9 Best Electric Tillers | Cordless Battery and Corded

Gardening is now an exciting new hobby for many people after the COVID-19 pandemic allowed everyone to go outside more often. Statistics back this up, too, with 65 percent more Millennials and 44 percent more Gen Z members picking up a pair of gardening gloves.

As the nation begins digging its gardens over to grow fruit and vegetables, One of the best tools to purchase for gardeners is a tiller. A tiller is a fantastic way to bring healthy nutrients and oxygen to your garden’s soil. However, there are so many tiller options available that it can be dizzying. 

Luckily, we have found the nine best electric tillers in 2022. These are the cream of the crop – pun intended in this case – and will have you cultivating a beautiful garden by the end of the season.

Best Electric Tillers At A Glance

Below are the best electric tillers on the market. I have selected my choice for the best overall tiller, the most powerful tiller, and the best battery-powered machine on the market right now.

Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller 9-Amp 12-inch

Best Overall Tiller

Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller 9-Amp 12-inch

A brand with a proven track record in this category. At 9 amps of power and a 12-inch tiller action, the Mantis 3550 performs exceptionally well.

Earthwise 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

Most Powerful Electric Tiller

Earthwise 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

Earthwise is known to engineer quality electric tools, and their 16-inch corded tiller is the most powerful I have found to date.

Sun Joe 48-Volt Cordless Tiller 2x2.0Ah

Best Battery Cordless Tiller

Sun Joe 48-Volt Cordless Tiller 2×2.0Ah

This cordless tiller gives you total freedom to roam. With a very well-made chassis and 2 x 2.0Ah batteries, this is the best cordless product I have tested.

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Choosing the Best Electric Tiller

An electric tiller is an investment for your garden, both time and money by offering you more gardening and less backache. If you’re prepared to spend at least $100+ you can pick up a quality product that will pay for itself in no time at all. When choosing an electric tiller, I would recommend you focus your attention on the following areas. 

Electric Corded vs. Battery-Powered Cordless

Buying electric tillers mean choosing between a corded option or a battery-powered product. A battery-powered machine offers the portability usually associated with a gas-powered tiller but also has a few more benefits. Such as lower vibration, reduced noise, and zero emissions.

However, batteries require charging, and battery runtimes can become a limiting factor. You may need to invest in extra batteries allowing you to get the whole job done. 

One final word on battery-powered tillers would be regarding the additional weight of the battery cells. The batteries will weigh around 2-3lbs, which you may consider a problem, but if the truth be told the extra weight is actually a benefit. With tillers, you need a heavy machine to help drive the tines into the ground. 

On the other hand, a corded option can run for as long as you need but obviously requires an extension cord. Now if you’re tilling a piece of land directly outside your home this should be fine, just pick up a 100ft extension cord. But if you’re tilling an allotment or a plot out of reach of a power supply, then you may need to consider battery or even gas-powered tillers. 

Motor Power

In theory, a more powerful motor should provide you with the means to drive the tines deeper into hard ground and break up solid materials such as compacted clay or thick roots. Sadly not all tillers are built to allow their motor’s power to translate into tilling output. 

The motor power is important but doesn’t be fooled into thinking big motors will produce the best results in the field. A good tiller requires leverage, so a well-designed tiller that can make good use of its weight to pivot the tines into the dirt and drive the power downwards into the soil will always produce better results.

So how do we know which is best?

Well, you will need to try them out or take the advice of someone who has. As I mention previously, motor power and leverage, all play a part in optimum performance. 

I guess the takeaway for you here is to just look at the power output and think yes that’s the best product. As it’s not the case in this product category. I have tested these products so you have the option of trusting my judgment or looking into other user reviews before committing to purchase any product on my shortlist. 

Battery Run Time

Battery-operated tools include lithium battery cells and their storage capacity is measured in Amp Hours (Ah). So you may see a battery showing 2.0Ah of power. This means the battery can discharge 2 amps of power per hour. So if your machine draws 4 amps per hour the battery will last 30 minutes or half an hour. 

