9 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer | Battery, Gas Powered

When the days begin to grow longer, and the temperatures start rising, you may notice new growth on your hedges, which means it’s time for hedge trimming.

Whether you’re new to hedge trimming or an experienced pro, it’s essential to have the right tool for the job. Through exhaustive research and testing, I’ve compiled a list of nine of the best hedge trimmers available today. 

Some are gas-powered, and some run off batteries, but all are cordless, so you can get your trimming project done faster and with fewer hassles.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you’re in a hurry or don’t have the time to read through my whole list, here are my picks for the best battery-powered and gas-powered cordless hedge trimmers.

EGO Power+ 24 in. 56 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit

Best Battery-Powered Trimmer

EGO Power+ 24 in. 56 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit

Ultra-lightweight 24-inch Power+ hedge trimmer with excellent 1-inch cut capacity. Very comfortable to use.

Husqvarna 322HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 322HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Multi-position handle. Durable lightweight body, with vibration control. A powerful but comfortable gas trimmer.

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Choosing A Cordless Hedge Trimmer

When purchasing a new cordless hedge trimmer, there can be a lot of different features and specifications to consider. The power source, run time, blade length, and branch cutting capacity, are all important factors. 

But what exactly do each of these features or attributes mean and how do we compare between models? To help you prioritize this information I’ve provided a buyer’s guide explaining some of the most crucial elements of a cordless hedge trimmer so you can make the right choice.

Hedge Trimmer Power Source

The power source is one of the most important options to consider when looking for a new hedge trimmer. Your options are gas or battery power. Each has its merits and also its downsides, so let’s take a look at each of them and highlight the pros and cons. 


Gas-powered trimmers are built around a gasoline engine typically ranging from 25-30cc and capable of producing 0.5-1.5 horsepower (hp).

Trimmer comes in both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine types. The difference being 2-cycle engines require a blend of gas and fuel, whereas 4-cycle engines take straight gasoline. 

4-cycle engines are more powerful and more fuel-efficient than 2-cycle. However, they are also more difficult to get started. 

The engine quality and reliability will be dependent on manufacturers with Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Kawasaki amongst some of the more dependable small engine manufacturers for outdoor power equipment. 

Gas-powered trimmers are powerful trimmers that can be an excellent option for 

large yards or heavy-duty jobs. They also have the advantage of instant refueling meaning they can be topped up throughout a working day. For these reasons, commercial landscapers often employ gas trimmers, but they are heavier and require regular maintenance. 


There is a vast range of options for battery-powered trimmers with different blade lengths, cutting capacities, and battery runtimes. Most residential users prefer a battery-powered hedge trimmer over gas because the electric hedge trimmer is usually quieter, easier to start, weighs less, and is easier to maintain.

The main shortcoming of a battery-powered trimmer is that it is less powerful and therefore doesn’t work as fast as gas-powered trimmers. An electric hedge trimmer might struggle with the most demanding jobs, but a battery-powered hedge trimmer should be up to the task for most residential trimming needs.

All that being said my personal preference for my own backyard is to shoot for a battery-powered hedge trimmer every time. It’s quick to start, lightweight, and doesn’t require ear defenders. For home hedge cutting all of the trimmers on my list are more than capable to produce excellent cutting results. 

Motor or Engine Output

Battery-powered trimmers will have a motor with an output measured by its volts (V), while gas-powered trimmers are built with an engine with an output measured in cubic capacity (cc) or better still horsepower (hp). 

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to draw a comparison between a given gas engine (hp) and an electric motor (V). Often a manufacturer will publish the motor’s Max Torque, but even then it is not a like-for-like comparison as it does not account for the results of the motor being tested under a working load. 

That being said, I have used these cordless hedge trimmers in the field and can offer real work advice. Each of the products on my list is well suited to home use and more than capable of tearing up your private. 

Fuel or Battery Run Time Capacity

When selecting a hedge trimmer, especially a battery-powered hedge trimmer, it is crucial to know how long it will run on a single charge. To allow us to get a grasp of this we look at the manufacturer’s battery rating. This is stated in Amperage Per Hour or Amp Hours (Ah).

