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You’ll agree with me, mowing the lawn always seems like a chore. The task feels even more dreadful if you try to cover more than a quarter of an acre with a walk-behind machine.

Fortunately, the best small riding mowers and tractors can cut down the time you spend trimming your yard. Some even turn your mowing into a fun activity (hello, cup holders, and cruise control!)

With that in mind, I decided to look back at some of the best small riding mowers that I have used or tried over the past couple of years. To bring you a shortlist of the best-performing mowers intended for residential use.

Best Small Riding Lawn Mowers

If you’re too busy to skim the entire review, here are my top picks:

Greenworks 60V CrossoverT 42in Riding Mower

Best Compact Riding Mower

1. Greenworks 60V CrossoverT 42in Riding Mower

As far as small residential riding mowers go, this is the pick-up crop. Outstanding performance up to 2.5 acres. 

EGO Power+ Z6 42 in 56V Zero Turn Mower

Best Small Zero-Turn

2. EGO Power+ Z6 42 in 56V Zero Turn Mower

For anyone who needs to cut tight in tight spots and have perfect mower control, Ego Power+ is my favorite electric zero-turn.

RYOBI 48V Electric Rear Engine Mower 30-in

Smallest Riding Mower

3. RYOBI 48V Electric Rear Engine Mower 30-in

Standard steering wheel control, make this easy-going 30-inch mower great for small residential lawns up to 1 acre.

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Why a Compact Riding Mower

If you’re too busy to skim the entire review, here are my top picks giving you the option of the best small riding mower, and small zero-turn, and I thought I should also include the smallest ride-on mower worth buying.

  • Comfort and Speed are key benefits. Who can argue with sitting on a mower and getting the job done in a fraction of the time it would take with a walk-behind a mower
  • Garden Layout and Obstacles spin on a 0-degree radius or power up 30-gradient hills
  • Versatility towing fertilizer spreaders, leaf sweepers, or a trailer full of logs

I’ll break it down for you…

Comfort and Speed

Small-riding lawnmowers have lots of comfort features and work at faster speeds than you can work with a walk-behind mower, letting you fix your lawn faster and more comfortably. Most small riding mowers have ergonomic high-back seats and armrests with adjustable seating positions for both tall and short drivers. You’ll also find varieties with gripped, foam-padded levers to keep you comfortable throughout your mowing. 

You probably know that riding lawnmowers and tractors have faster ground speeds than their walking counterparts. Their center of gravity is low, so they are safe to use at a relatively fast pace. They also have wider cutting decks than walk-behind mowers, which let you cover more ground in fewer passes. 

Finally, their excellent maneuverability improves mowing efficiency wasting less time turning, shifting direction, or getting from one point to another.  

Garden Layout and Obstacles

You’ve seen those lawns, those with perfectly straight stripes. Want to achieve a similar finish? A small riding lawn mower or tractor can make this possible. 

These machines have excellent maneuverability, making you alternate your mowing directions with ease to create such great-looking patterns.  

Zero-turn mowers even spin in a zero-degree radius cutting every blade of grass, meaning no need to re-run the cut to get that tuft of long grass missed when turning. 

More Versatile

Compared to traditional mowers, a compact lawnmower has extensive uses. When you use it on uneven ground, it offers excellent maneuverability and is more stable. The same applies when talking about hills, slopes, or even ground. The large tires also offer excellent traction on a wet lawn.

But the numerous attachments that can be towed are perhaps what make it stand out. The machine can be an effective mower if you add a mid-mount deck below it. Otherwise, you may attach a rotary cutter behind it to work across open spaces. Finally, a compact tractor can help you move gravel, dirt, or snow or even clear your lawn of debris by using a tow behind lawn sweeper.

Choosing A Small Ride On Lawn Mower

You want a small riding lawn mower or tractor to make your work easier and meet your needs cost-effectively. So what are the key consideration factors to have in mind? Let’s explore. 

Riding Lawn Mower Options

Your choice of riding grass-cutters is limited to three options: zero-turn mowers, garden or lawn tractors, and rear-engine mowers. I’ll take you through the three alternatives. 

Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower or ZTR has gained the reputation of the lawn-mowing world’s Ferrari. They stand out due to their excellent speed and control. But perhaps their greatest attraction is their unsurpassed maneuverability. 

