9 Best Trimmer Lines For Weed Eaters and String Trimmers

I am guessing you’re having problems with your current weed eater line…right. I’ve been there, standard cheap trimmer line breaks way too easily. 

It’s actually surprising how much technology goes into the best trimmer lines nowadays. Features multi-faceted line profiles or twisted extrusions to create the most effective cutting edge or to increase abrasion resistance.

In this article, I will explain the types, sizes, and uses of lines and offer my opinion of the best products based on my own experience.

Best String Trimmer Lines

1. Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist

2. Husqvarna Titanium Force String

3. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial .065-Inch

If you just want the answer because you’re in a hurry…okay, I get it. I’m not offended LOL. Here are my three recommendations for you whether you’re looking for the strongest line, the best budget line, or an outstanding all-rounder. 

Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Trimmer Line

Strongest Weed Eater String

1. Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist

A super-strong inner core prevents breaks from hard landscaping. Ideal for light grass through to medium weeds.

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Best General Use

2. Husqvarna Titanium Force String

Excellent cutting efficiency reduces trimmer power consumption. Low noise. Perfect for overgrown grasses.

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial String Trimmer Line .065-Inch

Best Budget Line

3. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial .065-Inch

A great choice for those who are looking for something in between professional and standard grade line.

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Choosing The Best Weed Eater String

Before we jump into my list of the best weed eater string, let us take a look at some of the important properties of a good design of line.

Trimmer Line Cutting Efficiency 

Trimmer lines are commonly used for cutting grasses, weeds, and light brushes. I’m sure you already know it is the actual cutting part of a power trimmer. So surely you need to spend some money on it right? Otherwise, it’s like buying a Ferrari and putting cheap tires on it. 

The type of line you use in your yard trimmer will have a significant impact on its cutting efficiency, what it can cut through and its durability for certain uses.

You also have to use the correct line for the type of trimmer you have because most trimmer heads and trimmers were designed to accept a given range of line sizes or styles.

Additionally, the nature of the grass or weeds growing in your yard will determine the kind of line you use. For example, a tougher and thicker garden material such as thick weeds will require a heavier and sharper style of trimmer line. 

Round Cords 

Round cords are common and come in different sizes. They give you value for your money, are easy to refill, and are also long-lasting.

If your lawn has more grass than weeds, a cylindrical string might be your best choice. It wears weeds instead of cutting them because of its smooth and rounded edges making it impossible to cut the weeds clean. Additionally, you have to err on the side of caution when trimming near concrete edges or fences. Lastly, round cords are prone to weld together and overheat. On the upside they are cheap. 

Twisted Line 

Unlike round cords, the twisted line gives you a cleaner cut than a round cord. It can also last long when used around hard surfaces. It produces less noise and vibration thanks to reduced air resistance. The twisted line can be an excellent choice in residential areas when used with either a cordless trimmer or an electric trimmer when noise is a concern. 

Square Trimmer Line 

The Square trimmer line has four sharp edges known to slice through weeds quickly and efficiently. It is effective against tall, heavy, and thick lines of weed. Compared to round cords, the square trimmer offers more cutting power. 

Some major drawback of the square trimmer is that it does not work well around fences or hard surfaces and may even break in the process. It also tends to knock grass out of place when used on light grass and this makes cutting exhausting. Another frustrating issue is that it often wraps around grass which gets the string hooked in the grass. So you will have to pull the trimmer up from the ground each time it happens.

Lastly, it tends to jam easily more than the round lines if you load it incorrectly. 

X-Shaped Line 

The X-shaped line is a durable line that is effective against stubborn and hard weeds. X-Line cuts grass as well as small saplings – you can hear and feel the string tearing into the weeds. Also, it doesn’t fuse together in the spool as others do.

It features a unique shape and so provides you with a clean cut in your yard. It is flexible and does not weld under intense temperatures.

5- Or 6-Sided Line 

The 5- or 6-sided line is available in a variety of sizes; it does not wrap around tall grass or weeds and also cut more easily. As you can imagine it’s a slightly more complex line to extrude during manufacture so it’s more expensive. 

6-Bladed Line 

The 6-bladed line is a professional grade line featuring a ribbed design to work effectively against the hardest cutting jobs.

What Trimmer Line Diameter To Use 

To get it right with a line, you have to take into consideration its diameter. A thicker line would normally last longer, but it will take a huge bite out of your wallet. So, before you consider what diameter to settle on, determine your budget and of course what diameter line your trimmer can handle.

