9 Best Sprinklers for Large Lawns and Garden Areas

Beautiful lush green lawns have a few basic needs — decent soil, reasonable sunlight, and plenty of water. This is never more true than during hot summer days when daily watering can become a bit of a chore, especially if you have a large area of lawn.

That’s where a reliable irrigation system can be a huge help, whether that’s a hosepipe, sprinkler heads, or a portable lawn sprinkler.

In this article, I’m going to focus our attention on the best sprinklers for large lawns and gardens and give you the benefit of my 30 years of experience in creating and maintaining greener lawns.

Top 3 Sprinklers for Big Lawns

If you’re short on time and just need to see the best of the best, here are my top oscillating, rotary, and travelling sprinklers.

Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Best Oscillating Sprinkler

1. Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Metal alloy construction covers 4,975 sq.ft (95’ X 50’). Adjust spray width, length, and flow rate.

Eden 6-Pattern Rotary Sprinkler

Best Rotary Sprinkler

2. Eden 6-Pattern Rotary Sprinkler

Metal alloy body alloy for 3 sprinklers to be joined via daisy chain. Covers 5,026 sq.ft. 6 spray patterns.

Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

Best For Long Lawns

3. Orbit Traveling Sprinkler

Self-propelled traveling sprinkler covers 13,500 sq. ft. Alloy and brass construction is perfect for long flat lawns.

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Choosing Sprinklers for Large Gardens

When looking for a new garden sprinkler, you need to consider everything from the sprinkler coverage, its mobility, spray pattern, durability, and so on. Throughout this first section, I’ll highlight the most important factors you need to know.

Coverage Area

Understanding the area covered per sprinkler head will help you determine the number of sprinklers you need to have your garden or lawn sufficiently watered.

For instance, if a sprinkler has a larger spray area of say 3,500 ft, it will obviously cover a large amount of lawn. However, this may not be what you need.

Let’s say you have a narrow but very long section of lawn. In this case, you would be better off with a slightly smaller mobile sprinkler or maybe two or three sprinkler heads.

You can get the information about the area covered per sprinkler head from the product specification manual. Or, calculate for yourself using the length and width dimensions for oscillating sprinklers or the diameter for circular sprinklers.

I will provide the coverage of each sprinkler I review to make this piece easy for you.

Adjustable Spray Patterns

The spray pattern is the shape the water makes as it leaves the sprinkler nozzle. You may have jet or shower patterns that deliver the water to your garden at either high power or a gentle rain effect.

Some sprinklers offer multiple spray patterns bringing a level of versatility to their application.

For instance, a circular sprinkler like the orbit Orbit Brass Impact Sprinkler on a Wheeled Base can let you water an arc of any range between 1 and 360 degrees.

This can save a huge amount of water if it is placed on the edge of the lawn where the spray can be aimed in one direction and not 360 degrees. Plus it will get the ground watered quicker, with all of the available water pressure going in that one direction.

Permanent Installation Or Mobile

Early on you need to decide between permanently installed sprinklers or a mobile above-ground sprinkler that can be moved to any areas that need irrigating. Permanent sprinklers typically involve a high initial cost as you have to install several of them to have your lawn covered.

Automated sprinklers such as Rain Bird’s In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler can water your garden without your involvement.

On the other hand, you can use a single mobile sprinkler to water your entire lawn or garden. Their major drawback is that you have to temporarily connect to the hose every time you water your space. In other words, your active participation is needed every time you need to water the lawn.

You can choose either of the above depending on your preferences.

Sprinkler Durability

The durability of a sprinkler depends mainly on the type of construction material. So if you need something long-lasting, you should go for the sturdy options featuring a metal construction like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel materials. 

Plastic sprinklers can last for an extended period with proper care but are prone to weather damage. They can split during frosts as trapped water expands. Or weaken over time from sunlight and heat damage.

Quality Connectors and Seals

All of the products I have selected are tried and tested, as well as having a high customer feedback score demonstrating good components. If you choose a product not on a recommended list then be sure that your sprinkler comes with quality connectors and seals for fitting the hose to the sprinkler.

Do You Have Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is another factor to consider when buying a sprinkler. If your water pressure is low, be advised that it can interfere with the irrigation range of your sprinkler system or fail to work at all. 

However, there are products such as the Gilmour Circle Pattern Spot Sprinkler, which can work well with low water pressure.

Sprinklers for Large Lawns Reviewed

This section will provide a detailed review of the best sprinklers for large lawns and gardens, including the four top options highlighted in the section above. I based my selection on the sprinklers with the best features, ease of use, and technical details, among other aspects. Read through each review to find the product that fits your specific needs.  

