Husqvarna 440 vs Echo CS 400 | Which Is Best?

Chainsaws are a potent and essential tool for professionals and hobbyists when cutting or pruning trees. They save you time and energy in the long run, and their performance is crucial for efficiency and safety. What makes one chainsaw brand better? Is it related to the brand, size, pull start, or low vibration technology. Or are we strictly talking torq?

With so many choices what option should you go for? He’s my detailed analysis and insight into the Husqvarna 440 Vs Echo CS 400. Let’s get you up and running to make small work of your looming chores.

Which Is the Best Husqvarna 440 Vs Echo CS 400?

The blade length on any chainsaw directs what size job the chainsaw can tackle without becoming a dangerous tool. As a rule of thumb, an 18” blade can safely handle a trunk or tree limb that is 16” thick, though professionals may giggle at this guideline. Know-how is, of course, even more important.

Product listing specs recommend the Husqvarna 440 chainsaw with its 18” blade for yard chores, pruning, and firewood cutting capabilities. It comes equipped with an easy pull-start, anti-vibration gas engine.

The Echo model is ideal for smaller commercial applications with rugged dependability and easy-start features as a professional-grade chainsaw with a solid chain bar and 40.2 cc of power.

Price-wise, these two are comparable, but what makes one better than the other and why?

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Echo vs Husqvarna Model Comparison

Chainsaws are available in various models and with many features. We omitted electric, corded, and battery-powered chainsaws for this comparison and chose two gas-powered chainsaws to focus our review.

Husqvarna is a reputable industry brand, but that doesn’t eliminate the Echo CS‘s professional-grade quality as a contender, does it? 

For an approximate price of 350 dollars, these chainsaws are an excellent investment for those living on acreages, have mature trees in the yard, or live in areas where yearly storm clearance becomes a chore.

To discuss which is best and come to a firm conclusion, let’s dig deeper into the specifics of these gas-powered tools with anti-vibration technology features.

This 18” chainsaw comes equipped with a 2.4 HP X torq engine operating on low fuel consumption and low gas emission.

It weighs 14.82 lbs which is a huge consideration if your job requires a long day’s performance.

Echo CS 400 is a pro-grade 18” easy start chainsaw with a heavy-duty air filter built in for engine longevity and easy maintenance.

Weighing in at only 12 lbs this is a slightly lighter contender, making handling and maneuverability a less arduous task.

Husqvarna 440 18” Chainsaw

  • Power: gas 2-stroke, 40.9CC
  • Engine: X-Torq® Husqvarna
  • Blade Length: 18”
  • Start: Effortless pull start
  • Chainsaw bar l: medium
  • Max Cut Diameter: 32”
  • Weight: 14.82 lbs
  • CARB Compliant: yes
  • Warranty: money-back guarantee; see website guidelines.

Echo CS 400 Chainsaw

  • Power: gas 2-stroke, 40.2CC
  • Engine: Echo
  • Blade Length: 18”
  • Start: i-30 start system, digital start 
  • Chainsaw bar size: medium
  • Max Cut Diameter: 32”
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • CARB Compliant: yes
  • Warranty: 5 years consumer, 1-year commercial

Both Husqvarna and Echo offer top-quality chainsaws with maximized torq, easy and tool-less chain tensioner access for automatic and manual adjustments, and matched performance reviews. 

Husqvarna depends heavily on brand recognition and offers a great money-back guarantee, while Echo demands respect for its professional grading. Either chainsaw can chew through logs, whether for pruning limbs or handling bucking logs for fast processing.

Who Makes Echo Chainsaw Engines

Echo has been making professional chainsaws since 1963 and depends on their Echo engines to power their wood cutting tools.

For optimum performance, use fresh gas and  Echo Powerblend Oil or Red Armor oil in this mini gas-power type 40.2 CC 2 stroke cycle powerhouse engine.

Who Makes Husqvarna Chainsaw Engines

Husqvarna uses tested Husqvarna reliable engines for their chainsaws and depends on its LowVib® anti-vibration technology to ensure the saw cuts as designed.

The company was founded 330 years ago in Sweden and introduced the first chainsaw in 1959, riding on the tide of post-war manufacturing and engineering booms.

Build Quality

Chainsaws may look like small power tools compared to other landscaping and forestry trades, but they pack a punch and are indispensable. Here are a few key features professionals look for:

  • Reliability and durability
  • Easy start
  • Weight
  • Cutting torq
  • Safety

These features are not negotiable, and both Echo and Husqvarna stand behind their brand’s longevity in the industry.

