6 Best Garden Carts and 2 Wheel Wheelbarrows

Trying to balance a wonky single-wheeled wheelbarrow is just too much of a burden when there are better options available for people like us. Whether I’m using it as a dumpster for garden waste as I work, or even when I’m hard landscaping, a garden cart or 2 wheel wheelbarrow is a yard tool that I couldn’t be without.

When choosing the wheelbarrow I use right now in my own yard…I dug deep to find the best 2 wheel wheelbarrow I could.  During the process, I tested six of the best garden carts available with similar yet unique benefits. Each one served a specified purpose and made working in the yard easier.

So, if you need help selecting the best two-wheel wheelbarrow or cart, then you will find this product guide and review super helpful.

Best Garden Carts and 2 Wheel Wheelbarrows

If you’re short on time check out the three best garden carts from the trials. Gorilla Cart manufactures exceptionably durable products and the 4 Cu.Ft. Poly Cart is no exception. For uneven ground, the Polar Trailer performed exceptionally well, handling gravel and cultivated soil with ease. Superhandy’s electric wheelbarrow offered a helping hand from a 24V battery driving a solid 3mph speed for wet heavy soil, or aggregates.

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Best Lightweight Garden Cart

Gorilla Carts 4 Cu.ft. Poly Wheelbarrow Cart

Well-made, compact, low-profile wheelbarrow with great balance. The folding handle allows this cart easy to store

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Best Wheelbarrow on Uneven Ground

Polar Trailer 10 cu.ft. Dual-Wheel Utility Barrow

20″ puncture-proof wheels make this large cart ultra-mobile and perfect for uneven ground and for use on lawns.

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Best Electric Cart

SuperHandy 4 cu.ft. Two-Wheel Electrical Utility Cart

24V battery powers this electric utility cart with a run time of up to 5 hours. Forward and reverse gears make easy work of heavy loads.

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When to Choose a Double Wheeled Barrow

Tough jobs, such as construction or landscaping, warrant the need for a dual wheelbarrow. I found that two wheels make hauling less exhausting. They help keep a good balance and prevent capsizing.

Another time to take advantage of two wheels is when you can only use one hand to steer while the other hand is occupied. When this happens, there are three other contact points on the ground. S the fear of tipping it over is never an issue.

It’s worth noting that when fully loaded turning can make be slightly more difficult due to their size and the two wheels instead of a single wheel pivoting point.

Why Use a Double-Wheeled Barrow?

Any job that involves hauling a big heavy load requires stability and strength. That’s when the two wheels come into play. Most of the weight is on the front of the cart. You have that extra bit of support while pushing the cart, plus there is less chance of tipping.

The lifting motion and the stress you have on your body are totally different with a dual wheelbarrow when compared to a single-wheeled version. Even the best single-wheel barrow requires hips, shoulders, and arm tension to stabilize the single wheel.

Whereas a double-wheeled barrow has a single linear movement of up and down, so your back and arms control the cart, meaning you avoid any twisting resistance that reduces the risk of joint stress and muscle pulls.

Gardening & Yard Clearance

Dual wheels add extra stability and balance while hauling logs, branches, yard clippings, plants, and other items. From garden to curb, your dual-wheel wheelbarrow will help you dispose of your debris. It’s a garbage can on wheels, following you around and behaving itself.


Have you got wood chippings or rocks to place in the flowerbed? A heavy-duty wheelbarrow will certainly come in handy, especially when trying to haul heavy bags. Two wheels will help provide maneuverability and maintain stability. No wobbling and straining are required to keep these guys in line.

Stables and Homesteading

Moving hay can be a hassle, and so can hauling manure or feed. A sturdy plastic wheelbarrow works best, as metal can deteriorate from harsh chemicals. A lightweight material, plastic will get you to your work area faster.

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Choosing the Best Two Wheel Garden Cart

Do you have a landscaping project to do, or are you weeding your garden? The answers will tell you what kind of wheelbarrow you may need.

There are things to consider when shopping for a two-wheel wheelbarrow. What it consists of and how much weight it can carry are points to review. How much do you plan to haul? How much work will it require on your end? Think about what matters to you most.