1. Eden Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Best Oscillating Sprinkler

Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Sprinkler Type: Oscillating
  • Area Covered: 4973 sq.ft.
  • Material: Metal Base and Plastic Nozzles
  • Connectors: Quick-ConnectHD Plastic


  • Huge 4,973 sq ft. area of coverage 94 feet x 50 feet
  • A durable sprinkler with a metal-based construction and metal connector thread
  • Control width, length, and flow for square or rectangular coverage


  • Nothing at this price.

The Eden 94116 Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler is a fantastic product. This meta sprinkler is driven by a dirt-resistant turbo gear system that sprays water up to an incredible 4,973 square feet.

I also really like that the thread for the hose connector is metal, offering that extra durability that will extend the product life. I opted to use the HD plaster quick-connectors supplied, screwed them into the metal connector thread, and started to work through each of the spray settings.

There is width, length, and water flow control on the sprinkler head making for an unlimited number of possibilities. Square or rectangle — you name it, you can do it. It’s perfect for covering uniform areas of lawn or garden.

Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinklers


  • 20 nozzles to allow for the passage of water and ensure maximum coverage of your expansive gardens or lawns
  • Three nozzle switches on either side of the machine for regulating the spray width
  • A flow control knob for controlling the water pressure
  • A sliding tab for controlling the range of the spray area
  • A built-in cleaner for cleaning the nozzles to avoid blockage or clogs

The efficiency of the quick-connect fittings is further enhanced by the twist and lock mechanism, which avoids accidental disconnection of the hose and the sprinkler.

If you want to change the pipes during operation, the water-stop feature will let you do so without turning the water off at the source.

A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard sets this up as my best buy. It’s not the cheapest but worth the money as it’s built to last and the coverage is epic.

Check the latest price of Eden Oscillating Sprinkler here.

  • Sprinkler Type: Impact
  • Area Covered: 6316 sq.ft.
  • Material: Steel & Brass
  • Connectors: Not supplied.Brass Thread


  • Spray jet up to 45 feet, covering 90 feet diameter across a 360-degree rotation
  • This brass and steel impact sprinkler is sturdy and well-built
  • A great option


  • Does not ship with quick connectors

The Brass Impact Sprinkler by Orbit is my go-to watering machine if you are looking for a sprinkler that will keep your garden evergreen and maintain the same luxurious look for your lawn.

The Orbits impact sprinkler boasts of a wheeled base, which facilitates easy transportation of the sprinkler from one garden to another. The wheels also facilitate easy positioning of the machine when sprinkling.

Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled Base

The sprinkler’s impact head, which features brass and stainless steel construction, is clog-resistant. This assures you of uninterrupted water flow, whether pumping dirty or reclaimed water from a dam. Further, the brass and stainless steel materials are sturdy enough to withstand weather extremes and high water pressure.

To customize the spray area, you can easily use the deflector shield and backsplash spray arm. The deflector shield will let you adjust the distance, while the backsplash spray arm will help you achieve the area coverage and spray pattern.

Included also in the orbits sprinkler is the diffuser screw, which allows for regulating the water pressure. This is not to mention the flow through the outlet, which allows for the expansion of the sprinkling area with multiple sprinkler connections.

Check out the Orbit Impact Sprinkler latest price here on Amazon.com

Customer review note: As part of the review process we check out online reviews to see what the general public product experience looks like over time. In the case of this product, the Amazon.com review contains mixed product reviews.

The Orbit Sprinkler I feature here is very good. There are some mixed reviews about the quality of the Orbit Rotary Sprinkler being flimsily mixed in, which also have photographs of a completely different product.

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Eden 6-Pattern Mobile Rotary Gear Drive Sprinkler
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  • Sprinkler Type: Rotary
  • Area Covered: 5026 sq.ft.
  • Material: Metal Base, Brass Thread
  • Connectors: HD Plastic


  • Flow-through base allows up to 3 sprinklers to be daisy-chained
  • Robust metal construction with thread for connectors
  • Offers 6 watering patterns


  • Lacks wheels for efficient transportation

Eden’s 4-Pattern Mobile Rotary Gear Drive Sprinkler offers a great option for extending your coverage by joining three sprinklers in a daisy chain. Simply link them with lengths of hose and position them for up to 15,000 sq. ft of total coverage.

