Stihl 91R vs 94 String Trimmer | Which is Best?

At the top end of the Stihl range of weed eaters sits the Stihl 91R and the 94R. Both offer a great array of features and performance statistics. But which is best in the field trials? Let’s get to it and find out who wins between the Stihl 91R vs 94 String Trimmers. 

Which Is Best Stihl 91R vs 94R

The Stihl 91R has a large fuel tank that allows for long trimming periods before having to refuel. It’s environmentally friendly by using low exhaust emissions and is a very comfortable trimmer. The 94R is a very light trimmer that allows comfortability and easy maneuvering. 

Built with quality and longevity in mind the Stihl 91R meets our expectations from this premium brand. A 1.27bph 4-cycle engine powers the head to over 7,000 RPM and generates a very solid cutting performance.

The 24fl.oz fuel tank brings pros and cons. It will provide an hour of run-time but being so large it adds to the weight. A full tank adds nearly 2 pounds to the overall weight of the 91R.

Built with the same intent as the 91R, this tool feels solid and more than capable of working as a commercial trimmer. It features a 2-cycle 25cc 1.2 bhp engine.

With a full tank of fuel (18.3fl.oz.), this strimmer weighs 2.5lb lighter than the 91R and puts out less noise. It’s comfortable and powerful enough for most situations when used as a trimmer.

Stihl 91R VS Stihl 94R Model Comparison

The Stihl 91R features a fuel-efficient engine that provides more power than the previous version. The Stihl 94R is a very light trimmer at just over 10 lbs. This ensures a comfortable and easy-to-use operation.

Stihl 91R

  • Power Type: Gas 4 cycle
  • Engine Size: 28.4cc
  • Engine Power: 1.27 bhp
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 fl.oz
  • Cutting Width: 16.5 inch
  • Line Feed: Auto
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • Noise Pressure: 96 dB
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Price Range: $497-509

Stihl 94R

  • Power Type: Gas 2 cycle
  • Engine Size: 25cc
  • Engine Power: 1.2 bhp
  • Fuel Capacity: 18.3 fl.oz
  • Cutting Width: 16.5 inch
  • Line Feed: Bump
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs
  • Noise Pressure: 93 dB
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Price Range: $479-519

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Stihl Engine

Stihl engines are known for providing a lot of power while still remaining light and not creating a hassle to carry around.

Speed Settings

Stihl trimmers have a throttle that is pushed down to increase the speed of the trimmer. It also has a throttle set button which can be set to maintain a certain speed without holding down the trigger. The trimmer will have the most cutting force at maximum engine speed. 

The flywheel allows for adjustable speed settings. To engage the throttle set button, press the operator presence lever by holding the throttle set button while releasing the throttle trigger.

Trimmer Head RPM

The Stihl 91R max output speed with the cutting attachment is 7150 RPM. The max output speed for the Stihl 94R is 7290 RPM.

Build Quality

Stihl is known for constructing very durable trimmers that last long. The construction of the plastic makes for a very safe trimming experience. The plastic hides the engine, preventing accidental burns. The air filter is also easily accessible, allowing for an easy air filter change. 

The full crank system and spring-assisted pull are on the rear. This starter does not take up a lot of room or weigh a lot, like other brands. Stihl weed trimmers are built with enhanced power to weight ratio. This allows them to perform at optimal levels for long periods without issues.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the main features that each model has.

Stihl 91R

The “Care for Nature” seal identifies Stihl’s reduced-engine emission technology. It’s aimed at providing low exhaust emissions to help save the environment.

Gearbox attachments are interchangeable and include a shaft trimmer attachment, straight hedge trimmer attachment, power sweep attachment, bristle brush attachment, blower attachment, and many more. The user can fit many different trimmer heads and blades on this tool.

This model is very fuel-efficient with its 24oz tank. The adjustable front handle has a 360-degree rotation that is easily adjustable and comfortable. The spark plug, choke lever, and control cables are all protected to prevent damage.

The shoulder strap allows for easy weight distribution while using the trimmer. It also increases comfortability and allows for maximum maneuvering. 

Start, run, and stop controls on the handle make it easy for the operator to stop and start the engine from a single trigger control. All cables and wires are enclosed and protected.

Stihl 94R

The multi-function control handle allows access to all the controls in one spot so that the operator does not have to frequently move their hand.

The anti-vibration system minimizes vibration levels, reducing operator fatigue and creating a more comfortable trimming experience. 

Very light, making it easy to maneuver over hills. The operator won’t get tired when using this trimmer for long periods. Easily accessible spark plugs and air filters make them convenient to change. 

Most Reliable Weed Eater?

Stihl: The effortless starting provided by Stihl makes for a very reliable weed eater. The powerful engine ensures that it does not slow down even in heavy grass. The 2-year warranty also ensures reliability. 

Stihl weed eaters are so versatile it makes them a great choice for professionals and homeowners. The simple clear operating instructions allow even beginners to have a superb weed trimming experience. 


Stihl has a 2-year limited warranty on its lawn care equipment or power tools. If there are any issues in this period, they will repair the tool. Stihl gas trimmers will last for at least two years.

How Long do Stihl Gas Trimmers Last

Residential Stihl trimmers have proven to last up to 5 years. Commercial trimmers have lasted up to 20 years. The increased durability is what allows Stihl trimmers to last so long. The quality material of the Stihl makes them suitable even for even the toughest job.

Customer Support

After evaluating reviews, most customers are highly satisfied with Stihl trimmers.

Is Stihl Customer Support Good

Stihl 91R and 94R models both have the majority of 5-star reviews. Happy customers claim that it can trim through any thickness of weeds and grass with zero problems. Both of these trimmers have very high ratings. Some people state that if you follow the maintenance directions, the trimmers will last for a very long time.

Any customers that had issues say that Stihl was quick and helpful with resolving them.

Verdict: Stihl 91R VS 94R

After comparing all of the features of each, the Stihl 91R is the better of the two.

Best Gas String Trimmer

Stihl 91R

Stihl 91R String Trimmer

The outstanding strength of this trimmer makes it the winner despite its being 2-cycles. It doesn’t slow down in thick grass or weeds and is very easy to start in any condition. 

It’s a comfortable and easy-to-use trimmer that is 2.5lbs lighter than the 91R, which is noticeable and allows for extended periods of work, without fatigue. Making the Stihl 94R the best gas weed eater of the two.