This riding mower allows you to turn without leaving behind small semi-circle or tear-shaped patches of uncut grass. It can make sharp turns, pivot, and deliver a remarkable all-around cutting performance. Furthermore, you can cut much closer to obstacles and against landscaped edges to deliver a better finish. 

Finally, the machines have excellent steering abilities to offer you an efficient mowing experience, even on irregularly shaped lawns. You’ll likely get the easiest mowing with the mower’s capacity to trim lots of grass within the shortest timelines. 

If you need precision cutting then choosing the smallest Zero Turn mower you can find is the best option ride-on mower for your lawn.

Garden or Lawn Tractor

Garden or Lawn Tractor

The garden tractor may be familiar to you already… with its front-mounted engine that is likely to come to mind when thinking about a ride-on mower. Its deck width ranges from 42 and 54 inches, making it a great choice if you’re looking to fix anything of 1 acre upwards. 

You can determine the right lawn tractor by dividing its deck width by 12, where the answer will represent the maximum lawn acreage the machine can handle. For instance, a 54-inch deck is perfect for up to five or six acres. 

Lawn tractors also have an excellent engine capacity of between 18 to 25 HP. Entry-level machines have a single-cylinder, while the top-end models come with twin cylinders. Basic tractors work with lever-operated gear transmission, while upgraded varieties leverage continuously variable transmission – a pulley drive automatic transmission controlled by a hand lever. 

A superb utility machine with very good cutting. The lawn tractor doesn’t offer the dexterity of a zero-turn, but they generally offer more power and can handle rougher terrain. 

Rear Engine Riding Mower

Rear Engine Riding Mower

You’ll like the rear-engine riding lawnmower if you own a moderately sized lawn that’s too small to use a lawn tractor but too large to use a walk mower. As the name suggests, the mower has its engine at the back, right below the driver’s seat, while the deck is right below the driver’s foot position. 

This machine has a shift-on-the-go hand lever that controls the continuously variable transmission. It also runs on a single-cylinder engine of about 10 to 11 HP. It’s more compact for easier storage and comes at a relatively lower price than most mowers. However, they have smaller mowing decks of about 30 inches and slower cutting speeds than other riding mowers.  

Rear Engine mowers are a great choice for an easy ride on a small to the medium-sized residential yard. 

Engine Power: Gas or Battery

Most small riding mowers are gas-powered. Whilst others run on battery power and must be charged before use. So which should you go for? Let’s explore the two options:

Gas-Powered Riding Mower

Gas-powered riding mowers have established a reputation for the power they produce. This is true to a certain degree. What I mean is not all gas engines are equal. 

Some are built with exceptional engineering offering legendary reliability such as Honda, Kawasaki, or Briggs & Stratton, whilst others are proprietary-built engines that are…well good enough, but not great.  

What you can be sure of with gas-powered machines, is that you will have a much broader range of mowers to choose from, in comparison to electric ride-on mowers. On the larger mowers with big powerful engines, there’s no doubt they are going to deliver more horsepower than an electric motor, but they come with a few downsides too:

  • Maintenance. Gas-powered mowers require maintenance, such as service intervals to switch out drive belts, spark plugs, filters, etc
  • Gasoline. It can get messy and smelly when it comes to refueling your ride on a gas mower
  • Emissions. When I say emissions I am talking about the environmental pollution, fumes, and noise population

Battery-Powered Riding Mower

If you’re concerned about “green” landscaping and noise-free mowing, you already have enough reasons to favor an electric ride-on lawnmower. 

Electric riding lawnmowers came to address the objections against gasoline mowers. Battery-powered mowers eliminate a number of the aggravations you get with a gas mower. Such as there’s no engine to worry about just a motor that requires zero maintenance. 

They run quieter than gas which gives them a huge advantage in residential settings. Plus they tend to be more reliable too. They switch on and go. 

These machines can be cheaper and easier to maintain, but their functionality is limited to a specific mower’s runtime on a single charge unless you have multiple sets of battery cells. If you forget to charge the battery or have several acres to clear, the power may not be sufficient to trim your entire lawn in a sitting. So pay attention to the battery capacity in the product review below. 

Run Time: Fuel or Battery Cell Capacity

Your small riding mower should be able to clear your entire lawn in the shortest time possible. Different factors determine its runtime, including the machine’s age, its weight, your yard’s terrain, and how aggressively you’re driving it. 