The rotary sprinkler by Eden offers 6 watering patterns to let you adjust the watering to fit just about any requirement in your garden. Check this demonstration video to see the options…

Eden Mobile Rotary Gear Drive Sprinkler

Additionally, the sprinkler has sliding adjustment tabs which let you customize the sprinkling area within the range of 5 and 360 degrees.

Unlike the case with other sprinkler types, you don’t buy new hoses to connect with the 6-pattern mobile rotary sprinkler by Eden. This is because the package comes with multiple connectors to let you attach the sprinkler to different-sized hoses.

The effectiveness of the sprinkler is further enhanced by the twist and lock mechanism, which avoids accidental disconnection, and the water lock feature, which allows you to change the hoses and other parts while the water is still on.

The machine features an H-shaped base for more stability. This is not forgetting the sprinkler’s flow-through design, which allows you to expand the spray coverage area by connecting up to three additional sprinklers.

This really is a fantastic high-quality sprinkler. It’s durable, versatile, and mobile and of course, it has the superb option of being extended by adding additional units in a daisy-chain configuration.

This product gets a big yes from me…check the Eden Rotary Sprinkler latest price on Amazon

Orbit Self-Propelled Traveling Sprinkler
  • Sprinkler Type: Travelling
  • Area Covered: 13,500 sq.ft.
  • Material: Metal
  • Connectors: Brass


  • Exceptionally large coverage area 13,500 sq. ft.
  • Perfect for flat long lawn areas
  • A controlled watering speed due to the three-speed options


  • Costs around $100

This self-propelled sprinkler by Orbit features a cast iron body to guarantee longevity and stability during its operation.

If you are tired of carrying the other sprinkler options throughout the lawn, the self-propelled sprinkler by Orbit comes with spiked wheels and speed gears to facilitate the efficient mobility of the machine.

The machine’s mobility is further made efficient by the cast iron construction, which weighs the machine down for better traction of the wheels without stalling.

The durable gears facilitate the mobility of the sprinkler and help you control your water consumption by controlling the machine’s speed.

Better still, the sprinkler features a rotary spray for even water coverage. You can adjust the spray distance within the diameter of 15 to 55 feet of coverage. The sprinkler can cover up to 13,500 square feet.

Check Orbit’s Travelling Sprinkler latest price at Amazon.com

Gardena 1975 Aquazoom Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Sprinkler Type: Oscillating
  • Area Covered: 3900 sq.ft.
  • Material: HD Plastic
  • Connectors: Quick-ConnectHD Plastic


  • Excellent spray pattern control for uniform-shaped lawns and garden
  • Powerful turbo motor provides 69ft x 55ft foot coverage
  • Very well-built, looks good, and feels like it will last


  • Not cheap…but a great product

If you are looking for a quality sprinkler for watering both small and large rectangular areas of the lawn, then the 1975 Aquazoom Oscillating Sprinkler by Gardena is the best product for this pattern of watering.

The Gardena’s oscillating sprinkler is made from high-density plastic and comes with a quick-connect type attachment at the hose end. This is a very stylish design and is well-engineered.

The 1975 Aquazoom sprinkler surprised me with flexibility compared to some other oscillating sprinklers. This sprinkler allows you to adjust the spray length and width independently within the ranges of 23 to 69 feet and 13 and 55 feet, respectively. Once set up, the sprinkler can cover up to 3900 square feet. It has:

  • 18 nozzles, which allow for the passage of water
  • Durable turbo drive motor which pumps the water 
  • Flow control knob for regulating the water pressure
  • Sliding range tab controls for regulating the coverage area

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.

I really like this sprinkler. It was perfect for lawn use allowing for excellent control of the spray pattern. I just set it up, adjusted the spray coverage, and left it to do its thing.

Check Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler’s latest price here.

Rain Bird Easy Install In-Ground Sprinkler Kit
  • Sprinkler Type: In-Ground
  • Area Covered: 3000 sq.ft.
  • Material: HD Plastic
  • Connectors: HD Plastic


  • Discrete in-ground system with fully automated watering settings
  • Efficient water consumption with a standard pressure range of 45 to 75 psi and a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute
  • Low-cost DIY option to take your first step into automated irrigation


  • Limited to 3,000 sq ft coverage

An excellent example of an in-ground water sprinkler you can install yourself is the Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit by Rain Bird. Now, this kit won’t cover the largest of lawns, but it will do medium-sized areas up to 3,000 ft.

The rain bird’s Automatic Sprinkler System Kit is battery-powered. It operates at the standard residential water pressure range of 45 to 75 psi and has a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute, making it ideal for medium-sized gardens and lawns.

