Ariens Vs Honda Snow Blower | Which Is Best?

While you will not be using one for most of the year, the difference between having a reliable snowblower and a disappointing one couldn’t be greater. The best snow blower is the one that’ll make it through the season and save you a ton of work.

We will be looking at two big-name brands in snow blowers, Ariens and Honda. There is plenty of heated debate regarding the Ariens vs Honda snow blower and which of these powerhouses is the best choice for your snowblower. The most important points to consider are features included, engines, and reliability in finding out who wins the Ariens Vs Honda Snow Blower debate.

Which Is Better Ariens Or Honda?

The arguments that show up when Ariens gets compared to Honda are hard to plow through. It can be a real-toss up depending on who you ask. Both brands offer top-quality products that cater to a wide variety of needs. You can find a great snow blower for the amount of snowfall in your area, the slope of your driveway, the area you need to cover, and more.

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Ariens Best Single Stage Snow Blower

The Professional SS 21 inch 208 cc Single-Stage Manual Chute Recoil-Start Gas Snow Blower is the top of the line in single-stage snow blowers. Ariens has made an effective machine for moving large quantities of snow in multiple locations for a decent price. It can relocate up to 1,900 pounds of snow per minute with a single forward speed.

It’s an easy to assemble snowblower with a lot of power. The main downside is that you’ll have to hang on as it pushes forward, with no adjustable speed, but if you want to get rid of snow, and fast, it’s hard to find better.

Honda’s Best Single Stage Snow Blower

The HS720AS 20 inch Single-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower is Honda’s well-known standard in clearing heavy snowfall. This heavy-duty machine is made for prolonged clearing and can throw snow up to 33 feet away. It’s slightly slower than the Ariens single-stage option, capable of moving 1,800 pounds of snow per minute, and is a bit pricier.

It is a sturdy option with remote pitch control and higher throwing distance than the competitor example. The steel auger material, Honda engine, and electric start make it a convenient tool for taking on winter. 

Snow Blower Feature Comparison

There are plenty of things to consider when comparing the features of the Ariens vs. Honda snow blower. Both brands pride themselves on quality, but when it comes to snow blowers, there are some aspects that outshine the rest. These two single-stage machines are both equipped to clear paved surfaces, have steel chutes, are CARB compliant, have a single forward speed, and are gas-powered.

The Ariens has a metal body, compared to the plastic of the Honda. The terrain types recommended when using the Ariens model are more diverse, capable of handling obstacles with more ease. Both the fuel capacity (.375 gallons) and the engine torque (9.5 lb-ft) are greater than the .3 gallon capacity and 8.3 lb-ft torque of the HS720AS.

The Honda has an edge in dimensions, with a larger overall size, including auger diameter and clearing width. The ideal snow depth for the Honda model is 12 inches, twice that of the Ariens. The throwing distance on the Honda is eight inches more than the competitor example, at 33 inches maximum. 

Who Makes the Engines for Honda and Ariens?

An engine is the core of your snow blower, and being able to trust one is tantamount to trusting the blower itself. Honda products have Honda brand engines, which are often manufactured in Japan, where the company is headquartered. Across the entirety of the machine, you can expect that consistent brand.

Ariens snow blowers are commonly advertised with OEM branded engines. This means original equipment manufacturer and is not a brand in and of itself. Ariens usually has Briggs and Stratton or Ariens AX series engines in their machines. One and two-stage snowblower engines are generally manufactured in China, whereas the snowblowers themselves can be made elsewhere.

Which Is the Most Reliable Snow Blower Brand?

While Ariens snow blowers have similar, and in some cases, better specs for a lower average price, they do not have quite the same brand reliability as Honda. The community around Honda’s product families has been built up for over 70 years, and while Ariens is an older company, they do not have the same claim to fame.

Both companies make reliable snow blowers, but depending on how much after-purchase support you want to have for the price, you might consider going to Honda if you value the brand above other factors.

Who Makes the Best 2 Stage Snowblower?

Ariens Vs Honda Snow Blower

Between the Ariens Deluxe 28 inch 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower with Auto-Turn Steering and the Honda 28-inch Hydrostatic Wheel Drive 2-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Joystick Chute Control from Honda, I would recommend the Ariens model. It is a tough choice, given the Honda’s bevy of additional features and the ability to clear snow from gravel surfaces,

The price difference is quite large, especially given that the Ariens throws more snow per minute and otherwise handles the same wet and heavy snow that the Honda handles with similar ease. If chute control, the headlight, and variable speed are necessities to you, then Honda will be the way to go, but otherwise, Ariens is taking home the prize for the best 2-stage snowblower. 

Verdict: Ariens Vs Honda Snow Blower?

Both Ariens and Honda have quality offerings for anyone needing to clear lots of heavy snow. While Honda has the brand recognition and reputation that Ariens does not quite have access to, the product quality is too similar not to side with Ariens.

High functionality, combined with reasonable price and reliability would have me recommend Ariens snow blowers over Honda ones in most cases. If you are looking for a key feature that Honda offers, or feel most comfortable with Honda’s company history, you will not be going wrong either way.