Lithium Battery Ah

When comparing cordless electric trimmers, we use a battery rating of Ah to express the battery storage and capacity and therefore the battery potential running time.

It works like this…a battery with a capacity of 2.5Ah will discharge 2.5 Amp per hour. So if your trimmer draws 2.5 Amp the battery will last one hour. If your trimmer draws 5.0 Amps per hour your battery will last 30 minutes.  

A battery with a larger Ah number has more capacity and will power a hedge trimmer longer between charges. Of course, having a better Ah capacity also means it takes longer for a battery to fully charge after running out of juice. 

If you have a hedge trimmer with a small battery, or if your battery is running out of power before you finish trimming your hedges, consider purchasing multiple batteries. Then you can simply swap a dead battery with a fresh one and complete your trimming without long recharge delays.

Gas Tank

If you have a gas-powered hedge trimmer, its runtime is related to the size of the fuel tank. 

A larger fuel tank will hold more gas and give you longer runtimes. The downside to a larger tank is that the extra fuel can add weight to the trimmer and make it more fatiguing to use for extended periods.

Bear in mind the run time of gas and battery-powered tools will be influenced by how hard they have to work. If your driving the throttle hard the power will deplete much faster. Just like driving a car. Thrash it and it’s just not going to be as economical on fuel. 

Gas vs. Battery Pros and Cons

Whether you think you would prefer to use a gas or battery-powered hedge trimmer, there will be pros and cons.

Gas-powered trimmers offer more durability and power, are easier to refuel, and are an excellent choice for fast cutting or demanding jobs. The negatives of using a gas-powered trimmer are that it costs more money, is heavier, harder to maintain, and isn’t as environmentally friendly as electric trimmers.

With battery-powered trimmers, you have a cleaner power source. They are often cheaper, lighter, and easier to maintain than gas-powered trimmers. 

Unfortunately, a battery-powered trimmer isn’t going to beat gas trimmers in an out-and-out power contest, but as I have said previously, that level of power is not necessary for what we are trying to do with our hedge trimmers at home.

Don’t completely overlook the good old-fashioned manual hedge shears, if you have a small area to work with. There are some fantastic high-quality hedge shears available for a fraction of the cost of a powered trimmer.

Trimmer Blade Size

The blade size is the next factor to consider with cordless hedge trimmers. This is often just down to personal preference, but I’ll give you my take on it as I like to think it will be useful. 

18 inches or smaller

An 18-inch blade or any length close to that will work well for most residential hedge trimming. Smaller blades also help make a trimmer lighter and easier to handle. Short blades are easier to use when shaping boxwood hedges or similar, as they can swing around offering you a dextrous feel. 

19- to 30-inch blades

Blade lengths that fall between 19 and 30 inches are a great middle-of-the-road option that can handle thicker branches than smaller blades while still offering decent handling and weight.

These larger trimmer blades are well suited to trimmer long flat expanses such as tall formal privet hedging. Where a neat flat finish is important. 

30-inch and larger blades

If your hedges are taller or wider than average, a blade that is 30 inches or longer will help speed up the trimming. These extra-long blades might take some practice to get comfortable with but can be a wonderful option for more demanding landscaping.

Generally, I would recommend avoiding blades this long as it’s a false economy. You will often compromise quality, control, and comfort and end up with a poor cutting finish. 

Cutting Capacity

Besides blade length, the cutting capacity is another critical aspect of a hedge trimmer’s blade. 

Cutting capacity refers to the size of the gap between the individual teeth on the blade, along with the trimmer’s ability to cut through a branch of that thickness. 

How thick will a hedge trimmer be able to cut?

Most residential hedge trimmers offer a blade capacity of 3/8-inch to 3/4-inch, which is plenty for the average homeowner. Commercial hedge trimmers often have higher blade capacities of 1-inch or more.


The weight of a hedge trimmer will factor into its ease of use. Heavier trimmers will likely be more powerful, but it can become tiring to use them for long periods, especially if you need to stretch one away from your body or lift it overhead.