Garden Cart vs 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow

A true garden cart has four wheels, while a dual wheelbarrow has two although the terms are interchangeable. 4 wheel carts are ideal for working in a flowerbed or vegetable garden. The dual wheelbarrow or cart works best in heavier projects or slightly uneven ground, such as landscaping and moving heavier materials around the garden.

Frame Construction

Wheelbarrows contain either steel welded or bolted frames. Which one is best? It depends on the type of job you need to do.

Galvanized Steel or Coated

What I liked about the steel wheelbarrows is how durable they are. I could haul two bags of gravel, 50 pounds each, without the tub caving in. It was a little heavy for me to push, but now I know how much the steel barrel can withstand.

Steel or coated metal has less tendency to corrode. However, it can rust if it stays outside in the rain. 100% metal wheelbarrows can be challenging to work with because they are heavy when fully loaded, but they are great for those heavy-duty jobs.

Welded Vs Bolted

Wheelbarrow frames today consist of seamless steel instead of welded metal. The cart becomes sturdier, thanks to a round steel bar or wire hiding inside the rolled edge.

Welded metal is smoother than bolted steel as it does not cause potential damage to contents in the barrel. Trays that attach to the axle with a bolt can rip bags and scrape tools unless the bolts are deeper into the material.

Pan or Tray Material

Metal or plastic, which do you prefer? Each type of material has its benefits for specific jobs.

Metal (Painted or Galvanized)

Metal tubs are durable and capable of handling big items, such as rocks, cement blocks, or trees. A downfall to metal is that rust can set in and cause it to deteriorate. To prevent that from happening, it would be best to store it in the garage or shed. 


Plastic is ideal for smaller jobs, such as working in the garden. A plastic tub weighs less, so the effort on your part is minimal. It does not rust but can crack if left in extreme weather conditions or if your load is too heavy. Polyethylene, or resin, is a common material in wheelbarrows because of its durability and resistance to damage.

Choose plastic to haul plants, small bags of soil, or garden clippings. Moving bags of manure, fertilizer, or mulch are appropriate for plastic tubs as well. Do you need to mix concrete? Use a plastic wheelbarrow because cement can be too harsh for steel.

Size and Capacity

What kind of outside project do you need to do? There are all kinds of wheelbarrows for different types of projects. The size and depth of the wheelbarrow will vary depending on your particular need.

Metal is durable and can handle more weight. The more items you place in the tub, the heavier your load will be. Only lift what you can handle.

Tray Capacity (Liters or Cubic feet)

If you need to haul heavy loads, you will probably want a wheelbarrow with a deeper tub. Cart barrels can vary between one and ten cubic feet. Commercial landscapers will most likely use a bigger wheelbarrow to transport their heavy supplies but if you are a homeowner, you may only need a standard-sized tub, which accommodates about four cubic feet of storage.

If you are moving mulch, soil or aggregates its useful to consider how many trips or runs you will need to empty a bulk bag of soil. This table may help you work out the most effective size barrow for your purpose.

Wheelbarrow Loads in a Cubic Yard
Wheelbarrow Loads in a Cubic Yard

Max Weight Capacity

Dual wheelbarrows have a 300 to 500-pound capacity, depending on their size. A gardening project will require a lighter load. Therefore, a smaller cart will probably do. Construction-like jobs will call for a wheelbarrow that can withstand heavier loads.

Optimum Height and Length

A standard wheelbarrow is roughly 59 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 27-30 inches high. With different options available now, those dimensions can change.

Handle Design

Do you prefer one handle or two? Each kind has its purpose, and it is up to you to decide which is better. I like two handles because I was able to steer the wheelbarrow better. It feels like I have more control over the cart.

There are three types of handles on a wheelbarrow: steel, wooden, or plastic.

  • Steel is sturdier but can become hot from the sun and rusty after frequent rain. It can also be painful to the bare hand if there are no cushioned grips. Painted metal can peel and leave a metallic residue.
  • Wooden handles do not get hot, but they can start to rot if left out in wet weather. Over time the wood fibers can separate, causing them to become rough and uncomfortable. It can also be easy to get splinters from damaged wood.
  • Plastic (polyethylene) handles are usually molded as one single bar and do not require as much upper body strength. The problem with plastic is that it can easily warp or crack and render the whole wheelbarrow useless. If something happens to the poly handles, you will need to replace the whole unit.