Most domestic level weed eaters will take up to 0.085” line, and usually more expensive or larger models will accept larger sizes right through to .155”. Just be sure to know what your trimmer will accept. If in doubt go with the .085-.095” line.

A good rule of thumb when using a string trimmer line is to use a thicker line on a tougher application. A big diameter increases the durability and power of the line – leading to less wear-out and breakage.

.065 – .080 

The .065 – .085-inch line is best used for less dense areas, and light trimming of weeds and grass.

.085 – .095 

The .085 – to .095 trimmer line works best with thicker grassy areas and heavy grasses.

.105 – .155 

This is more durable and is best for long-duration trimming with a thick brush.

Material & Strength 

To choose a line on the criteria of material and strength, you have to determine the duration of usage and how often you are willing to work. If you are setting out for light trimming, a softer line should be used. However, you should use a stronger line if you are out for full-scale work.

The material of the line, its shape, the contact surface (e.g. rocks, fences, curbs, etc.), and the condition of the yard (thick or less dense) will determine the strength of the line.

The round trimmer line is used mostly by professional landscapers because of its optimal grade of durability. It is made up of more material with a reduced surface area which is one of the reasons for its prolonged usage without wearing out. It is designed using reinforced nylon or non-nylon polymer. Reinforced nylon is typically more resistant to tearing and breaking. So, higher quality material will normally give a stronger line.

Furthermore, non-polymers and copolymers are also used to design lines for increased strength.

Spool Length 

A longer and heavier line is necessary for trimming stubborn and dense vegetation in an environment with nettles, weeds, and long grass to prevent the line from breaking.

Whereas, areas such as edges of lawns, less dense grass, and flower beds will require shorter and lighter spool lengths.

Best Trimmer Lines: Reviews

Now that we have covered what a good line should have, we are going to be reviewing the best trimmer lines based on function, value, quality, and customer reviews. 

I am going to be talking about my personal experience using these products and also reviews from other users as well. Nevertheless, you are sure to get the best opinion as I have used them and they have stood the test of time.


  • High cutting efficiency reduces power consumption
  • Noise reduction up to 50% for a quieter cut
  • Durable and long-lasting, designed for cutting grass


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

Made in the United States, the Husqvarna titanium force trimmer line is designed with a commercial-grade co-polymer trimmer. Its design is based on cutting-edge technology to give it better performance, faster acceleration, high cutting efficiency, longer life, and level flight features for reduced fuel consumption and also allows for optimum noise reduction. The Husqvarna titanium force trimmer line is suitable for use on all standard trimmer heads. 

Using this product will definitely put you in the good with your neighbors as it is designed to reduce noise by 50% – which means less disturbance in the neighborhood and less work for you as well. 

The titanium force string is of optimum strength, so you do not have to worry about breaking and tearing. Compared to other lines in this list, I can say that this is the strongest you can get.

To give you an idea of what it is like from other users, here are some Amazon reviews from recent users, ‘…This Husqvarna string is cutting much thicker things with very little line loss, and what loss does occur is always at the tips (and very little of that). It is also more durable than the original DeWalt line…’


  • Suited for use on light through to heavy-duty grass and weeds. Not suited to brush.
  • Super-strength inner core which prevents breakage on hard surfaces, meaning you spend less time winding spools
  • High cutting efficiency gives you less work for more.
  • Less drags which allows for noise reduction, making trimming more comfortable.


  • Low flexibility so can jam

If you are looking for straighter and cleaner cuts then the Oregon magnum gator line supertwist trimmer line is your best choice. It features a twisted line with less drag and fewer decibels which allows for noise reduction during trimming.

It is also ideal for trimming around flower beds. It is also suitable for cutting heavier and denser vegetation thanks to its .095 diameter.

It also boasts of a super-strength inner core which prevents breakage in addition to giving you a higher cutting efficiency allowing for less effort than the traditional trimmer line. It fits several popular strings and trimmer models.


  • Works easily in stony areas, fences raised beds, and driveways.
  • Reinforced with aramid fibers for more durability.
  • Saves time and produces less noise.


  • Binds up and jams often.
  • Low flexibility.
  • Some users reported it was very hard to wind onto the trimmer spool.

The Oregon magnum gatorline round professional trimmer line delivers durability and noise reduction. Just like the gasoline supertwist trimmer line, the gasoline round professional line is made of a high-strength inner core that prevents breakage giving it a long-lasting timeline and less time winding spools.

It does well in the area of a clean and straight cut. It features a round cord which is effective for a range of applications. Compared to the square line, this last much longer. With a diameter of .095 inches, it can slice through heavier weeds without any challenges.


