Husqvarna Vs Toro Zero Turn Mower | Which Is Best?

There are several factors to consider in determining who makes the best zero-turn mower between Husqvarna and Toro. Engine reliability and chassis build quality are critical to a long lifespan. The robust structure of the cutting deck is also an important consideration.

But we need to also look at their versatility across flat or hilly terrain, and how comfortable are they to use over time. Finally, what warranty cover and aftersales support in case of product failure. So, let’s start the comparison to find which is best Husqvarna vs Toro zero turn mowers.

Which Is Best Husqvarna or Toro Zero Turn

If you are in the market for a professional zero-turn mower for commercial use, then the Husqvarna Z560X is a superb machine with an 11-gauge steel frame and cutting deck. It also has the highly respected Briggs and Stratton Engine as standard.

Toro also offers a tremendous range of top-end zero-turn mowers including their Professional 6000 series which is equally reliable.

For domestic home use, both brands have excellent options for around $5,000, so, you may be surprised to find which I recommend Husqvarna Vs Toro zero turn mower as the best overall. So, let’s get into the detail and explain how I came to my decision.

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Husqvarna Vs Toro Zero Turn Model Comparison

The models selected within this comparison are available in a range of sizes from 48-inch up to 60-inch cutting decks, this is the sweet spot for domestic use and light commercial mower sizes. The comparison will look at the best each brand has to offer in the mid-price range, $5,000.

A suberbly built zero-turn mower, powered by the exceptional Brigs & Stratton engine allows the MZ61 to stand up against any zero-turn in this price category.

Beautiful controls, 8.5mph flat speed, and a large 22.7ltr fuel tank. With 4 years warranty cover.

An excellent zero-turn mower, powered by the very reliable Kawasaki engine allows the Toro Titan to stand up against any zero-turn in this price category.

Beautiful controls and capable of mowing on flat terrain or slopes up to 15 degrees. Just pipped by the MZ61 powerful 11-gauge frame, large fuel tank, and engine reliability.

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn

  • Power: 4-cycle Gas
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 810cc
  • Max Speed: 8.5mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 27 ltr
  • Cutting Deck: Fabricated
  • Max Cut Width: 61 inch
  • Max Cut Height: 4.5 inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Terrain: Flat, Slopes
  • Acreage: 4.2
  • Warranty: 4-Years
  • Roll Bar: No

Toro Titan 60 Zero Turn

  • Power: 4-cycle Gas
  • Engine: Kawasaki 708cc
  • Max Speed: 7.8mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 18.9 ltr
  • Cutting Deck: Fabricated
  • Max Cut Width: 60 inch
  • Max Cut Height: 4.5 inch
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Terrain: Flat, Slopes
  • Acreage: 4+
  • Warranty: 3-4-Years
  • Roll Bar: No

Husqvarna and Toro make superb zero-turn mowers, but in the features comparison, the Husqvarna MZ61 just has the advantage with the Briggs & Stratton engine and larger fuel capacity.

Who Makes Husqvarna Zero Turn Engines

Husqvarna uses the exceptional Briggs & Stratton endurance engine across their entire range of consumer and professional zero-turn mowers. Renowned for its quality and reliability Briggs & Stratton is the engine of choice for the biggest lawn mower manufacturers.

The MZ61 is fitted with a 27hp, 810cc model, which has a 27-liter fuel tank connected offering extended run time. Top flat speed of 8.5 mph.

Who Makes Toro Zero Turn Engines

Toro uses 3 engines across their zero-turn mower range. The premium top-of-the-range models feature an excellent Kawasaki engine. Whilst their mid-range models use the Kohler engine, and the entry-level zero-turn mowers feature their own Toro engine manufactured in China.

The Toro Titan uses the Kawasaki 708cc engine and an 18.9-liter fuel tank for use over 5 acres or more. Top flat speed of 7.8 mph.

Chassis Build Quality

Toro uses 10-gauge steel to build their zero-turn mower chassis offering a good quality frame. This is used on both their Time Cutter and Titan models

Husqvarna also uses a 10-gauge steel frame for their Z242F zero turn mower, whereas the top end Z560X uses 11-gauge steel suitable for professional commercial use. This is a very heavy-duty frame of the highest quality.

Fabricated Vs Stamped Cutting Deck

Fabricated cutting decks are welded constructed decks that offer more rigidity and strength when compared to a stamped deck. If you’re not familiar a stamped deck is literally stamped out of a single sheet of material.