Tipping Bar

A tipping bar handle curves and attaches to the wheelbarrow on each end, much like one on a lawnmower. It is ergonomically better because it creates less strain on the arms. After all, little muscle strength is necessary.  The curved handle might make it a little more difficult to dump contents out because of its design.

Double Handles

Two handles on a wheelbarrow may help you balance the cart while pushing, but they take arm and hand strength to keep going if you have a big load. You can replace the handles if they wear out.

Plastic or Rubber Grips

There is nothing worse than holding on to handles that hurt your hand or cause splinters. Plastic or rubber grips prevent that from happening. They cushion your grip and allow a tighter hold. They also guard against slippage when wet. If your wheelbarrow does not have them, you can buy some.

Wheelbarrow Twin Wheels

The wheels of a dual wheelbarrow or garden cart can be pneumatic or solid puncture-proof. A pneumatic tire holds pressurized air and needs refilling after time. Solid rubber tires do not puncture or become flat. Some bikes use them.


Pneumatic or air-filled tires come with or without inner cores. Tires with inner cores hold pressurized air while the outer areas consist of hollow rubber to inflate with air. They provide a smoother ride, especially on rough ground. Be mindful of what is on the ground to protect your tires.

Solid Puncture-Proof

These airless tires usually consist of a solid polyurethane material that does not go flat. Rolling over thorns, nails, or other sharp objects should not burst these tires. 

Best Two Wheel Garden Cart Reviews

When testing and reviewing the best two-wheel wheelbarrows and carts, I gave consideration to the performance and control I had with the wheelbarrow, the build quality, and durability, as well as the overall value for money.

Gorilla Carts 4cu.ft Dual Poly Wheelbarrow Cart
  • Type: Low Profile Cart
  • Tray Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet
  • Tires: 10” Pneumatic
  • Weight: 26lbs
  • Assembled: Assembly


  • Easy to move and control, this is a ‘best in class’ product
  • Very well-designed wheelbarrow. Manufactured to last
  • Folding handle makes it compact and perfect for storing when hung on a wall


  • Low-profile design may not suit everyone

Gorilla Carts designed this fantastic polyethylene wheelbarrow with the amateur gardener in mind. It sits lower to the ground, which provides better stability, and makes it easier to load and unload. There is no stooping over to remove items from the barrel.

A unique feature of this cart is the option to push or pull. It was easier for me to pull the cart behind me instead of pushing it because I could walk more freely, and it did not feel as heavy as the traditional wheelbarrow.

The tray is four cubic-foot but has a wide square-like shape (30 x 24 inches). The poly material resists impact from heavy objects and tolerates harsh weather. There is a weight limit of 300 pounds. The entire cart stands approximately 13.5 inches tall.

The 10-inch tires are pneumatic and roll smoothly to provide balance. My favorite feature of this wheelbarrow is the foldable handle. Just loosen the fasteners, and the handle will fold so you can easily store it in a garage, shed, or the back of a vehicle. I was able to stash it in the backseat of my car with no trouble.

Absolutely love this product. It’s lightweight, well-made, and can hold a surprising amount of garden waste. I can highly recommend it. Check the latest price of Gorilla Carts low profile wheelbarrow.

Polar Trailer 10 cu.ft. Dual-Wheel Utility Lawn Cart
  • Type: Deep Cart
  • Tray Capacity: 10 Cubic Feet
  • Tires: 20” Solid Rubber
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Assembled: Self-Assembly


  • 20” wheels provide a bump-free ride over uneven surfaces and gravel
  • Exceptionally large 10 cu.ft tray capacity


  • The tipping angle of the wheelbarrow tray is shallow, not fully emptying load

The wheels on this cart are unique because they have spokes, much like those on a bicycle. The two 20-inch wheels are fitted with solid rubber tires that are puncture-resistant and flat-resistant, meaning you will never have them go flat on you.

It reminds me a little of a pram wheel, but it is very effective. The larger wheel circumference is great for reducing bumps, allowing the wheelbarrow to run freely over gravel and other uneven or loose surfaces.

Measuring 65 inches x 29 square inches, this wheelbarrow will accommodate the gardener of any height. The cart itself weighs 49 pounds when it is empty, but the 10-cubic foot tub can hold up to 400 pounds of garden waste. The tray is a polyethylene material that is rust and weather resistant.  