This is one of the reasons I prefer battery-powered trimmers. They are a lot lighter and easier to balance and control. Anything over 12lbs can become surprisingly difficult to use over a period of time. 

Controls and Ease of Use

Speaking of ease of use, you want to consider all the features of a hedge trimmer to ensure it has what you need and that you will be comfortable operating all of its functions.

Some trimmers offer adjustable handles while others are fixed in place. Some hedge trimmers have dual triggers, which means you must keep two hands in place at all times to keep it running. You can lock other trimmers so you can release the trigger while working, and the blade will continue to cut.

Consider these features and do your research about any others that might be important to you before you decide on a new hedge trimmer.

Safety Features

Most manufacturers offer one or more safety features to keep users safe while storing, transporting, and operating their hedge trimmers. Here are some of the most common safety features of cordless hedge trimmers.

Blade Brakes

A blade brake is an emergency safety feature that allows you to stop the blades from cutting as quickly as possible. In an emergency, lift your finger off the trigger, and the brake will stop the blade rather than waiting for the blade to stop by itself.

Safety Switches

To prevent an accident in the event of an accidental trigger press, many manufacturers include a safety switch. When activated, the safety switch will stop the blade from cutting even if you press the trigger. Most manufacturers design the safety switch so that you must turn it on before you can start the trimmer.

Padded Front Handles

Because a hedge trimmer can be heavy and produce a lot of vibration while running, manufacturers use padded front handles that provide a better grip and a more comfortable operating experience.

Front Handle Shields

A front handle shield is a plastic barrier installed between the handle and the blade sections of a trimmer. It protects against accidents where your hand might slip and touch the blade while cutting.

Blade Sheaths

A blade sheath or scabbard is a plastic protector that goes over the hedge trimmer’s blade while not in use. This sheath helps to protect your skin and clothing but also protects the blade against dirt, dust, and debris.

9 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Here are my top picks for the best gas and battery-powered cordless hedge trimmers available today. My criteria for assessing these trimmers focused on practical use in a residential setting. The ability of the trimmer to remain comfortable to use throughout an extended period of time and of course overall value for money.

EGO Power+ 24 in. 56 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 56V 2.5Ah battery
  • Run Time: 55 mins+
  • Blade Length: 24-inches
  • Weight: 6.2lbs


  • Ultra-lightweight hedge trimmer making for a comfortable power-tool
  • Perfect length blade for a variety of jobs. Shaping box hedge through to flat topping Privat
  • 56V battery offers a long-lasting charge
  • 1-inch cut capacity chews through branches


  • Nothing at this price. 

My top pick for a battery-powered hedge trimmer is this double-edged, 24-inch trimmer. The 2.5Ah battery supplied really held up for longer than I thought it would. I worked for a good 3 hours and did nearly an hour of continual use from a single charge and there was still some charge remaining. 

EGO POWER+ 24" Brushless Hedge Trimmer

The ergonomics of this tool are good, it is very light and therefore supremely comfortable to use. Ego has hit the blade length sweet spot with 240inches being good for most applications around the yard. Short enough to shape a few box hedge spheres and long enough to whip through some of the larger shrubs in my borders. 

With a 1-inch cutting capacity and 3,000 strokes per minute, this hedge trimmer can be used for a variety of different tasks and will cut through thin or thick branches. 

For a touch over $200, this cordless hedge trimmer is a homeowner’s dream. Convenient, instant start, and light as a feather.

STIHL HSA 56 18 in. 36 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 36V
  • Run Time: Up to 40 mins 
  • Blade Length: 18-inches
  • Weight: 8.2lbs 


  • Ergonomic top-loading battery and only weighing 8.2lbs
  • Safety features including tip protector and blade scabbard
  • A very well-balanced power tool when in use


  • 50% more expensive than the Ego Power+

This compact battery-powered hedge trimmer offers plenty of power while being lightweight, easy to maneuver, and comfortable to use.