Gas-powered mowers don’t deliver the same runtime as battery-powered models, but you can just top up gas as you need it. On the flip side, batteries have a finite time per job until they run out. Then you have downtime waiting for the batteries to recharge. So you need to get the job done in a single take.

The run time of your ride-on mower will be determined by the battery storage capacity, which is stated in Amperage per hour, or Amp Hours (Ah).

Amp Hours (Ah) Explained

An ampere (Amp) is the unit for measuring current flow. So, in essence, an ampere-hour is the amount of battery charge that can maintain a consistent current flow of one ampere for an entire hour. For example, a 3 Ah battery can allow one ampere of current to flow consistently for over three hours. 

In short, the higher the Amp Hour rating is on your battery the longer it will run. Now…your small ride-on mower will have multiple battery cells. Let’s say they have 4 x 10Ah batteries. This will give you a total of 40Ah in total. For a lawn of 1-2 acres, this will be fine, anything larger look for 60-100Ah. 

Many electric ride-on mowers have the option of adding additional battery cells. So take the Ego Power+ Zero Turn Mower, it ships with 4 x 10Ah batteries, but has the capacity to take an extra two batteries, so 6 x 10Ah (60Ah in total), which will get you 3 acres of cutting time. 

Cutting Deck 

For many landscapers, this is simply a casing for the lawnmower’s cutting area, but its immense benefits go beyond simply housing the blades. The cutting deck prevents the danger of flying debris during operation, and its overall design determines the machine’s durability and cutting time. 

Consider the following elements when looking for the right lawnmower-cutting deck for your yard:

Stamped Vs. Fabricated Deck

Your small riding mower’s cutting deck is either fabricated or stamped. The two options have different designs, cutting widths, and overall build quality and durability. 

Fabricated Cutting Deck 

This mower deck construction is common in commercial riding lawnmowers and comprises heavy steel plates welded together. This doesn’t necessarily translate to a better mower, but it does have superior rigidity and durability. 

Commercial mower decks face increased wear and tear due to regular use in all manner of terrains. This is where a fabricated deck is ideal.

Stamped Cutting Deck

This deck type is “stamped” from one piece of steel, usually thinner and lighter in weight than its fabricated counterpart. It has better airflow and is much more flexible in its capabilities. If you’re simply looking for an appliance to mow your lawn once every week, and you are cutting a residential lawn that is relatively free from obstacles, bricks, and so on, then a stamped deck is perfectly suitable. 

Deck Width

You probably want a machine that can cut a larger strip in a single pass. But how do you find one? It all depends on the lawnmower’s cutting width, which is directly proportionate to the size of its cutting deck. A wider cutting width means relatively less time cutting your lawn. 

The ideal cutting width for a small riding mower varies from 30–42 inches for an acre to at least 60 inches for five acres. Your mower’s cutting deck width is also proportionate to the number of blades it houses. A smaller tractor has a single blade, while typical ZTR mowers and lawn tractors have two to three blades.

Don’t fall into the temptation of getting the widest cutting deck available, as this can limit your mower’s mobility. A smaller, self-propelled mower can cut narrow spaces and sloppy grounds with ease. 

Deck Cutting Heights

The majority of riding lawnmowers and tractors come with adjustable deck heights that can be adjusted using hand or foot levers. Ideal for lifting the deck when passing over obstacles, meaning you won’t need to get off the machine to raise the deck. 

Small Riding Lawn Mowers Reviewed

The mowers on my list are all relatively small. There are definitely one or two smaller mowers on the market, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend them. So here’s the small mowers that I am happy to put my name on.

greenworks crossoverT.
  • Type: Riding Mower
  • Motor: Greenworks 60V (24hp)
  • Battery: 48Ah (2.5 acres)
  • Cutting Path: 42-Inch
  • Max Cut Height: 1.54.5-Inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Top Speed: 8mph
  • Price Range: $3,999


  • An excellent residential small riding mower with steering wheel controls and capable of covering 2.5 acres in a single charge
  • A potent 60-volt motor that can deliver up to an equivalent 24 HP
  • Stable on hilly lawns
  • A cargo bed offers the versatility of hauling up to 200lb loads


  • Nothing. This is an outstanding small riding mower for residential use

Out of all machines on this list, I consider this small affordable battery-powered riding mower the most appropriate if you want to work on up to two acres.

The Greenworks Pro has one of the strongest cutting decks. Its 12-gauge stamped deck measures 42 inches and features dual blades. Powered by a 1.2kw motor the lawn cut was clean and I didn’t experience any lumpy cuts, it was all smooth leaving a great finish. 

