Gardening Tips

Lawn Care

Whether you’re looking for a new riding lawn mower or just need advice on the best grass seed to sow. We have hundreds of articles passing on our experience and gardening tips offering you simple and conclusive solutions.

Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds, grasses, moss, fungi, and thick brush can present a host of problems for gardeners and landscapers.

You need to select the right approach to the use of herbicides and fungicides. To get an effective and safe outcome.

Learn how to clear weeds by hand, with power equipment, or with the application of herbicides. Our guides will show you how to be effective.

Garden Plants

Through each of the seasons, your garden will change, presenting new opportunities and challenges. With each plant having its own character, it will also require its own individual approach to care. What works for Azaleas does not work for Hostas, and that’s why our plant guides cater to each plant’s needs, allowing you to maximize your garden’s potential throughout every season.


Make the most of your garden by using trees as a showstopper…massive blooms of yellow, pink, and purple can bring your front garden to life and create an inspiring curb appeal. Often overlooked, trees offer a huge range of versatility from privacy hedges, right through to massive yielders of delicious summer and autumn fruit and nuts. Don’t overlook them, do what we do and give them center stage.

Garden Irrigation

The application of water to your lawn, flower beds, or raised vegetable garden can be a time-consuming task.

Our goal is to make it water-efficient and time-saving.

Our product recommendations and irrigation techniques are based on many years of hands-on experience.