STIHL HSA 56 | The benefits of the cordless hedge trimmer | That's why

The 36V AK 10 battery provides up to 40-minutes of runtime, and with 2,800 SPM, this trimmer can handle any branch trimmings up to 1 inch in size, well technically 23mm so not quite an inch.

STIHL also included great safety features with the hedge trimmer, including a blade sheath, built-in tip protector, and rubberized handles for a firmer grip.

f you’re buying a Stihl power tool you’re buying a quality piece of kit and there are so many good things to say about it. But why bother when the Ego Power+ beats it on all fronts and is $100 cheaper.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL HIGH DEMAND 24In Hedge Trimmer Kit
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 18V 8.0 Ah battery
  • Run Time: up to 2-hours
  • Blade Length: 24-inches
  • Weight: 10.9lbs


  • 3400 SPM
  • Durable slider-crank mechanism and all-metal gear case
  • REDLINK Plus Intelligence provides overload protection


  • It might be too heavy to use for long periods

Milwaukee’s M18 system offers a ton of fantastic tools, including this 24-inch hedge trimmer with a high-capacity 18V 8Ah battery. Such a large battery gives you up to 2 hours of runtime and a recharge time of about 1.5-hours.

These hedge trimmers cut fast with 3,4000 SPM, and that’s a good thing because, with its all-metal gear case and durable forged-steel blade, this trimmer is heavy for an electric model. If the 10.9-lb weight of this Milwaukee trimmer isn’t a concern for you, then this is a great choice that should run well for years and years.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 322HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer 24-Inch
  • Type: Gas
  • Power: 21.7cc, 2-cycle engine
  • Run Time: 10.14 fl. oz fuel capacity
  • Blade Length: 24-inches
  • Weight: 11.5lbs


  • A very well-balanced gas trimmer that screams power and performance
  • Large 4/5-inch cutting capacity
  • Adjustable handle for easier top and side hedge cutting
  • LowVib anti-vibration dampeners reduce user fatigue


  • Expensive  at over $400, but you’re getting a lot of power for your money

If you need a bigger cutting capacity and more power, then a gas-powered hedge trimmer like the Husqvarna 322HD60 is the way to go. This trimmer has a 24-inch long blade and a powerful 21.7-cc 2-cycle engine.

The trimmer offers high-performance cutting thanks to its hardened steel teeth and 4/5-inch cutting capacity. It’s also durable with an all-metal gear case and commercial-grade components.

Some gas-powered trimmers can be unwieldy and uncomfortable to use, but this trimmer addresses some of those issues by having an adjustable handle and LowVib anti-vibration technology that cuts down on fatigue from holding the trimmer for extended periods.

Husqvarna 115iHD55 Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 40V 4Ah battery
  • Run Time: up to 2-hours
  • Blade Length: 22-inches
  • Weight: 7.3lbs (without battery)


  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver 
  • Brushless motor and savE battery technology enhance runtime
  • Quiet operation suitable for residential areas


  • The heavy battery isn’t well balanced on the lightweight plastic handle

Another Husqvarna trimmer, powered by a 40V 4Ah battery, is a lightweight model that runs quietly and efficiently. This is an excellent option if you need an easy-to-use cordless trimmer for residential applications.

With savE technology, the battery charge lasts a long time and recharges quickly. The brushless motor, 22-in blade, and 0.63-inch cutting capacity make this trimmer a good option for small to medium-size branches.

6. Makita 18V LXT Cordless 22 In. Hedge Trimmer Kit (4.0Ah)
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 18V 4Ah battery
  • Run Time: up to 2-hours
  • Blade Length: 22-inches
  • Weight: 7.4lbs


  • 4Ah battery charges in only 40 minutes
  • Operates 25% quieter than an average corded hedge trimmer
  • Blades can be swapped out quickly and easily


  • Requires constant two-handed use

Makita’s 22-inch, battery-powered residential hedge trimmer uses an 18V 4Ah battery to provide up to 2 hours of battery life on a single charge. 