This kit is a great option if you are tired of watering your space manually, the kit offers you easy-to-read timer settings to let you set the sprinkling days of the week, the starting time and the duration for watering.

Then, leave the timer sprinkler to operate automatically for the rest of the season. The timer also includes advanced options like the one-touch override button, which gives you ‘water now’ or ‘cancel watering’ options.

The sprinkler’s rotor rotates within the range of 40 to 360 degrees and covers a distance of 19 to 24 feet. You can set the required rotation arc and the coverage distance using the adjustment settings at the top of the rotor.

When mowing, you don’t have to move rotors and hoses as the rotors can retract into the ground to allow for effective mowing and pop-up for spraying when water is turned on. 

If you have a certain area of the garden that is a problem and would benefit from a fully automated system then this kit would be ideal.

Check Rainbirds In-Ground Sprinkler at Amazon

Note: incorporating extra rotors and hoses into the system may decrease efficiency.

Melnor 6 Pattern Turbo Rotary Sprinkler
  • Sprinkler Type: Rotary Spike
  • Area Covered: 70ft diameter
  • Material: HD Plastic
  • Connectors: Quick Connect


  • It offers six watering options
  • Automatic watering facilitated by the easy-to-set timer


  • Expensive option compared to the features of other products on my list

The 6-Pattern Turbo Rotary Sprinkler by Melnor is the next sprinkler on my list. The Melnor’s 1.17 pounds sprinkler features sturdy metal construction to assure you of longtime service. It also boasts a durable turbo motor that pumps water up to 70 feet in diameter.

The six spray patterns that the sprinkler offers let you customize the water flow to meet your watering needs, whether you want to sprinkle newly planted grass or other plants in the lawn or garden.

Another fantastic feature of this watering tool is the easy-to-set timer that allows you to set the watering days of the week, the start time, and the duration of watering.

When ordering, make sure you also choose the easy-to-fit connector, as it will help you fit the hose snugly to the sprinkler.

Check the latest price of Melnor’s Rotary Sprinkler here

Gilmour Impulse Adjustable Circular Sprinkler
  • Sprinkler Type: Rotary
  • Area Covered: 5800 sq.ft.
  • Material: HD Plastic
  • Connectors: HD Plastic


  • 12-point adjustable watering distance and coverage
  • Highly portable sprinkler given its lightweight construction


  • Not as robust as others on the list

The Impulse Adjustable Pattern Master Circular Sprinkler is your go-to option if you are looking for a quality sprinkler for your large circular lawn or garden. This is because the sprinkler offers you a spray distance of 43 feet and a coverage capability of up to 5800 square feet.

Adjust the water distance using the adjustment lever using the inbuilt programming disc. If you are new to using the machine, the disc is a patterned ring beside the lever, featuring 12 adjustment points.

To achieve maximum distance, push the ring down from the top until it is flat. Or, push the red ring up from underneath to reduce the spray distance.

Another reason you should use Gilmour’s impulse sprinkler is that it allows you to adjust the spray arc up to 360 degrees using the adjustable collar near the nozzle. Alternatively, you can flip the lever up for 360 degrees of coverage.

The sprinkler has a compact size of 12 x 10.75 x 6.75 inches to ensure minimum coverage of your lawn space during operation. Additionally, its weight of 1 pound allows for efficient transportation of the sprinkler during operation.

Check Gilmour Impulse Sprinkler’s latest price here.

Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler Tripod Base
  • Sprinkler Type: Impact
  • Area Covered:
  • Material: Alloy & Brass
  • Connectors: HD Plastic


  • Powerful 80psi impact sprinkler
  • Enhanced stability and watering height give the rugged tripod base
  • Perfect if you want to water from an elevated position


  • Heavy to be moved from one lawn to another

The Impact Sprinkler Head On Tripod Base by Twinkle Star is a great sprinkler if you are looking for a quality sprinkler for watering your long plants in the garden or newly planted grass in the lawn.

The sprinkler features a solid alloy metal and sturdy brass construction to elongate the life span of the sprinkler. The tripod base attached to the sprinkler has an adjustable height to sprinkle long plants in the garden.

Besides the favorable height, the twinkle star’s misting sprinkler features an adjustable head for customizing the arc and coverage of the water up to 360 degrees. Included also in the sprinkler are tabs for adjusting the spray distance and the water pressure up to 70 feet and 80 psi, respectively.

