Honda Vs. Toro Snowblower | Which Is Best?

As the winter months are upon us, many homeowners are taking their snowblowers out of the garage and revving them up for upcoming blizzards. If you’re in the market to replace your old snowblower, you probably have questions about which one is the best one.

When shifting snow is the aim of the game, you need a brand with an excellent track record and top-notch performing machines. That’s why I’m testing Honda Vs. Toro snowblowers. But, which one is better? Keep reading to learn which snowblower is right for you.

Which Is Better Honda Or Toro Snowblower?

Both Honda and Toro make robust snowblower machines, so the machine that fits you better may be based on personal preference. However, here are the highlights from each device so that you can choose for yourself. 

The Honda 20 inch Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower has many features that make it a standout machine. For one, the blower comes with mitten-friendly buttons, which means that it’s easy to operate even with clunky mittens or gloves on. 

As its name suggests, this blower can clear 20 inches of snow width and remove an impressive 55 tons of snow per hour. It also can clear snow 33 feet away, and its snow director chute is adjustable for easy moveability. 

The Toro Power Clear 21 inch Single Stage Gas Snowblower can launch snow 35 feet away, coming in just ahead of Honda’s single stage. Another notable difference is that the Toro Single-Stage comes with an electric push-to-start button. 

The Toro employs sophisticated technology. Their Power Curve Technology allows users to move the same amount of snow up to 50% faster than a traditional two-stage machine with curved rubber paddles. Plus, the Toro has a clearing width of 21 inches, making it slightly better than Honda. 

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Snow Blower Feature Comparison

Honda HS720 20 inch

  • Power Type: Gas
  • Engine Size: 190cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.3 gal
  • Clearing Height: 12”
  • Clearing Width: 20”
  • Throwing Distance: 33 ft
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • Approximate Price: $779

Toro Power Clear 21 inch

  • Power Type: Gas
  • Engine Size: 212cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 0.58 gal
  • Clearing Height: 12.5”
  • Clearing Width: 21”
  • Throwing Distance: 35 ft
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • Approximate Price: $649

Both gas machines have fairly comparable features. However, Toro has a leg up with their Power Curve Technology feature, and Toro is also slightly above how far they can throw snow and their clearing width. 

Which Is the Most Reliable Snow Blower Brand? 

While both Honda and Toro manufacture impressive snowblowers, it’s important that you choose a reliable brand so that your machine will last for years to come. 

Who Makes the Engines for Toro and Honda?

Honda is the sole production source for all Honda engines and all single-stage snow blowers. On the other hand, Toro uses Loncin (one of China’s largest motorcycle manufacturers) to produce all Toro engines. 

Honda Engine

Honda uses a powerful GC190 engine that can operate for roughly an hour and a half on .29 gallons of fuel. For a single-stage, this is a pretty standard operating time. 

Toro Engine

Toro’s 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine is a formidable engine that can power through several tons of snow each session. That’s part of the reason why Toro snowblowers tend to last so long. 

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Chassis Build Quality

The chassis build quality on both the Honda and Toro are comparable. Although, Toro’s Chassis may be a bit more desirable since it is much more compact, meaning that it takes much less room in your garage shed or other storage areas. 


Both Honda and Toro provide two-year warranties for their products. Because of this, they’re both comparable for their warranties. But, with Toro, you may not need the warranty at all – many customers report that their Toro lasts many years (some even last decades). 

Customer Support

Customer service is a vital piece to buying a snowblower. You want to make sure that if you have any issues, the company will help you resolve them. Here are the results for Honda Customer Support and Toro Customer Support. 

Is Honda Customer Support Good?

Though Honda is a well-known company, its customer service is lackluster. They have poor reviews on trusted review sites like BBB, and many customers complain that the company is unreachable when there is a problem. 

Is Toro Customer Support Good?

Similarly, Toro also has poor reviews on multiple review sites. Many customers complain that it is hard to reach their customer service team and that Toro is slow to offer a solution when there is a problem. 

Who Makes the Best 2 Stage Snowblower?

Perhaps you’ve decided that a single-stage just won’t cut it anymore, and maybe you’re considering leveling up to a 2 stage blower instead. If that’s the case, both the Toro Power Max HD 828 Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower and the Honda 28 inch Track Drive 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower pack an impressive punch against snowy driveways. 

The Toro Power Max HD 828 throws snow up to an impressive 40 feet, which is a sizable increase from the single-stage model. Additionally, it has its Quick Stick feature, which allows you to change the chute and deflector in one motion. 

The snowblower also features LED night lights to make night snow blowing safer and more accessible and also uses triggerless steering. Finally, the machine employs six different speeds (including two reverse speeds) and has Toro’s patented Anti-Clogging System. 

But don’t count Honda out just yet. Their 28-inch Track Drive 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower has some significant features, such as an electric start and joystick chute control. With this control, you can easily control the snow discharge better than before. 

Plus, the machine has pliable, low-temperature rubber tracks to give users better traction. This makes a safer, more manageable machine. 

Overall, both machines have comparable features. However, Toro seems to make machines that last much longer than Honda. For that reason alone, Toro’s two-stage snowblower has the leg-up on Honda’s two-stage.  

Verdict: Honda Vs. Toro Snowblower

Both the Honda snowblower and Toro snowblower are excellent machines that you can use to power through any winter storm that comes your way. 

Best Snow Blower

Honda Vs. Toro Snowblower

Toro Power Clear 721 QZE

The performance comparison pushes Toro ahead slightly on all fronts. Larger fuel capacity, wider clearing path, and larger engine size.

Overall The Toro Power Clear outguns the Honda equivalent on performance. Plus, Toro’s reliability has stood the test of time, so with a price saving to be had, it has to be Toro every time.