The trimmer weighs only 7.4-lbs and is about 25% quieter than the average corded hedge trimmer. It’s also comfortable to use, thanks partly to its five internal anti-vibration cushions and a battery-cooling fan that keeps the trimmer cool while cutting.

This trimmer is ideal for residential hedges but be aware that it has a dual-trigger safety feature that does require a constant two-handed hold to operate.

DeWalt 20V MAX 22 in. 20 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 20V 5Ah battery
  • Run Time: 60-mins (depending on usage)
  • Blade Length: 22-inches
  • Weight: 7.8lbs


  • Easy cutting with laser-cut, hardened steel blades
  • High-capacity 5Ah battery
  • Anti-vibration technology makes it more comfortable to use


  • It does not come with a safety sheath

Dewalt didn’t skimp on power when it manufactured this 20V 5Ah battery-powered hedge trimmer that provides 2,800 SPM for up to 60-minutes on one charge.

With a 22-inch blade, laser-cut steel teeth, and a 3/4-inch cut capacity, this trimmer can handle a ton of light and medium-duty tasks. 

Rubberized grips on the handles and anti-vibration technology also make the trimmer comfortable to hold, and at only 7.8-lbs, using it for big jobs isn’t difficult. 

Toro 24 in. 60 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 60V 2.5Ah battery
  • Run Time: up to 75-mins
  • Blade Length: 24-inches
  • Weight: 9.2lbs


  • 90-degree rotating handle
  • RunSmart controls power and provides overload protection
  • Blade design grabs branches for easier cutting


  • Must keep hands on the bar and handle triggers at all times

A 60V battery powers the dual-cutting action of this trimmer for up to 3,200 SPM, making it one of the fastest, most potent electric hedge trimmers available today. 

The 24-inch blade offers 3/4-inches of cutting capacity and is specially designed to pull in branches which helps complete even the most significant job much faster.

RunSmart technology optimizes power output, and an adjustable handle makes horizontal or vertical cutting efficient and easy. 

Greenworks 40V 24" Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2.0Ah
  • Type: Battery
  • Power: 40V 2Ah battery 
  • Run Time: up to 60-mins
  • Blade Length: 24-inches
  • Weight: 10.73lbs


  • Massive 1-inch cutting capacity
  • 180-degree rotation handle
  • The battery offers integrated USB charging


  • The battery is not as long-lasting as other brands

Perfect for yards of up to ⅓-acre in size, this 40V battery-powered hedge trimmer has a 24-inch blade with a 1-inch cutting capacity.

You can adjust the handle in a 180-degree arc for comfortable cutting, and a cushioned over-mold grip makes maneuvering the trimmer simple.

As a bonus, the G-MAX 40V lithium battery has a built-in USB charging function for charging your phone or other small devices while on the go.

Verdict: Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

There are many fantastic options for cordless hedge trimmers on the market today. Hopefully, some of the gas and battery trimmers I tested and reviewed have piqued your interest. Here are my two favorite cordless hedge trimmers:

EGO Power+ 24 in. 56 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit

Best Battery-Powered Trimmer

EGO Power+ 24 in. 56 V Battery Hedge Trimmer Kit

Ultra-lightweight 24-inch Power+ hedge trimmer with excellent 1-inch cut capacity. Very comfortable to use.

Husqvarna 322HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 322HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Multi-position handle. Durable lightweight body, with vibration control. A powerful but comfortable gas trimmer.

The impressive 1-inch cutting capacity and 3000 strokes per minute of the EGO Power+ 24-inch hedge trimmer made it an easy choice for the best battery-powered trimmer. The brushless motor is efficient and quiet. I also love that the ARC lithium battery is compatible with the 60+ tools on EGO’s platform.

For a robust, powerful gas-powered hedge trimmer, you can’t beat the Husqvarna 322HD60. The hardened steel blades are angled for efficient cutting, are durable, and won’t go dull for a long time. The adjustable handle is comfortable to hold, and this trimmer starts easily even when the engine is cold.

FAQs Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Check below for a few of the most commonly asked questions I get about cordless hedge trimmers.