With the sprinkler’s O-ring filters, you don’t have to fear the nozzles getting clogged. The filter can eliminate sand, gravel, and other culprits that may interfere with the nozzles. This is not forgetting the backsplash arm, which facilitates the directional water flow from the nozzles.

It would be neglecting to leave without mentioning the gooseneck hose attachment that allows you to easily connect to the water hose.

Check the Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler price here

Types of Lawn Sprinklers

Below are the most common types of sprinklers you will come across for watering your lawn or garden.

Fan Oscillating Sprinkler

Fan oscillating sprinklers feature a metal arm that moves back and forth to spray a fan-shaped sheet of water. They are ideal for large lawns and gardens, covering a square area of lawn. You can usually adjust the width of the spray and make them very efficient once set up

An excellent example is an oscillating sprinkler is the Eden 94116 Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler.

Rotary Sprinkler

A rotary sprinkler includes one or several rounded heads with metal spikes for installing them into the lawn. Each head is set to sprinkle water within a range of 360 degrees and up to the specified diameter.

Put simply they rotate by way of the water pressure. This is good for covering a circle area, but it can often lack the range of spread of some other sprinklers.

Pulsating Impact Sprinkler

Pulsating or impact sprinklers are sprinklers whose heads are pivoted on a bearing on top of an attachment nut, and their outgoing water pressure facilitates their rotating motion. An excellent example of an impact sprinkler is the Twinkle Star Impact Sprinkler Head on Tripod.

Usually constructed from metal these are very durable and very powerful. Large versions are often used in agricultural applications to water crops.

Stationary Spike Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler is attached to an end of a hose and is installed into the lawn or flower beds with its spiked tail. It offers varying degrees of distribution and is ideal for areas where multiple watering stations are beneficial compared to one large water zone.

In-Ground Pop-Up Sprinkler

In-ground pop-up sprinklers are connected to pipes that are installed into the ground. They pop up when water is turned on and retract when not in use.

This is an excellent system for large areas but does require more work and cost for installation.

Travelling Sprinkler

Traveling sprinklers use the propulsion of the water jet to move the sprinkler system across the lawn. Great for large flat lawned areas. Not suitable on uneven or hilly ground

Sprinkler Hose

A sprinkler hose is a perforated device fitted to a garden hose to provide an even watering of the lawn or garden. Simply lay the hose across the area to be watered and it will put out a spray around 2 feet in all directions from the hose. Perfect for flower beds or vegetable gardens.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose garden hose with a trigger spray head then why not read my article on the Best Lightweight Garden Hoses.

Benefits of Using Garden Sprinkler Systems

Garden sprinkler systems make landscaping more efficient and thrilling. Below are various benefits you can reap from garden sprinkle systems:


The garden sprinkler systems are more time-conscious compared to manual irrigation. For instance, you can water the entire garden within minutes just by switching on the in-ground pop-up sprinklers.

Controlled Spray Patterns

With the modest sprinkler types discussed above, you can adjust the sprinkler patterns to fit the irrigation area and reduce water consumption.

Lower Water Consumption

As you can see in the review section, most garden sprinkler systems have special features like spray nozzles, pressure control tabs, knobs for controlling the direction of water, timer settings, and mobility gears. The above features work in tandem to lower water consumption.

Watering With a Timer

The automated sprinkler options feature a timer to let you customize the watering days of the week, the start time, and the watering duration. With these timer settings, the sprinkler can operate automatically for seasons.

Verdict: Best Sprinklers for Large Lawns

Hopefully, you are now equipped with enough information to help you find the best sprinkler for your garden or lawned area. For general lawn use, I strongly recommend you look at the Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler or perhaps the Orbit Traveling Sprinkler which is ideal for long flat areas of lawn.

Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Best Oscillating Sprinkler

Eden Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Metal alloy construction covers 4,975 sq. ft (95’ X 50’). Adjust spray width, length, and flow rate.

Metal alloy construction covers 4,975 sq. ft (95’ X 50’). Adjust spray width, length, and flow rate.

For all other applications, I would use Eden 6-Pattern Rotary Sprinkler great for lawns but also for reaching across flower beds and other planted areas.

Eden 6-Pattern Rotary Sprinkler

Best Rotary Sprinkler

Eden 6-Pattern Rotary Sprinkler

Metal alloy body alloy for 3 sprinklers to be joined via daisy chain. Covers 5,026 sq. ft. 6 spray patterns.

Metal alloy body alloy for 3 sprinklers to be joined via daisy chain. Covers 5,026 sq. ft. 6 spray patterns.

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