Ariens vs Craftsman Snow Blower | Which Is Best?

When winter rolls in and drops a foot or more of snow on your home, a reliable snow blower can be worth its weight in gold. When it’s go-time, you need a snowblower that will stand up to anything you throw at it. 

Ariens and Craftsman are two of the most reputable brands around, but which snowblower will perform in crunch time? Read on as we review whether Ariens vs Craftsman snow blowers are the best choice. 

Which Is Better: Ariens or Craftsman?

When it comes to Ariens vs Craftsman snow blowers, some key features and characteristics help differentiate the two. 

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Ariens Best Single Stage Snow Blower

The Ariens SS21 is a proven workhorse with a large engine and plenty of power. This machine offers a wide 21” clearing path that allows you to clear a path in less time with fewer passes. 

The Ariens AX208cc engine is the centerpiece of this powerful machine, and it has the throwing you’ll need to direct snow out of your path with ease. The engine compartment opens easily for basic maintenance, making it easy to keep the SS21 running in top condition winter after winter. 

Craftsman’s Best Single Stage Snow Blower

A compact yet powerful snow blower that’s ideal for tackling snow from small and moderate storms, the Craftsman SB230 single-stage snow blower delivers value and performance. 

The SB230 has a 123cc four-cycle OHV engine, eliminating the need to mix oil and gas. It starts quickly and reliably thanks to its push-button starter, and it has a wide 21” clearing path, so you clear your home in less time. 

Snow Blower Feature Comparison

Here’s how these two powerful snow blowers stack up against each other when you consider their features. 


  • 208cc engine
  • 21″ clearing path
  • Rubber Augur
  • 205 degree chute radius
  • Keyless start
  • Made in the USA


  • 123cc engine
  • 21″ clearing path
  • Rubber augur
  • 190 degree chute radius
  • push button start
  • Made in the USA

Who Makes the Engines for Craftsman and Ariens?

The engine is the most important part of the snow blower when it comes to performance and reliability. Here’s how Ariens and Craftsman engines stack up against each other. 

Ariens Engines 

While Ariens has worked with numerous manufacturers in the past, including Briggs & Stratton, all Ariens snow equipment is now outfitted with Ariens’ AX-Series engines manufactured by LFT in China. The engines LFT manufactures for Ariens were developed in collaboration with Ariens, and they’re confident they’re the top-performing engines available. 

Craftsman Engines

Like Ariens, Craftsman formerly worked with a variety of engine manufacturers. Most notably, old Craftsmans featured engines from Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh. Today, all Craftsman snow blowers are outfitted with MTD engines, which are made in China. In fact, MTD oversees the complete manufacturing process for Craftsman snow blowers.

Which Is the Most Reliable Snow Blower Brand?

While both brands produce quality machines, Ariens is a cut above Craftsman for several reasons.

  1. Heavy-duty steel construction for almost all components 
  2. Quality engine designed and manufactured in conjunction with Ariens 
  3. Manufactured in the USA 
  4. A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau 
  5. Smart Lift handlebar system makes transportation a breeze
  6. Open engine design for easy maintenance 

While Craftsman equipment has bounced back significantly after some rough patches in the early ‘00s, they aren’t quite ready to compete with a powerhouse like Ariens. 

Who Makes the Best Two-Stage Snow Blower?

While Ariens has an edge when comparing their best single-stage blower to Craftsman’s, how do their two-stage snow blowers stack up? 

Ariens Two-Stage Snow Blower

If a single-stage blower can’t stand up to what winter dishes out in your area, a monster machine like the Ariens Deluxe 28 may be what you need. 

This powerhouse boasts a massive 254cc EFI engine which starts faster and uses less fuel. Like the single-stage model above, it’s an Ariens AX series engine, which is powerful and reliable, even when used in the worst conditions. 

The Deluxe 28 has a sizeable serrated auger and a three-blade impeller which can eject snow as far as 50 feet. This model can clear an incredible 65-tons of snow every hour, and its 21” high housing gives you plenty of clearance to tackle even the most intimidating snowdrifts. 

Other notable features of this powerful two-stage blower include LED headlights, auto-turn steering, and an eight-speed Disc-o-Matic with six forward and two reverse speeds so you can effortlessly clear snow in record time. 

Ariens stands behind this snow blower with a three-year warranty or one-year warranty if the machine is used commercially. 

Craftsman Two-Stage Snow Blower

Craftsman’s powerful SB470 blower blends performance with luxury features to help you plow through snow in style. 

The SB470 features a wide 28” cleaning path and a powerful 243cc engine that can make quick work of even the largest storms. The push-button electric start ensures that your machine is ready for action in a matter of seconds, and heated handgrips make it more comfortable than ever before to clear your property of stubborn snow. 

The snow chute is especially well designed, and it provides a tight discharge pattern that allows you to shoot snow further while also limiting blowback so you can work more comfortably. The chute rotates 200-degrees, allowing you to direct the snow far away from the areas you’re plowing. 

You’ll be able to get more done in less time, thanks to the self-propelled drive system. The drive system offers six forward speeds and two reverses, so you’ll have no trouble making your way through treacherous conditions while you plow. 

Craftsman stands behind this snow blower with a two-year warranty. 

Verdict: Ariens Vs Craftsman Snow Blower

When it comes to the battle of the Ariens vs Craftsman snow blower, both companies make excellent machines that provide the power and performance necessary to make quick work of snow removal.

However, there can only be one winner, and Ariens takes the crown by virtually every measure. Ariens machines are built to last from high-quality components in the U.S.A. They possess the cutting-edge features and raw snow-throwing power you need to clear your property quickly. 

While Craftsman makes excellent machines in their own right, Ariens is a superior brand with a fantastic pedigree, a better-proven reputation, and a more extensive warranty. 

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