5 Best Expandable Garden Hoses | Flexible, Collapsible

If you’re sick and tired of wrestling with a long, heavy hose each time you want to water your lawn or wash your car, then don’t! There’s an ever-increasing number of lightweight and convenient expandable hoses hitting the market.

In this article, I’ll teach you about the best expandable garden hoses available, including breaking down what’s so great about the now mainstream Flexi Hose.

My Favorite Collapsible Hose

If you’re short on time and are just looking for the best hose for your garden, then I can recommend the Flexi Hose with total confidence. It’s so good, I use one myself!

Flexi Hose

Best Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose

Extra thick latex core offers exceptional durability up to 12 bar. Very good recoil memory. 8 spray patterns.

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Choosing A Garden Hose

The expandable garden hose is a welcome addition to the home and garden world. Also known as a collapsible, shrinking, or bungee hose, this style of hose has quickly become the most popular design on the market. 

But what exactly do they do? Let me break it down for you…

This style of hose was designed to expand and contract like an accordion. The average expandable hose can extend to 3 times its normal length when full of water. This means a 30 feet hose should allow you to reach areas 90 feet away from the main water source.

With the inherent collapsible or coiling nature of this style of hose, you also have the benefit of saving space. Instead of having 90 feet of traditional rubber hose laying on the ground, you can do the same tasks with a 30-foot one. 

Due to the flexible nature of an expandable hose, they’re also extremely lightweight, kink-free, and virtually knot-free, making them very easy to use and move around your yard.

Expandable Hose Benefits

  • Expands up to 3 times its contracted length
  • Contracts to its original length when the water pressure is turned off
  • Can weigh 5 times less than a traditional garden hose
  • Self-draining via the contracting action
  • Never kinks or twists
  • Convenient space-saving design
  • Lightweight material that is very flexible


I think a good garden hose is one that can last at least 5 to 10 years with good care. When I say good care, I mean the basics — e.g., storing out of extremely cold weather, avoiding treading on or driving your car over it, and so on. 

Weather Resistance

Extreme weather can damage hose pipes of any sort. According to Oregon State University, leaving water inside a hose pipe in freezing conditions can lead to the water expanding as it freezes and splits hose pipes. 

If you have an expandable hose, there is extra expansion space, so splitting is less likely than with a conventional hose. But if you leave your hose fully expanded and full of water, then it will more than likely split due to the thin latex walls of the hose.

Kink Resistance

Expandable hoses are generally very flexible. This flexibility prevents the hose from kinking back on itself. Instead, it will roll with the kinks. This is a huge advantage for the longevity of the hose, as kinks tend to create wear and weak points. No kinks…no wear.


When you’re watering your garden and you want to move around without issues, the lack of flexibility in a garden hose can become a limitation.

This is one of the characteristics that have made expandable hoses so popular. They are extremely flexible, offering total control and maneuverability. 

Hose Recoil

Recoil is also an important feature of a high-quality expandable hose. 

When you finish the job and wish to store your hose, you need to turn off the faucet and then open the hose spray end so the water can drain, allowing the hose to recoil for storage. 

Better quality hoses that use durable latex will show a significant memory recoil and reduce in size without any stretch or sag.

Collapsible Hose Material

The best garden hoses are made with a high-quality latex rubber core. This is surrounded by a heavy-duty supple woven nylon sheath on the outside to protect it.

When the water tap is turned on, the pressure expands the inner latex core which in turn forces the hose to expand in length. Most high-quality collapsible hoses are designed to withstand up to 200 psi, way above the typical household water supply of 50 to 80 psi.

Latex Core Hose

Most hoses have a latex rubber core. This natural compound is very long-lasting and has amazing elasticity. It is not unusual for it to be used in multiple layers to improve strength and durability.

You may see the multi-layering referred to as a ply, such as two-ply or three-ply latex cores. 

TPC Core Hose

As an alternative to latex, some hoses utilize Thermoplastic Copolyester (TPC). TPC is a synthetic rubber compound used in the manufacture of tubes and hoses. This material has a higher heat resistance than latex and good durability.

Woven Nylon Shell

The woven nylon outer skin of the hose plays an important role in protecting the rubber’s inner core. However, it also offers a very lightweight substitute for the extruded nylon used in traditional hose reels.

The woven properties also allow for wicking and airflow, which is important to minimize any risk of mildew or other organic matter building up and leading to deterioration.

Trigger Spray Head

Your garden hose should be shipped with connectors and a spray head. Most spray heads will be made of either high-density plastic, brass, aluminum, or a combination of materials.

Brass: This is by far the most durable material. However, it can get extremely cold making controlling the water flow uncomfortable. Making a brass trigger spray head results in a very heavy lump of metal making it unsuitable for home use. 

Aluminum: Lighter than brass but an expensive material to manufacture with. Aluminum as metal will also get very cold to the touch. If you opt for this design be sure your trigger head has either a plastic or rubber hand grip insert.