  • It is flexible against sharp objects.
  • Comes with a cutting tool.
  • Durable for optimum cutting efficiency.


  • Some users reported it was not budget-friendly compared to other products.
  • Caution when using along with the fenced post.
  • Tendency to break on some heads.

With the Arnold Xtreme pro trimmer line, you can cut more than three times the area a traditional trimmer would cut, although that will depend on the type of trimmer head and cutting conditions.

Its twisted trimmer was designed to add more strength and also enhance its efficiency and noise reduction. It is also flexible against sharp objects while being durable for optimum cutting performance.


  • Low noise which is ideal for any neighborhood.
  • Its twisted shape helps to give a cleaner cut with less work.
  • It is resistant to breakage thanks to its super flexible core.


  • May be difficult to fix on old trimmer heads.
  • Caution should be applied as it may damage surfaces it comes into contact with.

If you are a professional this might be your choicest bet because the Platinum gasoline trimmer line is resistant to breakage more than the economical line. It also boasts of shock absorbency which it owes to its super flexible core. 

It produces less noise making it ideal to use in any neighborhood as this complies with local noise regulations. Its twisted shape helps to give you a cleaner cut while reducing your work time. The Platinum gasoline trimmer can be used with many trimmer models.


  • High-performance cutting.
  • Increased run-time by up to 15 percent.
  • Made from durable materials for optimum performance.


  • Not meant for areas with dense vegetation.
  • Naturally cheap material since it is low cost.
  • It is shorter than other options in the market.

If you are looking for something that will fit into your budget, then you should go for the Weed-warrior Bi-comp trimmer line. It is a heavy-duty and long-lasting bi-comp trimmer that works well for edging, trimming, and general lawn maintenance. 

It is made from durable materials for optimum use. It is ideal for gas-powered and high-voltage trimmers.


  • Suitable for all string trimmer models.
  • Made in the United States and maintains high standards.
  • Work well for a variety of cutting tasks.


  • The line is too thin.
  • Not suitable for cutting lighter grass and weeds.
  • One of the shortest lines on the list.

This is a professional-grade trimmer measuring about 200ft in length. The Weed warrior pulverizer features high-standard durability, its line also works effectively as a long-lasting line.

It is resistant to breakage and also prevents tangling inside the trimmer. So you do not have to worry about frequently changing the line.

Best Budget Line


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Ideal for most domestic electric weed eaters


  • Wear out with the used along hard surfaces.

The Arnold ME commercial string was made for bigger jobs. It features an edged-line shape which improves cutting efficiency. It can cut up to three times more area than traditional lines. It is can be used with most electric and gas trimmers.

This is not a cheap ultra-high-quality line. Instead, it sits somewhere in between the premium lines features above and a basic standard trimmer line. 


  • Easy and efficient to use.
  • Comes with a bonus cutting tool.
  • Made from tough nylon 66 co-polymer for added strength and power.


  • Not flexible.
  • Takes more time to reload.
  • The line is too brittle which makes it break whenever it comes in contact with a hard surface.

ANLEOLIFE Com square trimmer was built to cut through heavier grassland quickly and efficiently thereby reducing cutting time. It is made from a tough nylon 66 co-polymer for added strength and power which increases its resistance to breaking and wearing.

Verdict: Best Trimmer Lines 

The best trimmer line will have a good quality that is durable and can cut through almost anything.  A good quality line will have a smooth cutting experience, which will save you time and effort.

The trimming lines on this list are made of long-lasting materials and are some of the highest-rated lines available.

Trimming your lawn is more than just cutting grass; it is about creating the perfect space for your family to spend time in. The best way to achieve that is by making sure you have a quality string trimmer line. 

While I have listed each cord based on optimum performance, I have also picked out my best to be the Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Trimmer Line. It was selected based on high performance, dependability, durability, and less noise during trimming while giving you a comfortable and clean-cutting experience.

Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Trimmer Line

Strongest Weed Eater String

Oregon Magnum Gatorline Supertwist

A super-strong inner core prevents breaks from hard landscaping. Ideal for light grass through to medium weeds.

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Best General Use

Husqvarna Titanium Force String

Excellent cutting efficiency reduces trimmer power consumption. Low noise. Perfect for overgrown grasses.

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial String Trimmer Line .065-Inch

Best Budget Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial .065-Inch

A great choice for those who are looking for something in between professional and standard grade

Best Budget Line

A great choice for those who are looking for something in between professional and standard grade line.

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