Toro zero turn mowers offer both options to customers. The Time Cutter range comes with a stamped deck up to their 42” model. The above that they have a fabricated 10-gauge cutting deck as standard. The premium Titan range also has a fabricated deck as standard in all sizes with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches

Husqvarna provide a fabricated cutting deck as standard on their consumer and professional models with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches.

Flat or Hilly Terrain

The Husqvarna MZ61 and Toro Tian 60 are fitted with 13-inch diameter tires with a 6.5-inch width allowing for good traction on slopes and hilly terrain. Both zero-turn mowers can be used on slopes and hilly terrain up to around 15-degree slopes.

Neither mowers are supplied with a roll bar as standard.

Who Makes the Most Reliable Zero Turn Mower?

Reliability and long life are essential requirements when you are investing in premium machinery. Both Toro and Husqvarna have great reputations for build quality, but how does that translate into practical operating life:

Husqvarna: Briggs & Stratton Engine is exceptionally reliable, premium models are built using an 11-gauge steel framework with fabricated cutting decks. No common issues with electrics or mechanical parts.

Toro: Kawasaki engine is very reliable and built to last, all models of built with high-quality 10-gauge steel and the larger models with fabricated cutting decks. No known common issues on Titan models, overall a very well-built machine.

Zero Turn Service Intervals

Service intervals depend on the intensity and duration of the zero-turn mowers use as well as weather conditions. As a rule, I recommend you change the air filter, fuel filter and check spark plus every 100 hours or one to two times annually for a domestic user.

Replace oil filter and engine oil twice a year or every 50 hours and perform standard lube checks of pre-cleaner, axels and caster every 20 hours or two months.


Husqvarna offers a 4-year warranty for consumer domestic use and 1 year for professional or commercial use. The warranty requires the owner to register their warranty and fulfill their obligation on servicing and maintenance.

Toro provides a range of warranties based on the model and engine fitted to specific zero-turn mowers. They range from 3-4 years or 500-700 hours (whichever comes first).

How Long do Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers Last?

It’s no secret that Husqvarna’s zero-turn mowers are understandably recognized as a premium product, with a life span of up to 12 years if the machine is well maintained. This translates into around 3,000 hours of use.

How Long do Toro Zero Turn Mowers Last?

Toro manufactures great zero-turn mowers, and a well-serviced machine is expected to last somewhere between 2,500-3,000 hours or upwards of 10 years or more depending on your maintenance schedule.

Customer Support

When purchasing a high-ticket value item such as a zero-turn mower, build quality, reliability, and performance all play a vital role in determining the best products on the market.

Aftersales customer support is also an important factor. If in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your machine you would be right to expect a quick and satisfactory resolution. So, let’s see how Toro and Husqvarna perform in this department.

Is Toro Customer Support Good?

Toro suffers from a poor to mediocre customer service reputation for aftersales and support. Their trust pilot rating of 2.5/5 is something they will need to improve on to win customer confidence to match their product quality.

Is Husqvarna Customer Support Good?

Despite their outstanding capabilities in manufacturing premium quality power tools and yard machines, Husqvarna suffers poorly with a low level of after-sales customer satisfaction. This is not related to the quality of their product but general customer service levels on offer. Husqvarna scored 1.5/5 on Trust Pilot.

Verdict: Husqvarna Vs Toro Zero Turn Mowers

Despite poor customer service from both Toro and Husqvarna, there is no doubt their manufacturing capabilities are excellent. For the very best that money can buy then the Husqvarna Z560X is the best machine from both manufacturers, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

However, when you’re choosing between the models in the $5,000 range then Husqvarna MZ61 would be my recommendation. Fitted with a Briggs & Stratton engine, fabricated cutting deck, and backed by a superior 4-year warranty cover, I can recommend this zero-turn mower with total confidence.

The Toro Titan is however also an excellent product and one that I would be happy using myself, so this is a very slim margin of difference between these two great mowers.

Best Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 2

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn

A suberbly built zero-turn mower, powered by the exceptional Brigs & Stratton engine allows the MZ61 to stand up against any zero-turn in this price category.

Beautiful controls, 8.5mph flat speed, and a large 22.7ltr fuel tank. With 4 years warranty cover, the MZ61 just edges it over the Toro Titan.