Learn How To Grow House Plants

House Plant Fertilizers and Feed

With literally hundreds of indoor plant fertilizer brands on the market, it can get super confusing to choose the right product for your plant type. Our guides are simple to understand and provide the insight you need to understand your plant’s nutrient requirement, and how often they need feeding.

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Alison Hilton Houseplant Editor – Calathea Orbifolia

Succulents and Cacti

Cute little succulents are a great way to get into house plants. They’re simple to grow and take up very little space…that is until you have hundreds of them. Learn about the different varieties of succulents, and cacti and you can create their perfect growing conditions for beautiful house plants.

Plant Pots and Propagation

Whether you need large indoor plant pots or tiny cute succulent posts, we have created a helpful buyers guide and selected our favorite designs for all plant sizes and locations.

More plant care guides cover some of the most popular houseplants, including monstera, hoya, peperomia, alocasia, philodendron, and many more.