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There’s no question that poblano peppers are delicious. With a mild chili flavor, you can stuff or roast them or enjoy the flavor raw. However, if you have added this plant to your garden this year, it’s important to learn more about it. 

If you have put in all of the hard work of sowing, watering, and fertilizing your peppers, you need to be sure to pick them at their most ripe to get the best flavor possible.

But when exactly is that? If you’re a first-time grower of this amazing chili you most likely want to know…when to pick Poblano Peppers, and what are the indications that the fruit is ripe? So let’s get into it.

When To Pick Poblano Peppers

As your poblano peppers approach maturity, they will begin to turn green. More specifically, your poblanos will be ready to harvest when they reach four to six inches in length and if the skin has a glossy sheen. At this point, they are still considered immature; however, this is how many people like them because they aren’t as hot. 

You can harvest the peppers at this point or allow them to continue to ripen attached to the plant. 

Leaving the peppers on the plant means they will eventually turn red. For these, you want to dehydrate them, which creates Ancho chiles. 

red pablano peppers.

If you collect the peppers early, the plants will keep flowering and fruit more often. However, there’s a good chance the peppers will have different flavors if you use them while they are fresh. 

When you harvest your peppers, it’s best to use plant shears or scissors to ensure a clean cut. 

What month do you harvest Poblano Peppers?

Poblano peppers are typically ready to harvest 65 days after they are planted. Since most people will start their poblano pepper seeds indoors in January or February, it means you will harvest them in March or April. 

Knowing When Poblano Peppers Are Ripe

Since there are different types of poblano peppers, it’s good to learn about the signs that each type is ripe. This is going to let you know when to pick peppers

Green Poblano Peppers

Green poblano peppers will have a deep green color when they are ripe and be approximately the size of your hand (three to four inches). 

Yellow Or Orange Poblano Peppers

Like the green poblano peppers, yellow and orange versions will be a deep, rich color when they are ripe. Their skin will also have a glossy sheen. 

Red Poblano Peppers

Red poblano peppers start green. If you don’t pick them up at this point and leave them on the plant, they will eventually turn red and slightly wrinkled. When this happens, it means they are ready to be harvested. 

Which Is Hotter Red or Orange Poblano Peppers?

It’s important to note that poblano peppers, in general, are only mildly spicy compared to other pepper options. The red version is slightly hotter than orange and green peppers but still not too spicy. Because of this, they are used in many dishes and recipes. Some great examples include pureeing the roasted peppers into your salad dressing or adding broiled peppers to your guacamole. They will add a hint of heat without being overpowering. They can even be used as a garnish on a bloody Mary. 

How To Harvest Poblano Peppers 

When you are ready to harvest poblano peppers, be sure to get a sharp pair of garden shears or scissors. Locate the pepper you will pick and push all stems and leaves away from it. This will help you better access the pepper. Make sure you proceed carefully, so you don’t knock off other peppers. 

Once you have isolated the pepper you want to harvest, use your scissors or shears. Try to cut the stem about ¼ inch above the pepper. It’s always better to cut your pepper rather than just pull it off. If you pull the pepper off, it may damage the plant and knock off other peppers that are still growing on the plant. 

Will Poblano Peppers Ripen Off the Vine?

Poblano peppers will continue to ripen on their own even after they are picked. If you keep them in a container at room temperature, they should finish ripening in a week or two. It’s a good idea to check them regularly to ensure they don’t go bad before you can use them. 

Harvesting Poblano Peppers for Seeds

You can harvest your poblano peppers for the seeds by cutting from the plant using pruners you have sterilized with rubbing alcohol. Cut the peppers open and spread them out on paper towels so they will dry. Once dry, you can store the seeds in a container in a dry, cool location until spring. 

Full Grown Poblano Peppers Plant Size

A mature poblano pepper plan will measure (on average) two and a half feet. While this is the average size, these plants can reach up to five feet tall. 

Enjoying Your Poblano Peppers 

Knowing when to pick poblano peppers is a must if you plan to have them in your garden this year. The information above gives you a comprehensive guide on what to look for to let you know your peppers are ready to be harvested. 

The good news is, that even if you allow your poblano peppers to remain on the vine, they will still be edible. Just make sure that you do not wait too long to use them once you pick them, as they will continue to ripen and eventually go bad. 

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FAQ When to Harvest Poblano Peppers

By now, you should have a good idea of when and how to harvest poblano peppers. While this is true, there may be some other questions you want the answer to. Some of the most common are answered here.