The deck has 16 height adjustment positions that range from 1.5-4.5 inches. Deck adjustment can be made from a seated position by way of a sturdy right-hand lever.

This mower is incredibly stable to drive with 15-inch rubber tires and has the facility to work slopes up to 15 degrees incline.

It also comes with six battery packs, each 60 volts 8Ah, takes only three hours to charge, and can trim up to one acre with every charge. You’ll also like the riding mower’s cockpit comfort and superior performance.

This mower also features a cargo bed that can haul 200 lbs of cargo. I thought this was a great feature allowing me to move heavy logs and other items across the yard with ease. 

As far as small riding mowers go, the Greenworks CrossoverT is an exceptional example of electric technology breaching the gap with gasoline, making for the perfect option for residential settings, packed full of great comfort features. 

EGO Power+ Z6 ZT4204L 42 in. Electric 56 V Zero Turn Mower
  • Type: Zero Turn Mower
  • Motor: Ego 56V (22hp)
  • Battery: 40+Ah (2 acres)
  • Cutting Path: 42-Inch
  • Max Cut Height: 1.54.5-Inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Top Speed: 8mph
  • Price Range: $5,499


  • Arguably the best electric zero-turn mower money can buy. 
  • Perfect for residential lawns up to 2 acres. 40Ah batteries included and can be upgraded to 60Ah (3 acres)
  • Strong 42-inch stamped cutting deck (10-gauge steel)


  • You can’t shift modes or change speeds whilst moving

Gas-powered riding mowers are mostly considered superior to their electric counterparts, but the EGO POWER ZT4204L will change your perception. I have previously reviewed the best electric zero-turn mowers and this Ego model was my top recommendation. 

EGO Power+ 42” Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower Product Information (ZT4204L)
Ego LCD control

With its small size, this zero-turn mower comes with a 22 HP equivalent motor that can hit a maximum flat run speed of 8mph, a mowing speed of 7mph, and 3mph in reverse. Couple this with the dexterity and control to spin on the spot, and this zero-turn mower is incredibly agile.

The controls offer different modes on the LCD interface, including Standard, Control, and Sport to cater to all situations.

The mower has a 42-inch cutting path which is small enough to get around the tightest of spaces with a zero-turn. Yet is going to cover a lot of ground. 

This efficient battery-powered mower is not only designed for its excellent power output, but the manufacturer also pays attention to the specificities of a great riding experience. It has an adjustable seat, an onboard USB port, and super bright LED headlights for those days when you still have to mow a few minutes after dusk.

It can hold up to six lithium batteries, with 4 batteries included in the purchase price. I ran this machine for a 2-acre cut using these standard four batteries. I was not overly aggressive on the accelerator and we finished with some juice left. Anything more and I think you will need another battery or two. 

Ego battery cells

I have to admit I’m a huge fan of this zero-turn mower and so have to have it as a top recommendation in the best small-riding mower reviews. It’s not the smallest zero-turn mower available, but it’s definitely one of the best.

RYOBI 48V Electric Rear Engine 30 in Riding Mower
  • Type: Rear Engine Mower
  • Motor: Ryobi 48V
  • Battery:  50Ah (1 acre)
  • Cutting Path: 30-Inch
  • Max Cut Height: 1.54.5-Inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Top Speed: 5mph
  • Price Range: $2,699


  • A 30-inch wide deck makes this a great ride-on mower for one acre of lawn, all on a single 50Ah battery charge. 
  • Manual deck adjustment with a cutting height range of 1.5-4.5 inches
  • A maximum speed of 5mph, and will even fit through a standard 42-inch gate


  • It’s not as comfortable as most mowers on this list

A low-noise, low-maintenance, and zero-emission lawn mower is almost every residential landscaper’s dream, and you’ll find this in Ryobi’s 48V electric riding mower.

RYOBI 30" Electric Riding Mower

This rear-engine machine is unbelievably potent and leaves a clean cut with every mow. Its 50-Ah of battery power drives its three brushless motors, and a single charge is enough to cut a relatively flat lawn for an hour. This model is also available in 75Ah and 100Ah models. 

It has two steel blades within a 30-inch cutting deck with excellent maneuverability to trim fenced corners. You’ll also adjust the deck manually across seven positions within a height range of 1.5 – 4.5 inches, which lets you achieve a clean, level cut.