Plastic: Lightweight and relatively durable. Manufacturing with plastics offers unlimited versatility to add moldings, rubber inserts, and ergonomic shapes. The one downside is that it can be more prone to extreme cold weather. Water can freeze inside, expand, and crack the plastic.

My personal preference is more about durability and comfort. A durable plastic trigger head with a rubber-inserted grip is very light and comfortable to use no matter the weather. Then during winter, I store it away with my hose and other irrigation equipment. 

Spray Patterns

Trigger spray heads offer you several spray patterns. In short, a spray pattern is a shape the water droplets make as they leave the nozzle. 

Typically, you can expect to get jet, mist, and shower settings at a minimum, with many products offering up to 9 spray patterns. 

These basic patterns are usually fine for gardening but there are occasions when having additional patterns is helpful, such as when cleaning greenhouse glass, spraying decking or patios, and so on.

Garden Hose Connectors & Fittings

You should expect all quality hoses to be built with brass connectors, providing the most reliable and long-lasting wear. With zero corrosion and inherent resilience against the most challenging outdoor conditions, brass is the only credible choice.

The weak point of any hose tends to be either within the connector seal or around the hose-connector joint. Look out for seal damage over time and replace rubber washers at the first signs of wear or leaks.

Hose Length

Expandable hoses come in a variety of lengths, generally ranging between 25 to 200 feet when expanded. It’s tempting to go for the longest length you can find thinking that it will cover all bases.

I advise looking for a hose length that works specifically for the purpose you need. A hose that is too short will obviously limit your ability to reach all of the areas of your garden you wish to water. 

On the flip side, an oversized hose can be equally inconvenient with miles of hose trailing on the floor.

A further consideration is the expansion and contraction of the hose when the water pressure changes. If you wish to use your expandable garden hose with a lawn water sprinkler, you need to be sure to have it oversized.

When you turn the tap off or lower the water pressure within the hose, it will contract, which can drag your sprinkler head with it, potentially damaging plants, or the sprinkler itself.

Best Expandable Hoses Reviewed

Following hours of research and pushing several garden hoses to their limits, I’m finally about to reveal what I think is the best all-around expandable hose. In the past, I’ve also reviewed the best lightweight garden hose and the best soaker hose. So, be sure to check out these articles too!

My main considerations were the quality of construction, including connectors and the inner rubber hose, as well as general handling, flexibility, and weight.

1. Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose

Best Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose
  • Type: Expandable
  • Material: Dual Core Latex, Woven Polyester
  • Lengths: 25, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft 150ft
  • Diameter: ¾”
  • Connectors: Brass
  • Spray Patterns: 8


  • 2mm latex core hose protected by 4 latex layers with high-strength woven polyester outer
  • Capable of handling 12-bar of water pressure
  • Brass connectors and a very comfortable lightweight handle with a rubber mushroom grip
  • This hose has excellent expansion and contraction for quick and convenient use and storage
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Nothing at this price

Out of all of the hoses I’ve tested, the Flexi Hose wins my vote. This lightweight, flexible hose stands as a market-leading brand, and for good reason. It’s probably the most popular expandable hose with a great range of sizes and colors.

The 50-foot model weighs in at 2.8 lbs (1.2kg), which offers a great compromise between being lightweight and still maintaining a high-quality inner latex core. This model is so good I now have one in my own backyard.

It features solid ¾” brass connectors, which have a very high-quality feel compared to many other brands. The connector at the spray head end features an on/off stop valve allowing you to change heads or simply kill the water supply.

The hosepipe is constructed using a robust double-layer latex inner core hose that provides durability. Plus, a further 4-ply latex and polyester outer fabric makes this hose the best overall value for money. This is all backed by Flexi Hose’s lifetime warranty.

The Flexi Hose is fast-draining and recoiling. As soon as you turn the water supply off, it recoils neatly for storage thanks to the high quality of the nylon outer sleeve.

Available in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, and 100ft models, all of which come with a trigger-controlled spray head offering 8 spray settings.

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose | $100k Bonuses in Description

It’s so good it’s also the winner of the Best Lightweight Garden Hose Review.

The Fit Life Expandable Garden Hose Pipe
  • Type: Expandable
  • Material: Triple Latex Core, Woven Polyester
  • Lengths: 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft
  • Diameter: ¾”
  • Connectors: Brass
  • Spray Patterns: 8


  • Very lightweight yet still capable of handling 10-bar of water pressure
  • Great quality spray head with 8 spray patterns
  • 25ft to 100ft size options


  • Only 180-day warranty

The Fit Life Expandable Garden Hose 50ft was an impressive 2.1lb (0.9 kg). This is a really nice, lightweight hose. It features a 3-layer latex core and a 3750D polyester fiber outer sheath, plus ¾” brass connectors and a high-quality 8-way spray head.

The brass connectors on this hose are of good quality. They do however come with an optional push-fit 1/2” connector in the box, similar to the Hoze-Lock design. This provides a convenient way to connect and disconnect from the main water supply. However, it also brings into play a weak point. The connector never really gets watertight.