When I tested this cart, I could not believe how easy it was to push and control. The single U-shaped handle made steering easy, and I did not have to use much upper body strength to move it.

It’s worth noting that when I tipped the card forward to dump its content, not all of the contents emptied out due to the angle of the tray. I had to back up the wheelbarrow to fully deposit the load.

SuperHandy 4 cu.ft. Two-Wheel Electrical Utility Cart
  • Type: Electric 24V Battery
  • Tray Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet
  • Tires: 13” Pneumatic
  • Weight: 107lbs
  • Assembled: Self-Assembly


  • Excellent heavy-duty wheelbarrow that’s perfect for open spaces
  • 300lb tray capacity designed for heavy loads
  • 24V electric motor drives the wheelbarrow with good control in forward and reverse


  • Large and heavy so storage needs to be considered

For a low-effort job, the fully electric SuperHandy two-wheel wheelbarrow will do most of the work for you. It has two 24-volt rechargeable sealed lead batteries that last around two to five hours on a single charge. The battery enclosure on the drive axle guards the batteries against the weather.

The battery-driven motor sits on the bottom of the wheelbarrow. This electrical cart is friendly to the environment because it does not set off fumes like gas-powered engines. The four cubic foot deep tub slopes upward to a max of 12 feet and can hold up to 330 pounds of anything you need for your yard. It did for me.

If you worry about a wheelbarrow tipping over while you haul, it will not be a problem with this one. The 13-inch air-filled wheels glide smoothly and evenly on the ground. Another unique feature of this utility cart is the electric console on the handlebars to control the wheelbarrow.

The meter on the console will let you know when your battery needs charging. I love how this wheelbarrow can go forward up to 3.1 mph and reverse to 2.2 mph with just the switch of a thumb-accelerator pedal on the underside of the handlebar. What’s more, is that you can reset the motor if it shuts off due to overload.

  • The motor on the wheelbarrow does most of the work
  • Two wheels help balance the unit
  • The wheelbarrow moves forward and reverse
  • The two wheels allow the cart to handle heavy loads more easier
  • The tub consists of rust-resistant steel that handles all types of weather

I’m a big fan of this type of wheelbarrow where space permits. It’s built well and performs with confidence. Check the SuperHand Two Wheel Utility Cart price here.

Rubbermaid 7.5 cu.ft Poly Farm Cart 300 lb
  • Type: Yard Cart
  • Tray Capacity:  7.5Cubic Feet
  • Tires: 20” Pneumatic
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Assembled: Assembled


  • Solid large Yard Cart with a 7.5 cu.ft. capacity
  • Well balanced above the dual 20” wheel axel
  • Robust one-piece molded design delivered fully assembled


  • Large unit that needs enough storage space. Weather resistant so could be stored outdoors

After filling this item with wet soil, I really likes the fact that it was molded with a good smooth surface that rinsed easily with the garden hose.

If you are not keen on putting something together, the Rubbermaid Big Wheel cart may be what you are looking for. This wheelbarrow is all one piece that consists of resin, including the handles, making it resistant to weather, rust, cracks, leaks, and other potential damage. I had it delivered to the curb by the guys at Ace Hardware.

The tub is 7.5 cubic feet deep, so it holds a lot of stuff. I have found it easy to dump dirt into piles. The resin is tough enough to haul loads up to 300 pounds. Two big five-spoke 20-inch rubber wheels roll over the toughest terrain, and it will last a long time.

This is not the prettiest pick of the bunch, but if you need a utility cart then this is a great option that will last. Check the Rubbermaid Poly Cart price here.

Garden Star 5cu.ft Double Wheeled Wheelbarrow
  • Type: 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow
  • Tray Capacity: 5 Cubic feet
  • Tires: 14.5” Pneumatic
  • Weight: 29lbs
  • Assembled: Self-Assembly


  • Lightweight at just 29lbs making it perfect for garden waste
  • Easy to assemble requiring just 6 bolts
  • Free curbside delivery from Ace Hardware


  • Not as sturdy as some on my list but still more than capable of handling general garden waste

Avoid the hassle of a heavy, bulky wheelbarrow if you have a smaller job. The Garden Star double wheelbarrow is ideal for lighter loads. Its polypropylene plastic barrel is 26.75 inches long, 24 inches wide, and eight inches deep.