Echo CS400 may not be as recognizable to the layman; however, professionals in the commercial trade recognize this brand for top-notch performance and dependability. This chainsaw is a rugged, commercial-grade brand with reduced starting effort and lightweight handling.

Husqvarna is an industry brand that many rely on for brand quality and superior handling and output. Husqvarna perhaps depends on its long history as a brand name, and it’s challenging to switch brand loyal consumers.

Chainsaw Chain

Like other mechanized tools, chainsaws require maintenance and a chainsaw saw needs sharpening for optimum performance and safety. Dull teeth on a chainsaw reduce cutting power and may result in kickback and a whole lot of cursing.

Echo Chain saw chains require fine-tuning: a quick guide to their chain specs:

  • 18” length drive link count 62
  •  ⅜” chain pitch
  • 5/32” file size
  • Gauge 0.05”

Echo CS 400 offers an inertia type chain brake, easy tool-less tensioning, and a G-force engine air pre-cleaner to protect against dust and debris, providing uniform power output.

Husqvarna quality and reliance are built-in factors with Husqvarna chainsaws and chains; here is a quick guide:

  • 18” length drive link count 72
  • .325 pixel (pitch)
  • 3/16” file size
  • Gauge 0.05

Husqvarna 440 chain saw represents a chainsaw model built to fit within a cross-over market and have a noise/sound level at operator ear of 102 dB(A).

Wear noise pressure reducing ear protection while operating any chainsaw.

Who Makes The Most Reliable Chainsaw?

Industry experts suggest that choosing a top brand name ensures quality, dependability, customer service, and often recommendations don’t deviate from the norm.

Husqvarna does a poor job describing their chainsaw benefits on a key vendor website and representation of the 440 isn’t until the last page of their website. Whether that speaks to the quality of the product is unknown.

Echo CS is well represented on their vendor and home page and lists all the pertinent product specs in detail, giving the potential customer all the information without the hype.

Chainsaw Service Intervals

Some chainsaw enthusiasts recommend sharpening the chain each time the chainsaw requires refueling. Others have a built-in radar and sharpen the links after each day. Dull chain links are hard on the engine, chain bar, and user, making the process less safe and less productive.


Husqvarna offers a warranty on defects occurring under normal use conditions. They have service representatives in most states and require proof of purchase and warranty registration. 

Echo proudly stands behind its products and offers 5-year consumer warranties and 2-year commercial warranties, which must be registered online and you don’t need to buy any additional extended warranties.

How Long Do Echo Chainsaws Last

With regular maintenance and manufacturer-recommended oils, filters, and sharpening, an Echo 440 can last up to 10 years and longer. Like all tools, if you take care, there is no reason why it shouldn’t surpass that timeframe. Many users report they’ve had the same saw in the family for 20-30 years.

How Long do Husqvarna Chains Last

Again, with dependable and manufacturer-recommended tips, the life of your Husqvarna chainsaw can be endless. I read one review where a man claimed his Husqvarna is 50 years old (different model). 

Customer Support

Customer support is everything. Echo has a great live-chat window and store locator for those occasions when you need an expert opinion. A quick tour through the FAQ list may answer top question concerns quickly.

Husqvarna has representation worldwide and offers an online live-chat window and troubleshooting feature.

Both offer warranty which represents an excellent vehicle for customer support and confidence.

Is Husqvarna Customer Service Good?

Many happy customers rave about Husqvarna and their customer service experience based on the reviews. However, there are always those incidents that leave customers disappointed.

They are still in business, which is perhaps the best sign of understanding customers and treating them well. Customer service is a field that they could toward strengthening.

Is Echo Customer Service Good?

Good customer service isn’t measured on a single good or bad experience and encompasses many facets in the consumer goods forum. Customer reviews on top vendor sites suggest that Echo customers are satisfied enough to leave favorable reviews as a thank you, but there is always room for improvement. 

Verdict: Husqvarna 440 Vs Echo CS-400 Chainsaws

Chainsaws are powerful tools, and I’ve worked alongside them enough to know that they get the job done when they work well. When they don’t, it’s a massive aggravation that wastes time and resources.

For that reason, I’m handing my preferred review to the Echo CS-400. A professional commercial-grade chainsaw is an excellent option to get the job done efficiently and safely regardless of your home project size.

Best Chainsaw

Echo CS 400 Chainsaw

Echo CS 400 Chainsaw

Echo CS 400 is a pro-grade 18” easy start chainsaw with a heavy-duty air filter built in for engine longevity and easy maintenance.

Weighing in at only 12 lbs this is a slightly lighter contender, making handling and maneuverability a less arduous task.

Something to think about: 

Two doctors invented the chainsaw during the 18th century to help them assist during complicated childbirth experiences. Enough said!