If this sounds a little complicated, then in short the higher the Ah rating of your battery the longer it will last. If your tiller has 2 batteries you simply add together the Ah rating. So a tiller with 2 x 2.0Ah batteries has 4.0Ah of battery life. 

If you’re still not sure what all this means, I do understand. It takes a little figuring out. So if you’re looking to buy a battery-powered tiller just make sure it has at least 3.0Ah of battery power and you should be okay for general backyard use. 

The limited life of a battery’s run time is often seen as a disadvantage. You see, with a lawn mower, or hedge trimmer you can usually get the job done with a single battery charge, or maybe two. But tilling a piece of land can take a while to complete. So I think people often get frustrated they have a lot of downtime or feel aggrieved if they need to buy extra batteries. 

However, when I used the battery-powered models on test in this review, I tilled for around 45 minutes continuously. I then recharged the batteries and took the opportunity to work that section of ground to a finish and clear up and have a short break. 

So in practice, I lost no time at all. I guess you can use it to your advantage and just plan your total workload to fit in with the tool you are using.

Front, Rear, or Mid-Tine

The tiller’s tine location can vary between each tiller. Many tillers use front tines to propel the tool forward like a set of wheels. Others place their tines in the rear or toward the middle of the device. 

Rear-tine tillers have front wheels supported by an axle that turns like an automobile. When the unit is in gear, the wheels pull the machine forward, and the tine’s sole function is to dig. The rear tires often spin counterclockwise to the direction of motion, which causes deeper digging and greater friction.

Your level of comfort with heavy machinery should dictate time and location. The many options selected here have front tines, which may put fewer gardeners at ease. 

Tiller Working Depth and Width

These two are another crucial pair of measurements to consider when buying an electric tiller. A wider rototiller will till more earth quicker while a deeper tiller will till up more nutrients from the ground. 

A powerful tiller can, on average, till about 8 inches into the soil. Consider a tiller that tills the earth as deeply as 8 inches. Deeper tilling will also provide your plants with the necessary depth to create a more robust rooting structure. Many shallow-rooted plants root around 12-18 inches.

Tiller width can also be a critical selling point for those with a finite amount of space to plant a garden. If you live in an urban area or townhome situation, space for a garden is at a premium. You may consider a smaller rototiller if your gardening space is a few square feet in length or width. 

Speed and Controls

These aspects of a tiller are especially worth discussing, considering the difficulty of controlling them. Many tillers come with speed levers that the user manipulates to exercise more control over the machine. A faster speed does not necessarily mean the job goes quicker. The tiller can become unwieldy with too much speed if the earth you are tilling is dry or compacted. 

Being able to control the device will also make the job more of a breeze. You may want to visit your local home improvement store or gardening supply shop to get hands-on experience with these machines. Handle placement differs across the many available tiller options, and you may find one is more comfortable to use because of handle location. 

Starting an electric tiller is also something to consider when making a purchase. Many of these tillers activate by pulling a lever or pushing a button. You may need to hold this lever down during operation, so you may want to contemplate if holding a lever over a long period of use can create discomfort.

Ease of Use & Weight

Pushing or pulling a large piece of gardening equipment can be an exercise in frustration. Electric tillers can be lighter than gas-powered offerings, but keeping weight and operation at the top of your mind is critical. 

Comfort when using your tiller can save you plenty of irritation in the garden. Many electric tiller options lack wheels, which can be problematic for gardeners who cannot lift heavy machinery. Wheels on a tiller provide you with an extra level of control and ease of use. We also want you to be able to store your tiller without taking up too much space in your garage, shed, or basement. 

Safety Features

Safety will always be the priority in heavy machinery situations. Even operating an electric tiller can hurt an operator if they do not understand how the machine works. Wear safety goggles and gloves during the operation of your tiller hand. Never adjust the tool’s speed or power when in use. The options we have selected provide stellar safety features. 

Best Electric Tiller Reviews

With the feature set discussed, it is time to look at the best electric tillers. We have curated a well-rounded list of options for any gardener from novice to expert. These nine options are worth every penny of investment.

1. Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller 9-Amp 12-inch

Most Powerful Backpack Blower

1. Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller 9-Amp 12-inch
  • Power Type: Corded 9-Amp
  • Width: 12-Inch
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 4
  • Tilling Width: 12 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 8 inches

The Mantis 3550 is our favorite selection of all the tillers we tested. With all the available features, the fact that stands out the most is that it can double as a tiller or cultivator. The Mantis’ two-speed functionality means you can go for power on compacted earth or slower to loosen debris to bring oxygen and nutrients to the soil.

The Mantis is also an extremely versatile machine when it comes to operation. A one-button start kicks the machine into operation instantly with one lever keeping the tiller in motion at all times. 

Once running, the Mantis’ four digging tines dig deep into the earth and pulverize any roots in the way. The teeth on these tines are spectacular, helping to generate soil that any plant would love to grow in. The Mantis makes quick work of any soil debris, so you can have a clean garden in no time.

The 3550 is a breeze to store in your garage or shed. Users can fold the metal handle toward the motor for storage in a confined space. 

A rich feature set, a powerful two-speed motor, ease of use, 16 times, and so much more make it exceptionally easy to recommend the Mantis 3550 as the top dog in electric tillers.

2. Earthwise 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller
  • Power Type: Corded 13.5-Amp
  • Width: 16-Inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 6
  • Tilling Width: 16 inches, but adjustable to 11 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 8 inches

This corded electric option from Earthwise is our pick for the most powerful electric tiller on the market. The Earthwise comes with a 13.5-Amp motor that can tear, rip, and shred through any earth with the greatest ease. But it is not just the power that makes this electric tiller stand out. This tiller has so many more features. 

The Earthwise offering is one of a few electric tillers with adjustable tilling width. The six available tines can be adjusted for a width of 11 inches to 16 inches, giving gardeners the option of a smaller unit with more power. An average tilling depth of 8 inches also means your gardening boxes and raised beds get the type of depth for luscious plants.

With power and adjustability for any gardener, the Earthwise 16-inch 13.5 corded electric tiller makes our list a standout for its motor power and rich feature set.

3. Sun Joe 48Volt Cordless Tiller 2x2.0-Ah
  • Power Type: 48V Battery
  • Width: 17 inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 4
  • Tilling Width: 14 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 7 inches

The Sun Joe 48V cordless tiller is our first battery-operated entry on this list, and we think it is your best option for battery-powered tillers. At 33 pounds, this lightweight tiller with four tines tills a path of 14 inches wide and 7 inches deep. A powerful 500-watt brushless motor gives the Sun Joe its strength to cut through the most compact soil and roots. 

But battery life is the star of this show. Even with all that power behind it, the Sun Joe arrives with two 2.0 Ah lithium batteries that can give you up to 35 minutes of continuous runtime on each battery. The enclosed charger can also charge both batteries simultaneously in 55 minutes, giving you a tiller that is ready to go with only about an hour of prep time.

The power and battery selection means this beast will have you tilling a garden in no time. The Sun Joe 48V cordless tiller is a solid pick for the environmentally conscious.

4. Sun Joe 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller
  • Power Type: Corded 12-Amp
  • Width: 16-Inch
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 6
  • Tilling Width: 16 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 8 inches

Sun Joe may have our favorite battery-operated tiller, but they also manufacture a solid entry in the corded tiller market. This 12 Amp model from the company can till 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep for the best results. 

The tiller’s strong 12-amp motor spins at 340 RPM for fast pulverization of the soil, ensuring maximum aeration. While there are no frills here with this entry, the Sun Joe corded tiller is sure to offer you what you need in a garden tiller.

5. Scotts 13.5-Amp 16-Inch Electric Garden Tiller 
  • Power Type: Corded 13.5-Amp
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 6
  • Tilling Width: 16 inches, but adjustable to 11 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 8 inches

Scotts is a known brand in landscaping, especially for those who love a lush, green lawn. The company decided to take its landscaping know-how into the electric tiller market with this 13.5 amp model. 

Scotts’ entry comes with six adjustable tines that can create a tilling width of 11 to 16 inches and a depth of 8 inches. A powerful 13.5 Amp motor ensures your tilling and cultivating needs.

