planting succulents in containers without drainage, then do not fear, it is possible but you should take note of the helpful suggestions above about creating a drainage layer with either activated charcoal or stones.

ou should also consider the climate that your succulents live in and alter how much you water depending on how hot or cold it is. This might vary from season to season. A good rule of thumb is to water every 10-12 days in colder conditions and every 7-10 days when the weather is warm. If you live in an area with high humidity then your succulent will need less water.

It may sound silly, but you just need to tune into your plant, and if in doubt start with a small amount of water and let your plant and its soil get dry in between the times that you water it. It’s far best to under-water a succulent rather than risk water-logged roots.

If you feel that no other container will do and are adamant about planting your succulents in containers without drainage, then you could always get handy by drilling your own drainage holes!

How To Water Succulents Without Drainage

Without drainage holes, even the most porous material of succulent planters will not remove all of the excess water. When it comes to how much water your succulents need, there are a couple of watering techniques that you should consider.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to measure the water out into a cup or jug. This is because non-draining pots make it extra difficult to know how much water you’ve poured in. Generally speaking, pour water equal to half the volume of your succulent’s pot, i.e. half a cup of water for every cup of soil. You can always adjust the amount of water next time you need to water your succulent.

Another good technique is to use a spray bottle or syringe, as this will help you control how much water you decant and avoid dislodging the stone layer or soil and potentially causing damage to your succulents. If you do use a spray bottle, be sure only to spray the soil and not the leaves or stem of your succulents. It’s really important that the water reaches the roots as that’s where the water is absorbed.

If you do accidentally pour too much water into your succulent planters, just be sure to tip away any excess water that pools in the top of the container. Use blotting paper, or kitchen towel to soak up any excess water that might still remain in the top of the planter.

Best Succulent Pots And Succulent Planters Conclusion

With such an array of designs and styles on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your selection enough to decide which are the best succulent pots and succulent planters for your treasured plants. One thing is for sure, growing and caring for succulents is infectious – which is possibly a good thing because it means you can buy lots of different types of pots for your succulents.

Our overall winner of best pots for succulents has to be the minimalist 7-inch square succulent pot from Mygift. It makes the perfect centerpiece to showcase a collection of your finest succulents and has a nifty and neat fitting drainage tray to protect your surfaces and keep the roots of your succulents happy.

Succulent Pots and Succulent Planters FAQ’s

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