Troy Bilt vs Toro Snowblower | Which Is Best?

Troy Bilt and Toro are two of the top names in snowblowers, with each offering impressive options for both single and two-stage machines. Because their models all have high levels of performance and power, deciding between these manufacturers is often difficult.

I’ve taken both Troy Bilt and Toro machines out into the deep snow, getting a feel for how they handle in the real world. From engine type to features to durability and more, the guide below covers everything you need to know.

Which snowblowers make Old Man Winter tremble in fear? Let’s compare Troy Bilt vs Toro snowblowers. 

Which Is Better: Troy Bilt or Toro Snowblowers?

Both Toros and Troy Bilt snowblowers should have no problems tackling any standard snowy driveway. When comparing the two types, you’re less concerned about the basics. Instead, you’ll want to focus on minor details, which can play a big role in the blower’s features, feel, ease-of-use, and more.

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Toro Best Single Stage Snow Blower

The Toro Power Clear 721 QZE is one of Toro’s most popular single-stage snowblowers. It’s powered by a 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine that cuts through snow up to nine inches deep. Snow is thrown up to 35 feet through the plastic chute, which has a 210° turning radius.  

It’s small enough for easy storage in the garage or shed but still strong enough for tough jobs. The Power Clear is 42-inches tall and weighs a relatively lightweight 87 pounds. The 7-inch wheels create a clearing width of 21 inches.

It’s a gas-powered machine with an electric start. The fuel tank holds .56 gallons.

Troy Bilt Best Single Stage Snow Blower

Troy Bilt’s Squall is their popular single-stage blower that’s the closest direct comparison to the Toro Power Clear snowblower.

It has a 4-cycle 123 cc OHV engine that clears up to six feet of snow. The plastic turning chute rotates 190 degrees and throws snow up to 20 feet.

More compact than the Power Clear, the Squall stands 24 inches tall when assembled. Perhaps surprising due to its size, it weighs slightly more than the Power Clear, with a total weight of 103 pounds. The 21-inch clearing width is the same on both blowers.

The Squall is gas-powered with a .5 gallon fuel tank.

Snow Blower Feature Comparison

When comparing Troy Bilt vs. Toro snow blowers, you want to look at the full range of features found in each.


  • 212 cc 4-cycle OHV gas/oil mix engine
  • Plows snow up to nine feet deep
  • Power Propel System allows for easy movement
  • Quick-shoot trigger for chute adjustments
  • Two-year, full-coverage warranty

Troy Bilt

  • 123 cc 4-cycle OHV engine
  • E-Z Chute allows you to adjust side-to-side throw direction
  • Padded handle with mitten grip
  • Simple, single-button electric start
  • Two-year limited warranty

Who Makes the Engines for Troy Bilt and Toro Snow Blowers?

The engine is arguably the most important component in the engine. Troy Bilt and Toro use different types of engines in their machines. Here’s a rundown on each:


Toro’s engines are made by Loncin. They’re a Chinese manufacturer known primarily for their motorcycle engines, although they make other types of small engines, including ones for snowblowers. Some engines they make for Toro include the 99cc, 163cc, 212cc, and 265cc.


Troy Bilt is owned by MTD, an Ohio-based company founded in 1932. MTD has facilities in both the US and China. They manufacture all of the engines used in Troy Bilt snow blowers in China, where they’re distributed and serviced under the brand name Powermore.

What Is the Most Reliable Snow Blower Brand?

While there’s a lot to like about both manufacturers, Toro machines have the edge in many ways. They’re well-made, include a superior warranty, and feature a variety of noteworthy attributes:

  1. The Power Propel System makes the blower easy to move
  2. The Power Curve technology allows for precise movements
  3. The sleek, compact design is easy to store in a standard garage
  4. You can adjust the direction of the thrown snow while using the machine
  5. Models include a two-year full-coverage warranty and a two-year guaranteed start.

Troy Bilt models also offer a two-year warranty, but the coverage is more limited. Tory might be the snowblower manufacturer you should choose if you want the extra peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive warranty.

Who Makes the Best 2-Stage Snowblower?

A 2-stage snowblower uses an auger to pull in the snow before it’s thrown by a component called an impeller (a 1-stage thrower only has the auger). Two-stage machines are stronger, faster, and can clear deep amounts of heavy snow.

Toro Power Max HD 1030 2 Stage Snow Blower

The Power Max is one of Toro’s top-selling two-stage throwers. It has a hefty 302cc 4-cycle OHV engine, an assembled height of 35.5 inches, and a total weight of 308 pounds. You can push through snow up to 21-inches deep, throwing it up to 49 feet.

Plus, it has a unique anti-clogging system. The auger automatically diverts incoming snow from direct entry into the chute, allowing the system to run smoothly without interruption.

Troy Bilt Storm 2 Stage Snow Blower

The Storm is Troy Bilt’s answer to the Power Max. It’s a strong, heavy-duty thrower with a 208 cc Troy Bilt engine. It has an intake height of 20 inches with a throwing distance of 30 feet.

Although not quite as powerful as the Power Max, the Storm is very user-friendly. It has an electric start, chute control, and skid shoes to help keep it under your control at all times. It’s a better option for anyone who might feel unable to operate a larger machine.  

Verdict: Troy Bilt vs Toro SnowBlower

Troy Bilt and Toro are industry leaders for a reason. Whichever two-stage thrower you choose, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a machine you can rely on to remove heavy snow and ice.

But you came here to find out which is the best…Troy Bilt vs Toro Snowblowers, is a close call but I would recommend Toro snowblowers as the preferred brand. While both single and two-stage blowers handle well, the Toro products offer more power and have an excellent build quality that will not let you down.

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