This is the smallest riding mower worth spending your money on, with a 30-inch cutting deck it is surprisingly compact and great for storage if you’re tight on space. With a little care, it will slot nicely into the corner of your garage. 

ryobi 30 inch ride on mower

The mower also comes with premium convenience and comfort features that boost your mowing experience. These include LED headlights, a cup holder, and a battery level indicator. You’ll also find a rear-access charging port compatible with a standard 120-volt outlet.

If you’re looking for a super small mower offering a solid performance then this is probably the best option for you. It’s not got the overall performance of the Greenworks 60V ride-on mower, or the dexterity of the Ego Power+ Zero Turn mower, but it has just about everything else a discrete, easy-to-drive, small residential sit-on mower could offer. 

Troy-Bilt  Pony 15.5 HP B&S Engine 42 Riding Mower 
  • Type: Lawn Tractor
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 500cc 15.5hp
  • Run Time: >2 acres
  • Deck Type: Stamped
  • Cutting Deck: 42 Inches
  • Cutting Height: 1.5-4.0”
  • Gas Tank: 1.36-Gallons
  • Speed: 5.5 mph
  • Price Range: $1,949


  • A very well-priced lawn tractor with an excellent 500cc Briggs & Stratton Engine 15.5hp
  • Side-discharge with mulch kit and rear bagger


  • The seat only has a 10-inch back height, which is a touch low for some

This gas-powered machine has a 42-inch cutting deck and has three different transmissions, AutoDrive, 7-speed, and 6-speed, which ease your seed control. It also comes with a garden hose attachment for convenient deck maintenance and a separately-sold mulch kit and rear bagger. The turning radius for this mower is 18 inches. 

One excellent capability that I like is that the machine ensures dependable starting despite the weather conditions. Its automatic headlights boost visibility, and I can easily pull garden carts, spreaders, and spreaders using the rear hitch.

I noticed that the mower moves smoothly over hilly, uneven terrain. It’s highly maneuverable, hence easy to trim around shrubs and trees. I also like its well-built design and low maintenance, and numerous consumers acknowledge that the machine runs like a beauty.   

However, I find it inconvenient that I must disengage the cutting blade to mow in reverse. This small riding mower is on the low-cost end of the spectrum and a great option for under $2,000, but this price point does who through with limited product features. 

Garden or Lawn Tractor
  • Type: Lawn Tractor
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 540cc
  • Fuel Tank:  >2 acres
  • Cutting Path: 42-Inch
  • Max Cut Height: 1.54.0-Inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Top Speed: 5.5mph
  • Price Range: $2,100


  • A fantastic riding mower for 1-2 acres
  • Built around the exceptional Briggs & Stratton 540cc V-Twin engine
  • 20” wheel with good tread for firm traction and stability


  • Not the fastest mower in the neighborhood

Husqvarna 100 Series are rated for their remarkable cutting performance, aesthetics, and comfort, and the Husqvarna 960450059 YTH 42″ doesn’t disappoint.

This reliable mower runs on a powerful 540cc Briggs & Stratton engine able to deliver 18.5 HP. It can mow at a steady 5.5-MPH pace, and its cruise control function is meant to maintain a constant speed on expansive, relatively flat lawns. Moreover, the foot-controlled motion gears will ensure your hands stay on the mower’s ergonomic soft-touch steering wheel.

Husqvarna 960450059 YTH has a 42-inch stamped cutting deck with a reinforced frame that boosts its build quality. It also has a comfortable seat and top-shelf controls.

These features make it the perfect choice if you want a machine that can deliver premium touches for up to two acres.

John Deere S120 42-Inch Lawn Tractor
  • Type: Lawn Tractor
  • Engine: John Deere 724cc
  • Fuel Tank:  >2 acres
  • Cutting Path: 42-Inch
  • Max Cut Height: 1.54.0-Inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Top Speed: 5.5mph
  • Price Range: $2,300


  • Powerful 724cc V-twin John Deere engine
  • Comfortable seating position with fully adjustable with 10 settings, a nice high-back seat


  • A relatively small 2.4-gal fuel-tank capacity

Most gas-powered grass cutters are unattractive due to their numerous maintenance requirements, but you’ll not find this with the reliable S120. 

This machine uses a 30-second oil change system, which comes with an all-in-one filter and an efficient oil canister that you can install or eject without using tools. Its V-twin engine design can deliver 22 HP, and the 300 CCA battery guarantees extended charge storage. 