6. LawnMaster Electric Tiller 10-Amp, 16-Inch
  • Power Type: Corded 16-Amp
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 6
  • Tilling Width: 16 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 9 inches

LawnMaster appears on our list with this electric tiller entry that claims to till up to a depth of 9 inches, making it our deepest cutter on this list so far. 

The 10 Amp model can easily cut, slice, and dice through any earth in its path, giving you the type of garden with plenty of oxygen and nutrients. LawnMaster’s entry boasts 16-inch tilling width and six tines that can make quick work of any soil. A pair of rugged, adjustable wheels also make it customizable for any sized gardener. 

LawnMaster’s corded tiller is a noteworthy entry on this list because of its price. So if you are a gardener on a budget, this tiller will satisfy your plants and your bank account.

7. Greenworks 40V 10" Cordless Tiller 4.0Ah Battery
  • Power Type: Battery-Powered 40V
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 4
  • Tilling Width: 10 inches, but adjustable to 8.25 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 5 inches

This Greenworks 40V is a smaller entry on this list, but this tiller makes up for it in power and portability. Greenworks is a newer company in landscaping tools, focusing mainly on electric and battery-powered options for those not wanting to spew gas and fumes into the delicate environment.  

This Greenworks battery-operated tiller is an adjustable model for tilling width of up to 10 inches and a tilling depth of 5 inches. While that may not be enough for larger yards, the Greenworks cordless tiller is perfect for a smaller gardening area. You will be planting seeds and vegetables in your garden beds quickly with this tiller. 

8. MZK 20V Cordless Tiller 7.8-in 2.0Ah Battery
  • Power Type: Battery-Powered 20V
  • Width: 7.8 inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 2
  • Tilling Width: 7.8 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 5 inches

The MZK 20V cordless tiller is an exceptionally portable option for those seeking a more versatile tiller that can hit those hard-to-reach places. MZK’s cordless tiller comes in at 9 pounds, making it the lightest entry on this list by a country mile. It is a smaller option, but the tiller makes up for its size with its capabilities. 

With a tilling width of 7.8 inches and a tilling depth of 5 inches, you will not till 20 square feet of garden with the MZK, but you will be aerating your garden beds quickly. The two tough tines on this machine give you a more surgical approach to your tilling needs. 

If you seek a more portable tiller with 20 minutes of battery run time and quick charging, the MZK will have you in the garden before the sun rises.

9. Earthwise 7.5-Inch 2.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller
  • Power Type: Corded 2.5-Amp
  • Width: 7.5 inches
  • Tines: Front
  • No. of Tines: 2
  • Tilling Width: 7.5 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 6 inches

We have another Earthwise option on this list, but now we are focusing on this portable corded option from the company. The Earthwise 7.5-inch corded tiller is made of alloy steel, so you received a quality constructed tiller out of the box. At 11 pounds, it is heavier than the MZK, but Earthwise products have a sterling reputation. 

A 2.5 Amp motor and 7.5 inches of tilling width give you just enough power and space to make short work of raised beds and small areas in your front yard. The 6 inches tilling depth is deeper than most portable tillers such as these, so you get more for your money in this area. This tiller is also affordable for any gardener with a small space. 

You cannot go wrong with this Earthwise option if you need a portable tiller with plenty of power under the hood.

Verdict: Best Electric Garden Tiller

Hands down, we believe the Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller 9-Amp 12-inch to be your best option for an electric garden tiller. With power, tines, and tiling depth, the Mantis 3550 is a stellar offering for gardeners seeking to take their gardens to the next level. 

The Mantis is also the best well-rounded option, making it perfect for gardeners with any amount of space to till. If there was a tiller of your dreams, then that tiller is the Mantis 3550. You would be hard-pressed to find another option like this one.

Tiller Vs Cultivator: What’s the Difference

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What Can You Do With An Electric Tiller?

An electric tiller allows you to take a spot of land in your yard and turn it into the garden of your dreams. Decades of compacted earth are a hassle for gardening, so an electric tiller will quickly prepare the soil for plants and vegetables.

FAQs Electric Tillers

Below are the most frequently asked questions about electric tillers.