They are an inherently poor design that usually leads to small leaks or annoying sprays. With this type of hose, it could lead to a lack of overall water pressure leading to the hose contracting, or at least not achieving full expansion. But it’s an option, you also get the standard screw-on connector which is really good quality.

At the time I had this hose, I was impressed. If you’re looking for a lightweight hose, then check this product out.

The Fit Life Expandable Hose is available in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft.

nifty grower hose
  • Type: Expandable
  • Material: Double Latex, Polyester
  • Lengths: 100ft
  • Diameter: ¾”
  • Connectors: Brass
  • Spray Patterns: n/a


  • A great-looking hose that has a unique design polyester weave cover
  • Latex core will handle 12-bar of water pressure
  • Good heavy-duty rubber connector washers


  • No spray trigger included
  • Only available in one length

Nifty Grower’s Expandable Garden Hose is really a well-made product. This is a thick, double-layered latex inner core hose that can handle 12 bar of water pressure. 

The outer polyester woven fabric design is really robust, and it looks different from most other products on the market, which I liked. As a stand-alone hose, this one is right up there with the very best. 

My main complaint is that it doesn’t ship with a trigger spray. Which is no problem since you can purchase them separately. But when considering value for money, the Flexi Hose is a better value overall. 

Just like the Flexi Hose, you get ¾” brad connectors and a switch value. 

However, the quality of this product overall is fantastic. It’s unfortunate that it’s not got the spray head and is only available as a 100ft hose. 

Check Nifty Growers’ latest price here on Amazon.com

expandable garden hose
  • Type: Expandable
  • Material: Latex, Polyester
  • Lengths: 75ft, 100ft
  • Diameter: ¾”
  • Connectors: Brass
  • Spray Patterns: 9


  • Very good entry-level collapsible hose
  • High 12-bar water pressure 
  • Really neat spray head with 9 spray patterns


  • Not as durable as the top-end alternative products

The Vieneci Expandable Garden Hose is another nice hose available in 75ft and 100ft lengths featuring ¾” brass connectors. You also get a lightweight carry bag and a tap changer.

The brass fittings were like many other products on the market in that they feel good, just not as thick as the Flexi Hose. I keep saying that these hoses have very few points of failure but the connectors are one of them, so get the best connectors you can find.

There’s a very durable 9-way spray head in an attractive green and gray color which did everything I asked of it. With the manufacturer claiming a 12-bar pressure rating, this hose was one of the highest performers on the market.

I have to say that setting up one of these hoses is not complicated but the instructions for this product were not the best upon review. I could imagine it confusing some people.

There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product. Overall it’s a very good hose. But for around another $20 you could get the best product on the market. Check Vieneci’s latest price on Amazon.com

morvat hose
  • Type: Expandable
  • Material: Latex and Polyester
  • Lengths: 150ft
  • Diameter: ¾”
  • Connectors: Brass
  • Spray Patterns: n/a


  • A decent replacement hose if you’re in hard times
  • A lot of hose length for the money 150ft


  • Better spray heads available for a few more dollars
  • Didn’t offer a 3X stretch

The Morvat Expandable Garden Hose is a decent hose for the money. If you’re looking for a budget product, I would recommend trying this one. They offer a 30-day returns policy and a 1-year warranty.

The hose is available in 150ft lengths and is fitted with the standard ¾” brass connectors on each end of the 3-layer latex core hose. The hose does not come with a spray head, this is just a replacement hose section, albeit a particularly long hose at 150ft.

There is no hiding the fact that you can feel the difference in build quality between the Morvat hose and the other premium hoses I’ve reviewed. But you get what you pay for, and sometimes a budget product will do just fine.

The joint between the brass connector and the hose feels like it could develop into a vulnerable point within the hose build, and there are a few reports online of leaking. The product did not fail out of the box but compared to the best hoses on the market, you can tell it’s not built quite as well. This product did not demonstrate as much ‘expanding’ length as the other hoses, certainly not expanding to 3 times its normal length.

Collapsible Hose Storage

If you decide to buy a short hose, storage may not be a big concern for you. But for most users, some form of storage is essential. There are plenty of products on the market for storing hoses, including collapsible hoses.

  • Hose Stands
  • Hose Rack
  • Hose Pots
  • Hose Bags

Some of these designs come in creative and ornamental designs to blend into your garden or yard design. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check that your hose storage unit and your retracted hose length are compatible.

Verdict: Choosing The Best Expandable Hose

If you take the time to scour the market, there are numerous good-quality collapsible hoses available. Across all the products I reviewed, there are three really good options I am confident in recommending to you: the Flexi Hose, the TBI Pro, and the Fit Life hose. It really depends on what you are looking for.

Flexi Hose

Best Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose

Extra thick latex core offers exceptional durability up to 12 bar. Very good recoil memory. 8 spray patterns.

In my hands-on test, the Flexi Hose comes out on top, as it just strikes the right balance for me between durability, weight, and build quality. To prove it, I decided to keep it and use it in my own backyard. It hasn’t let me down yet and if it does, I have a lifetime warranty!

FAQ’s Collapsible Garden Hose

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