The entire unit stands at 27 inches, from the top of the loop handle down to the ground, so individuals of all heights can use it. What is nice about the polypropylene tub is that it resists rust, so it will be okay if you leave it out in the rain.

Because of its eight-inch-deep barrel, you will be able to carry one to two bags of dirt and small plants, or rocks, sand, mulch, hay, and yard clippings.

The looped metal handle allows for a good grip while balancing a load. I was able to haul several bags of lawn debris in this two-wheeled cart without any difficulty. After I finished in the yard, I hung the wheelbarrow up on the hook in the garage.

What makes it a double wheelbarrow? There are two rubber air-filled tires that can handle a maximum load of 300 pounds instead of one. The wheels easily roll over rough terrain or unlevel ground without tipping the wheelbarrow over.

A great lightweight wheelbarrow that’s easy to store. Check Garden Star Double Wheelbarrow’s latest price.

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  • Type: Deep Cart
  • Tray Capacity: 7 Cubic Feet
  • Tires: 15” Pneumatic
  • Weight: 36lbs
  • Assembled: Self-Assembly


  • A lightweight cart considering its huge 7 cu.ft. capacity
  • Extra deep tray is ideal for high-volume items like soil, mulch, logs
  • Very well balanced over the double wheel axel


  • Tires are not as rugged as other wheelbarrows on the list

The Polar Trailer is not your typical metal wheelbarrow. This is a high-quality cart consisting of a polyethylene material that is rust-free and durable. It has less potential for cracking than most plastic and will not rust or rot. I found the polyethylene surface a nice change.

This cart is 37 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 16 inches high, so anyone can use it. The seven cubic foot deep tub in this wheelbarrow allows for large loads. It is strong enough to hold wood, rocks, bricks, and heavy lawn tools.

With the help of the 16-inch rubber tires, I was able to haul a small tree, several small plants, and later, a bag of gravel without any problem.

The cart has a 400lb weight capacity due to its large tray. However, I felt it was better suited to transporting lighter items such as grass clipping, mulch, logs, etc as the tires were not as rugged as some other models on my list.

Check the latest price for Polar Trailer Hauling Cart

When to Use Two-Wheel Wheelbarrows

Because of their sturdiness and size, two-wheel wheelbarrows are the first choice for large projects, such as construction or major landscaping work. They provide four areas of support versus three to provide more stability. A downside to using a two-wheel wheelbarrow is the difficulty of maneuvering up a hill.

How to Use Two-Wheel Wheelbarrows

If you buy a wheelbarrow online, you will have to assemble it yourself. Instructions come with the product and are usually simple to follow. To effectively use a wheelbarrow, here are some tips:

  1. Before starting, make sure the wheels are at the appropriately inflated level, and grease the bearings if they appear rusty
  2. The barrow should face the direction you want to go
  3. Load the tub evenly to balance the weight
  4. Lift using proper body mechanics (bend knees and lift with the legs)
  5. Keep the wheelbarrow straight while pushing up or down a hill
  6. If it appears too heavy, remove some of the contents from the tub

Verdict: Best Two-Wheel Garden Cart

There are some truly fantastic products on this list and hopefully, I tested and selected something for everyone.

If you need an extremely reliable, high-quality, lightweight wheelbarrow then I can recommend the Gorilla Carts Dual Poly Wheelbarrow Cart with total confidence. The folding handle makes it compact for storage and contributes to a well-balanced easy-to-control wheelbarrow.

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Best Lightweight Garden Cart

Gorilla Carts 4 Cu.ft. Poly Wheelbarrow Cart

Well-made, compact, low-profile wheelbarrow with great balance. The folding handle allows this cart easy to store

If you’re going to be working on uneven ground and require a large capacity then Polar Trailer Brand Dual-Wheel Utility Lawn Cart is the perfect tool for the job. I enjoyed using this around my allotment area, where the vegetable plot is uneven and needs a large wheel to stay moving. Then when I transitioned onto the gravel path it keeps on rolling freely.

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Best Wheelbarrow on Uneven Ground

Polar Trailer 10 cu.ft. Dual-Wheel Utility Barrow

20″ puncture-proof wheels make this large cart ultra-mobile and perfect for uneven ground and for use on lawns.

Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow FAQ’s