Echo Timberwolf CS-590 Vs Stihl Chainsaws | Which Is Best?

If you’re into farming and ranch applications, you know how important it is to have a reliable chainsaw. Not only that but how expensive it can be when yours is no longer useful. If any of those are the case, Echo and Stihl are two excellent brands to consider. You might wonder which model is best for your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at Echo CS-590 vs Stihl MS 271, two popular models in the $400 price range.

Which Is Best Echo Timberwolf CS-590 or Stihl MS 271

Both chainsaws are amongst the best performing 18-inch chainsaws featuring heavy-duty engines. The Echo stands out with a larger engine displacement and higher HP, but the Stihl model isn’t far behind.

These two chainsaws come with features that increase their longevity, whether it’s the pre-cleaner built into the Echo chainsaw or the pre-separation system you’ll find in the Stihl model.

Maintenance is easy for both models, but the digital start feature of the Echo is an additional reason to consider this model over the Stihl chainsaw.

However, the Stihl MS 271 is your best bet if you want an eco-friendly power tool with fewer emissions.

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Echo Vs Stihl Model Comparison

The Echo CS-590 is the model with the more powerful motor, but the Stihl chainsaw is worth considering for those who want a compact and lightweight design or who need an eco-friendly tool.

With its 59.8cc two-stroke cycle engine, the Echo CS-590 delivers professional-grade performance for most ranch and farm activities. The dual-post chain brake makes the chainsaw safe to operate, and novice users will appreciate the digital start feature.

There is an automatic oiler that reduces how much oil the chainsaw uses and a chain tensioner that is accessible from the side. You’ll also find a pre-cleaner feature that removes debris before they reach the air filter.

This compact chainsaw packs a punch thanks to its 50.2cc engine. Compared to previous models from Stihl, this chainsaw runs 20% longer before it needs more fuel. It also emits fewer emissions.

There is an inertia brake that you can also engage manually, an automatic oiler, an air filter that is easy to access, and an anti-vibration handle. The chainsaw doesn’t have a pre-cleaner, but there is a similar feature that reduces wear and tear on the air filter.

Echo Timberwolf CS-590

  • Power type: Gas, two-stroke cycle
  • Engine size: 59.8cc
  • Fuel capacity: 21.8 fl oz
  • Chain bar length: 18” 
  • Chain type: 3/8” pitch, 70 links
  • Oiler type: Automatic
  • Chain tensioner: Manual
  • Uses: Firewood, ranch and farm
  • Anti-vibration features: No
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Noise pressure: 101db
  • Warranty: Five years, one year commercial
  • Approximate price: $400

Stihl Farm Boss MS 271

  • Power type: Gas, two-stroke cycle
  • Engine size: 50.2cc
  • Fuel capacity: 16.9 fl oz
  • Chain bar length: 18”
  • Chain type: .325” pitch, 74 links
  • Oiler type: Automatic
  • Chain tensioner: Manual
  • Uses: Firewood, ranch and farm
  • Anti-vibration features: Yes
  • Weight: 12.3 lbs
  • Noise pressure: 115dB
  • Warranty: One year, three months commercial
  • Approximate price: $400

Who Makes Echo Chainsaw Engines

The Echo brand is a subsidiary of a Japanese company, the Yamakibo Corporation. This company oversees the production of chainsaw engines and other parts in Japan.

Who Makes Stihl Chainsaw Engines

Stihl, or Andreas Stihl AG & Co, is a German brand. While the headquarters are in Germany, there are production plants in the US that make chainsaw engines and other parts.

Chassis Build Quality

There are no significant differences between the Echo CS 590 vs Stihl MS 271 when it comes to chassis build quality. Both chainsaws feature a lightweight and sturdy frame.

However, the Stihl chainsaw is a little more compact and has a smooth design to prevent snagging the chassis on anything.

Chainsaw Chain

Echo: The chain used on the Echo model has a higher pitch at 3/8.” There is more distance between the links, which means the cut might not be as smooth as with the Stihl chainsaw.

Stihl: The Stihl MS 271 uses the RM3 or Stihl Rapid Micro 3 chain. It’s a chain with a low kickback and a high profile. It delivers a smooth cut with its 74 links and it’s ideal for the large displacement of the engine.

Who Makes the Most Reliable Chainsaw?

Echo: Echo offers the best warranty by far. This brand stands behind its products with a five-year warranty and a one-year warranty for commercial uses.

Stihl: Stihl offers a shorter warranty. However, this brand uses a pre-filtration stage that makes the air filter last longer and potentially reduces the need for repairs and maintenance.

Chainsaw Service Intervals

Service intervals depend on how often you use your chainsaw. There are a few things you should do before each use, such as checking the blade as well as the fuel and oil levels.

You should inspect your chainsaw and look for any loose parts or other issues once a week. There is additional maintenance to perform once a month, including cleaning the carburetor, cleaning the air and fuel filters, checking the brake, and rinsing the oil and fuel tanks.


One of the main reasons to consider the Echo chainsaw over the Stihl model is the warranty. Echo will repair or replace your chainsaw for five years or for one year if you use it for commercial applications.

On the other hand, Stihl offers a warranty that only lasts for a year or for three months for commercial uses.

How Long Do Echo Chainsaws Last

Your Echo chainsaw should last a minimum of five years since the manufacturer will replace any faulty parts. However, your chainsaw will likely last longer since Echo makes quality products.

How Long Do Stihl Chainsaws Last

You will likely get several years of use out of your Stihl chainsaw. You might have to pay for repairs out of pocket after the first year, but the fuel efficiency can make this chainsaw cheaper to use and offset the cost of any potential repairs.

Customer support

Both brands offer great customer support and will help you quickly if you run into an issue.

Is Echo Customer Support Good

Yes, there are some online resources you can use to fix minor issues yourself. You can also reach out to the support team to ask a question or file a warranty claim.

Is Stihl Customer Support Good

Yes, shoppers who reach out to the Stihl customer support team generally have a great experience and receive help quickly. However, because Stihl has a larger product selection, not everyone might know about chainsaws.

Verdict: Echo cs-590 Vs Stihl Chainsaws

Both chainsaws are great options in the $400 price bracket thanks to their durable construction and performing engine. After comparing Echo CS 590 vs Stihl MS 271, the Stihl chainsaw does offer better fuel economy and lower emissions. Being just that little bit lighter made notable differences to comfort and control. Couple that with Stihl’s American manufactured engine and the Stihl Farm Boss MS271 just edges it.

Best Chainsaw


Stihl Farm Boss MS 271

This compact chainsaw packs a punch thanks to its 50.2cc engine. Compared to previous models from Stihl, this chainsaw runs 20% longer before it needs more fuel. It also emits fewer emissions.

This exceptionally well-balanced chainsaw offers the user a light but still powerful tool. You won’t go far wrong investing in the American-built Stihl chainsaw and engines.