I find the 2.4-gallon tank quite small, but you can always check the readable fuel gauge to monitor the fuel levels constantly. This will help you avoid disruptions and make it easy to plan a refill. 

John Deere S120’s deck is well-designed to deliver an even cut. Below the deck is a smooth surface that blocks debris from flying while at the same time blocking them from sticking to the deck. Its built-in lift lever lets you raise your deck easily across 13 positions to a maximum cutting height of four inches. 

This lawnmower also ranks high in terms of comfort. It allows you to adjust the seat to ten different positions which suited me well as I’m 6 feet 3 inches tall and there was plenty of legroom for me. 

Other Feature Considerations

So what are the main feature considerations to have in mind when choosing from the above riding lawnmowers and tractors? Let’s explore. 

Turning Radius

You’ve likely worked with lawnmowers that leave uncut areas when you turn to cut the next strip. These spaces are usually a result of the mower’s turning radius, and they subsequently affect the duration you’ll take to cut your lawn. Typically, a maneuverable riding mower will leave a relatively smaller patch, hence a shorter cutting duration. 

If you have a zero-turn mower you can completely eliminate the problem. This machine is highly maneuverable, hence doesn’t leave behind uncut patches. 

Comfort & Controls

Mowing involves sitting for an extended duration, so always have comfort in mind before making your purchase. Choose a riding mower with ergonomic features for the ultimate comfort, including a padded cushion, adjustable seat, and cushioned armrest. 

High-quality mowers and lawn tractors also have precise controls and maneuvering capabilities. Go for reliable tires with excellent traction and comfortable levers. Also, consider cruise control and of course the obligatory cupholder. 

Generally, the small riding mowers and tractors on my list offer excellent comfort and controls, so you don’t need to worry too much about these factors. 

Transmission Type

You want a reliable mower with the right transmission to deliver the greatest speed and handling. The best mowers let you mow at remarkable speeds and offer excellent handling for diverse conditions. Generally, you’ll choose between these two transmissions:

Manual Transmission

Common in older riding mowers and lawn tractors, the manual transmission offers different speed levels, and you’ll choose your preferred pace using a lever and clutch like in a manual car. It can be ideal if you’re familiar with gear stick controls or can regulate speeds using a pedal.

Hydrostatic Transmission

It’s also called an automatic transmission and is the default for many small riding grass-cutters and lawn tractors. This is the most efficient and high-powered transmission, and you can easily shift gears by pressing the pedal. Generally, hydrostatic transmission mowers have fewer maintenance requirements and deliver the smoothest performance.  

The gradient of Hilly Terrain or Slopes

You want a machine that fits your type of terrain. Choose a small riding mower with a springy cutting deck to absorb the movements and deliver a fine, even cut if you have an undulating lawn. But if you have numerous flower beds, bushes, and pathways, go for a maneuverable option like a small zero-turn mower to help you cut close to the obstacles. 

If your lawn is sloped or has an embankment, you’ll need a small mower that can handle hills. A front rotary mower has a low center of gravity, hence perfect for steeper gradients. They also have the four-wheel-drive feature, which prevents wheel spins on the slope. 

Verdict: Best Small Riding Lawnmower

You have vast options for compact riding lawnmowers and tractors. The best in the market is the Greenworks 60V CrossoverT, which stands out with its remarkable runtime, strong deck, and strong deck. The EGO Power+ Z6 tops the zero turn mower category, while RYOBI 48V electric rear engine mower is the best smallest riding mower.

Greenworks 60V CrossoverT 42in Riding Mower

Best Compact Riding Mower

Greenworks 60V CrossoverT 42in Riding Mower

As far as small residential riding mowers go, this is the pick-up crop. Outstanding performance up to 2.5 acres. 

EGO Power+ Z6 42 in 56V Zero Turn Mower

Best Small Zero-Turn

EGO Power+ Z6 42 in 56V Zero Turn Mower

For anyone who needs to cut tight in tight spots and have perfect mower control, Ego Power+ is my favorite electric zero-turn.

RYOBI 48V Electric Rear Engine Mower 30-in

Smallest Riding Mower

RYOBI 48V Electric Rear Engine Mower 30-in

Standard steering wheel control, make this easy-going 30-inch mower great for small residential lawns up to 1 acre.

FAQ Small Riding Lawn Mowers